SWAT Invades Half Pipe, Unwittingly Attacking NDA

HALF PIPE, ACP/RPF Empires – The newly reborn SWAT scheduled an invasion of what they thought was an unoccupied server — Half Pipe — and ended up getting far more than they bargained for when the New Dawn Alliance showed up to defend.

The Special Weapons and Tactics army was recreated in what has been deemed their “Final Generation” only two days ago, on November 8th, with leader Spi101 announcing the decision:

The S.W.A.T are returning, however, this is the Final Generation, meaning that SWAT will no longer exist after this generation.

-Spi101, SWAT Leader, November 8, 2013

SWAT’s invasion of Half Pipe was their first and only attempt at an invasion scheduled so far for this generation, and was looking to go off without a hitch until moments into the invasion, RPF logged on to defend, and quickly gathering forces from NDA ally ACP to assist.

SWAT at the beginning of the battle.

As the fight wore on, SWAT Leader Spi soon learned of NDA’s claim that the alliance members all shared the server, and responded angrily.

Meanwhile, fighting raged on CP as NDA grew to match SWAT in size.

NDA and SWAT clash on the Berg.

SWAT logged off soon after, and Spi issued the following statement.

We did excellent in our first event. I’m proud of every single one of you, we maxed 26 and averaged 20 for the whole event. But there is something I must say. The NDA thinks they own Half Pipe whennone of their nations page were updated, and according to elmikey, THE NDA APPARENTLY “SHARES SERVERS” AS AN ALLIANCE.

What kind of BULLSHIT is that? The NDA has never mentioned that SINCE THEIR EXISTANCE.Hey, NDA, what kind of bullshit do you want to pull out of your asses now?

Following this, It’s been proven that the New Dawn Alliance is trying to control Club PenguinArmies.


-Spi101, SWAT Leader, November 10, 2013

After the battle, SWAT quickly descended into chaos, as a number of former SWAT veterans who had returned for the final generation (including famed leader Ganger90) began fighting amongst themselves.

Spi just before firing and banning Domsamillion, at the time, SWAT 2nd in Command.

The Leaders of SWAT responding to word of Domsamillion’s rebellion.

When asked for comment about the possibility of this being seen as an act of war, Spi had this to say:

Bro I don’t even f***ing know. We didn’t do shit against these faggots and now NDA thinks SWAT’s at war with them. NDA’s the WORLD POLICE.

-Spi101, SWAT Leader, November 10, 2013

Jerry, ACP 3rd in Command, had this to say about the same issue:

Personally, I want to avoid war. But if SWAT does not stop attacking servers of the NDA, we will not hesitate to declare war.

-Jerry, ACP 3rd in Command, November 10, 2013

RPF Leader Elmikey echoed this with a similar sentiment:

Light Troops are our enemies and SWAT Light Troops under a new name.

-Elmikey, RPF Leader, November 10, 2013

Rumors abound about the possibility of war between NDA and SWAT now about, as anger grows on both sides, and the possibility of war looks increasingly common.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to CPAC for more details.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣ 

CPA Central CEO

44 Responses



  2. First


  3. Noo offense but Domz is cool I made an avatar for him once so fckyah


  4. Lel SWAT.


  5. Wtf. Swat never told us they were invading, we never knew.


  6. RPF has no plans for war with SWAT, it was simply a defense of a new dawn server.


    • Shut up Elmikey.

      You say NDA shares servers but you haven’t clearly mentioned it to anyone so how could anybody know? So basically according to your logic, the NDA is now singular, which means all three armies in that alliance are basically One.

      Is that what you’re trying to say?


      • Actually, he has mentioned it several times. Throughout our war with LT and Nachos RPF & ACP made it perfectly clear that we were sharing some invaded servers.

        Also, when nachos were accused of violating their treaty, it was made even clearer that we shared servers. CPAC even wrote that.

        Armies often share some servers. That’s all we’re doing. Anyway, it’s not like we’re sharing our entire nation.


  7. When someone comes on our server, we have to defend it. We’re not just going to sit back and watch as they take it.


  8. Elmikey is pretty much right about SWAT being Light Troops pretty much… Is LT even alive?


  9. good post 😀


  10. SWAT is not Light Troops. Waterkid is leading Light Troops again. SWAT is being led by Spi101.


  11. Swat stinks and is an evil army. A troop of swat recently went on RPF chat to try and recruit me and another soldier. If another troop of swat or any other army tries to recruit on our chat there will be severe consequences.

    Tompenguin6_ AKA_ Tommykid

    RPF corporal


  12. We didn’t invade knowing that NDA would show up, we didn’t even know NDA owned half pipe. You can’t go around saying you own servers when clearly, you don’t. SWAT wasn’t and isn’t looking for any trouble. We just returned for a final generation, and we are just claiming some servers to build back up our nation. No big deal.


  13. First time swat is on the right side


  14. End the Oppression? k.


  15. Hey micheal gartner please answer spi’s pc and you gotta shave man.


  16. Hey micheal gartner I know you like rpf and play with 6 year olds on cp but u gotta please focus on your life and not be homeless when you grow up please think about your future plz and thx


  17. Fuck the police coming straight from the underground, bitches got it bad cuz I’m brown.


  18. The NDA are like old ladies, always sharing stuff. It’s servers we’re talking about, not freaking knitting needles.


  19. gayest alliance name goes to …… *drum roll* ACP and RPF with the alliance ‘NEW DAWN ALLIANCE’ !


  20. Spi is still alive?


  21. http://prntscr.com/23j8jv
    Which side looks like the good side?


  22. How do the NDA think they’re the police? Please explain that to me.


  23. SWAT can’t even invade anything without any servers lol


  24. So wat you’re trying to tell me is that 3 Butt buddies merged to makeone super butthurt bitch and is now attacking everyone? I see..


  25. Your scrotum is weak.


  26. I made nicknames for NDA leaders

    Elmikey= Elmilf

    Mustpha= Mustfaggot

    Xxtoysoldier= XXtoyscrotum

    CassiusBrutus= Casisabitch


  27. When you interviewed Jerry he said that SWAT repeatedly attacked NDA…..BUT WE ONLY STARTED OUR NEW GENERATION LIKE 3 FREAKIN DAYS AGO…stupid nda


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