Top Ten Armies: 11/10/13

UPDATE: We have found that UMA used old pictures from an event in August and broke them up to look like 3 events for this week. UMA’s ranking for this week is revoked (which means everyone else moves up) and they are banned from next week’s Top Ten. We hope this sets a precedent that will remove this immature act once and for all.

With the end of the Champions Cup II comes the beginning of the holiday season, as armies begin to prepare for their second wind of recruits and activity.

Top Ten

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4] [89.88] 

2. Doritos [-1] [75.62] 

3. Dark Warriors [-1] [75.44] 

4. Army of CP [-1] [65.75] 

5. Army Republic [-1] [60.75] 

6. Nachos [+1] [58.57] 

7. Ice Warriors [-1] [57.75] 

8. Watex Warriors [+2] [56.75] 

9. Golds [-1] [42.75] 

10. Wizards [NEW!] [41.70]


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Snow Blizzard Army [NEW!] 

12T. Redemption Force [+1] 

12T. Green Mercenaries [NEW!] 

14. Greek Sheep [NEW!] 

15. N/A


The full statistics can be found here.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4]RPF has leaped 4 spots, in an unexpected jump to first. RPF started off with two unscheduled recruiting events, maxing 30 at each, before at battle with the Nachos were they maxed around 27. RPF also then fought the Nachos on Alaska, maxing one again around 30, and then 18 at another recruiting session. They had a practice battle with IW maxing around 25, however following this the army was bogged down in xat problems and a controversy over the Treaty of Fjord. RPF had two more successful recruiting sessions, one UK and one US, maxing 18 at each, before maxing 25 and then 30 at yet another pair of sessions to prepare for their battle against the Nachos. RPF finally topped off the week maxing 45 against the Nachos in a practice battle on Saturday. RPF comes in at first this week.


2. Doritos [-1]: DCP has also had a great week, however for the first time in nearly a month they have been knocked down by RPF from first. DCP started off with an active count after smashing IW in the semi-finals of the Champions Cup II, then attempted to PB the Golds, however this was called off due to xat glitches. They had an Aus-Asia Event maxing 12, before going on to max around 30 in the finals of the Champions Cup II, which they lost in a very close judge vote. They finished up with another Aus-Asia event maxing 7, and are now preparing for possible war with ACP. DCP comes in at second this week.

3. Dark Warriors [-1]DW has had a strong week as well, coming off a close loss to ACP in the Champions Cup semi-finals. They started off maxing 20 at an unscheduled, before going on to max 23 and 27 at two more events. DW has started a project to restore their old history, and are now counting down the days until DW has been alive for an entire year. DW comes in at third this week.

4. Army of CP [-1]ACP has had a strong week coming off their victory over the Nachos, who officially surrendered to the ACP on November 4th. ACP cancelled all war events and singed the controversial Treaty of Fjord, and then began ACP Senate elections. Their first even was a recruiting session, maxing around 25, and then the army was embroiled in controversy after claiming to annex the Nacho Empire just two days after the treaty was signed. ACP maxed 25 at a recruiting session, and then went on to defeat DCP in the finals of the Champions Cup II, maxing 25. ACP have also cancelled all events on Sunday in honor of Veterans Day. ACP comes in at fourth this week.


5. Army Republic [-1]: AR started off the week maxing around 24 at a training session and then 22 at a recruiting, then 15 at another training event. AR then tied in a PB with IW, maxing around 20, to finish off the week. AR comes in at fifth this week.

6. Nachos [+1]: After a crushing defeat at the hands of ACP, Nachos are back on their feet and trying to rebuild. They signed the Treaty of Fjord on November 4th, officially ending the war, before maxing 25 in a practice battle with RPF. Nachos then maxed 15 at a training session, before a spat with ACP about allegations of breaking the Treaty. They then maxed 25 at another PB with RPF, and are now trying to rebuild from their first defeat since 2011. Nachos come in at sixth this week.

after match

7. Ice Warriors [-1]IW has had in interesting week. They started off recovering from an unfortunate loss to DCP in the Champions Cup semi-finals. Rumors abounded all week that the famously-neutral IW was planning to declare war on someone, but so far no decision has come out. They maxed a disappointing 10 against RPF in a PB, then 15 at a training session on Friday. Finally they tied in a PB with AR, maxing 25. IW comes in at seventh this week.


8. Watex Warriors [+2]: WW is once  again on the rise this week, starting off with a declaration of war on the newly recreated Elites. They maxed 18 at their first invasion, then 17, 23, and 29 at three more battles. WW comes in at eighth this week.

9. Golds [-1]: Golds started off with a practice battle-turned training session, maxing 16, before going on to max 12 at another event and 13 against the Wizards. The Golds have a number of events scheduled for this week. Golds come in at ninth this week.

10. Wizards [NEW!]No description; moved up from eleventh after UMA found to be cheating.


weekly poll

This week, we asked if you thought the Nachos had actually broken the Treaty of Fjord. Your responses follow:

New poll released every Sunday!


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!

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CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO

120 Responses

  1. WTF bullshit oh well *wary*


  2. Woop RPF is back up at 1st 😉


  3. We’ll get them next week ACP!


  4. Omg lmao Superaalden’s army is inn the Top fifteen HAHAA


  5. Fight the good fight

    Good job RPF, you deserve it… Now let’s continue to grow and be more awesome!


  6. rpf dicktator elmikey should retire as he is like what, 22? ye, he should retire.
    Anyways, we’ll get a higher spot next week, Golds. Stay strong.


  7. Why do the Wizards only get a 6.40 for US/UK? I don’t get it. We had about the same sizes as Golds all week with about 3 more events than them as well. 10th or tied for 10th is more reasonable.


  8. green mercenaries 14th well done guys


  9. Army sizes are actually big this week.


  10. Back on the rise.


  11. Good job RPF and Doritos


  12. Umm WTF two things one the wizards arnt new. also how can we move down two spots! SMAC is right this new ranking systym is a bunc of banananas!


  13. oooooooouuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffff


  14. wait why is ww’s [+2] red!!!!


  15. There’s errors with the numbers


  16. I would just like to correct you on something here after you mysteriously disappeared from ACP chat. Greek Sheeps are an AUSIA army and all of their events have been ausia only so far. If you looked at the first battle vs Smarty Penguins we even maxed 13-14. So, next time, please check YOUR facts. 😉


    • 1. There is no way I would know that looking at your site.
      2. Maybe once you A. learn to name your army with correct grammar (“sheeps” are not a thing) and B. learn to actually understand mythology if you want to use at as part of your army (the sheep in your header has a laurel wreath made of CHRISTMAS HOLLY) then people will actually give a damn.


      • 1. Superaalden is pretty known (and hated) and is pretty much clearly known to be from singapore
        2.A. I did not name the army
        B. I did not make site graphics

        Once you get facts right people might start to give a damn about your opinion.


  17. It’s impressive yes, but AR had a huge run in the top 5 for nearly 6-7 months until we fell about for a brief period. The most consistent armies outside of the Nachos and ACP in the past year has been AR and DW in my opinion.


    • WV were consistent for a lot of months and at one point had been in the top five for 2 months. We did have a period of spending time in the bottom half of the top ten and decided we wanted to end the army, because it was starting to ruin a successful generation


  18. why RPF is first?


  19. Well, no comment on that.


  20. Mm the sheep god a.k.a fluffy won’t be pleased when he sees greek SHEEP without an s


  21. The RPF-IW PB was the day that chat went to hell, why are you including it? Our chat was divided into different pools and other BS.


  22. Lets play a game called Shut Up.
    You go first.


  23. It’s just you


  24. GOOD JOB RPF!!!
    Fight the good fight.




  26. Lol UMA is full of gay faggots except for Kreatos Percy and like 3 others everyone else your all stupid for tryna be cheat ass fags


  27. Sheep I know that I still owe you 200 Xats I will stop by on the Anniversary of Army Republic being made on my bday and give that to you I swear LOL


  28. I named greek sheeps with an s at the end, it is a name. I dont give a fluffy about grammar now. When i say my own army’s name is Greek Sheeps, it is Greek Sheeps. It is my army, i decide the name, not CPAC.
    And bluesockwa2, that was the closest thing i could find that looks like zeus. I will be changing that beard to a grey one. Thanks for the position anyways


  29. And also, another thing i realized. < This is the only event that has pictures posted on SBA site for this week. In their post, they say they max 13-15, however, the most they maxed according to the 3 pictures in their post shows 11.
    And in the picture i linked, there are 3 penguins that start with the name "Kacper", with numbers at the back. I can therefore suggest that they went to multilogin.
    Perhaps you may want to carry out your own investigation, and look into the matter again. Thanks Bluesockwa. 🙂

    And also check out , where we maxed about 14 at aus/asia times. 😛


  30. And btw, i have questions regarding SBA’s position.
    In the post above, it is the only event results post for this week, that includes images. And they claim they maxed 15, when there is no picture to prove it. The maximum in the picture is 11.
    And not only that, as you can observe in the pictures (clearly seen in the last picture), there are three penguins that start from the name “Kacper” with numbers behind. This suggests that they have used multilogin. Thus, i hope that you would look into the matter, and carry out whatever necessary changes.

    Also, there is no plural to the word Gold too. So if they can have the name Golds, then we can have the name Greek Sheeps with a S.
    😀 thanks. Also, please do look at , where we maxed about 14. This was an Aus/Asia event.

    Thank you.


  31. Wow! Only 12 comments by Rocky! New world record for less talking by Rocky.


  32. xD btw, i commented the same stuff twice because i thought it didnt get through when i used an online vpn.


  33. This Top 10 is corrupted and fuck you UMA for making that soo


    • Your ignorance and judging of UMA makes you appear to be a far greater fool than we all thought you were.


      • Saying “Fuck You UMA” isn’t judging cause judging would be calling UMA names like “Gay” or like “Fags” I only said that cause theyre the reason the Top 15 is now a Top 14 this week aka it has been a corrupted Top 15 this week don’t prove me wrong but its common sense


  34. I’m sick of all the hate for UMA. Where does it say, anywhere, that the pictures for the Top Ten must be current? I don’t recall ever seeing a “rules” list for CPAC Top Tens, and if there is, this is a fault on your end for not making it clearly visible and understandable. We simply found a loophole, people have been doing this in different armies for quite some time now.
    UMA was not “cheating”. No “cheating” took place at all, because how can one cheat without knowing what rules to play by? We’re simply a bit more clever than the rest of these dimwits in armies. 😉


  35. Gotta give UMA credit, it’s actually a smart thing to do lmao




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