RPF Duels with Nachos in Practice Battle

TUXEDO, RPF Empire- On Saturday, November 9th, the Nachos, who have just finished their war with ACP had quite an interesting PB with RPF.

‘[D]ominated’ and ‘destroyed’ were just two of the words that RPF Leader, Elmikey described when they beat the Nachos. On the other side of the fence Nachos weren’t too happy with their performance at the battle claiming that the tactics were not great and that troops were too busy doing other things rather than paying attention on CP. Here is what Wolfie, an upset Nachos leader said in the results post:

 We are capable of doing great things Nachos. We just need to focus and follow directions, and we’ll be back on top again in no time. You troops are the future, and one day, one of you reading this will become a leader. You must be shaped and molded into a leader, and this is one of the first steps to become a good leader. Next time, we’ll show everyone what we’re really about!

Nachos maxed sizes of 25 while RPF claims they maxed an astonishing 40-50 penguins on CP. Here is what their leader said in a post:

This was a finer battle, this week the cp army community has been saying RPF isn’t the #1 army. Well we proved them wrong didn’t we? RPF is a phenomenal army and we only get better with time. It is the members that make up this army and we grow and learn everyday. I am proud of all of you.

Elmikey, who was clearly disappointed at the fact that RPF did not win the poll on CPAC about being the current #1 army clearly feels he has redeemed himself and his army.

40+ RPF on CP

Nachos performing a ‘DOOM’ tactic

Battle Summary

Maximum Nachos soldiers: 25

Maximum RPF soldiers: 40-50

Average Nachos soldiers: 15-20

Average RPF soldiers: 35

I decided to get a quick interview with Beeky, Nachos leader about their thoughts as well as getting an interview with Elmikey, RPF Leader.

Interview with Nachos Leader, Beeky

How disappointed were Nachos in losing to the RPF?

Well we were definitely frustrated with ourselves, we don’t like losing.

Do you think Nachos recent upset in sizes is due to the recent war with ACP?

Actually, I’d say getting out of that gave us a boost. We’re gradually regaining in size.

How much longer do you think Nachos fall in sizes will continue for?

I think it stopped when we ended the war with ACP. We’ve hit 20-25 multiple times this week.. so it’s definitely better than what it was.

Thanks for your time

Interview with Elmikey, RPF Leader

So, how happy are RPF after hitting sizes of 40-50?

We are satisfied with our results but we know we can do much better and learn from past mistakes and continue to grow and fight the good fight and make club penguin armies a great thing again.

How well do you think RPF performed at the PB?

RFP performed to perfection, we have great troops who love RPF and Club Penguin. A cool 2 minute video of RPF battling Nachos from the PB will be posted on the RPF site.

What do you think brought around these spectacular sizes?

We’re what a CP Army is supposed to be, we have daily CP fun, all of our troops actively enjoy CP and we have great troops and leaders.

Thanks for your time.

So, do YOU think the Nachos are improving after their war with ACP? What do YOU think about RPF hitting sizes of 40-50? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comment section below.


6 Responses

  1. 2nd.


  2. Here’s the video, only two minutes long 😉



  3. I’m an rpf soldier who attended the battle and I think we were awesome. We performed to perfection. It was my favorite battle ever with rpf.


  4. WTF did I just read?????


  5. I like what theyre doing over there at RPF.


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