Hey Guys. Surprise, it’s me, Burr, and yes I am actually blowing some time making a post on CPAC. Now, don’t pop a full on rager just yet, this probably won’t be my best and most thought out post, but I’ve got some time and I haven’t posted in a few months, so why not? Read on if you actually care what in the world I think about the hot topic of “bringing armies back a few years.”

Note: this post is an editorial and thus the author’s opinion is included in this post. This post does not by any means represent the general opinion of the CPAC staff. 

For those of you who have no clue what in the world I mean by “bringing armies back a  few years” allow me to explain more in depth. I keep hearing a lot about the topic of Club Penguin armies distancing ourselves too far from Club Penguin and that this was why we are no longer as big as armies were in 2007. (Yes, we are no longer capable of maxing 25 on Club Penguin anymore apparently) Now, keep in mind that all of this ranting is coming from one army in particular, RPF, and to a more specific extend, the infamous leader of the Rebel Federation, Elmikey who retired only hours ago. Now, allow me to attempt to explain whatever reason they have to throw a fit now.

So basically, Elmikey feels armies are no longer as good as they were in 2007 because those in power in armies are too ignorant and our foundation no longer revolves around Club Penguin. How do I interpret this? A 19 year old’s way to say that those in power don’t care about Club Penguin anymore and we should start focusing on the next time Rocky and Cece visit the island. Well, here’s how I look at it. Typically those in power are leaders who are normally older in age. Typically leaders who are older in age, don’t enjoy Club Penguin necessarily. I find it quite ironic that both the oldest leaders in any top ten army lead RPF and support this idea of bringing armies back a few steps. Now, I’ll be straight, I couldn’t give two shark shits if you support this idea or not. I’m posting so only my opinion matters. Deal with it. 😈

Honestly, armies have slowly advanced every year since our beginning if you look closely. In 2005 there were the color wars, which saw no real organization and was basically 24/7 rogue forces on specific servers. In 2006 armies took a big step, but were still nowhere near where we are today. With the introduction of forums and a central leader, armies took a huge step in organization, however there was still much progress to be made seeing as most orders were given over Club Penguin and the idea of strategy in battle hadn’t really been developed yet. In 2007, the famed Pink Mafias made his appearance, and a little known fact is that he also introduced Xat to armies with the creation of the legendary UMA. Xat was a big step for army, because now orders could  be given through an automatic message board that a whole army could hear at once without having to check and refresh the forums or try and listen to orders over Club Penguin. There was also no filters so anything could be said and more advanced strategies could be explained. This also help set a firm line between those in power and those not, with owner, mod, member, and guest ranks on the chat. At this point, armies had mainly ditched forums and moved to WordPress. Again armies so a big turning point, with the main news and battle information posted on the website and direct orders given out on the chat.

2008 was much the same as 2007, however tactics came into play and war progressed as alliances came into play. Chats became a more and more essential part of armies and the idea of role play slowly started leaving armies. I consider 2009 the start of modern armies as battles became more often scheduled then random battles through out Mammoth. Wars became bigger and armies became larger including big rises from ACP and the Nachos. CPAC and other news sites also made their first appearances and had a huge impact on armies. As 2010 came, CPAC’s weekly top ten started playing more into the hand of armies, and thus CPAC gained much power in the community. Small and medium armies started becoming truly prominent as new armies made their first appearances in the top ten, and the idea of the big 6 slowly started to crumble with massive falls from armies such as RPF, WW, and UMA.

2011 was an interesting year, however many would consider it a step backwards from 2010 as sizes dramatically fell. For many of the previous years ACP had been on top almost always, and the first rush of ACP opposition came from armies such as LT and Nachos. However, there was one group that may have effected armies more than almost anything else and that was the infamous Purple Republic. PR introduced the idea of trolling and was the first outside source that actually threatened armies on Club Penguin itself and forced armies to band together to fight it. (I don’t count IATW seeing as they were just kids that knew how to use bots) 2011 was also a big step for recruiting, as Club Penguin recruiting became harder with even more strict filters being enforced on Club Penguin. 2012 was much the same as 2011, with one very significant thing coming into mind. For the first time in years, ACP had been forced off it’s thrown of power as the Nachos defeated ACP in the summer of 2012 and sent them through a stage of trouble and depression that some would argue is still lasting to this day. This was a huge difference maker for armies seeing as holding first in the top ten was now more diverse than ever with ACP no longer cock blocking it from other armies reach.

Then of course came 2013, but seeing as we are still in this year I can’t explain much about it until 2014 when I do my annual reflection. Now, a lot of you are probably thinking this right now. “Why the hell did Burr just sum up armies so beautifully from our creation to this very exact moment?” Well I’ll explain. I just summed up the evolution of armies as broadly as I could. Armies have steadily changed over the years all the way since 2005, yet we are still here. Although taking a step back has never been attempted, why should we? Armies change is another term for armies adapting. When Club Penguin recruited was no longer an option, armies turned to chat recruiting. With chat recruiting becoming even harder, with the fall of chats such as Riffy and Monchocho, armies are finding more and more methods such as auto-typers, twitter, adspace on blogs and more. My point being, is taking a step back may have a huge backfire. Perhaps we take a step back and try to resort on Club Penguin recruiting once again? What we find is Club Penguin recruiting simply doesn’t work and suddenly we have no recruits coming in. Maybe we force Club Penguin armies to become more centered around Club Penguin once again, and we notice a new younger generation of troops joins in, while at the same time, the older generation of troops grows bored and leaves. With this older generation of troops being such a heavy percent of CP armies currently, we suddenly lose a huge chunk of the troops that are committed and truly apart of Club Penguin armies. If there is one thing I have learned from recruiting noobs, it is that there is a 25% chance your recruit will stay with the army long term. With all these younger troops joining, we find out that only 1/4th of them are staying. What happens then? Armies are smaller than ever.

Now obviously that stuff was all purely predicted, and I can’t guarantee that any of that stuff would actually happen. Now, I’ve grown bored after typing nearly 1400 words, I want to leave it on one of those cheap and uncreative endings that shit writers always leave on shows and stores such as Lost. The “decide your own ending” kind of thing. So think to yourself. If armies did take a step back? What would the result be? Would it truly be a positive thing? I am completely against it, but hey I’m totally bias and I could care less. #RealTalk

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  1. if u want to rage over my opinions, pls leave it in my po box at 6661337 or my address 1800 fuck off lane in idontgive2shits town, idahoe (IO)


  2. wat


  3. CPAC Quality Check:
    Content: 4/5
    Presentation: 2/5
    Grammar: 5/5
    Overall: 11/15
    Yes, I went out and used my own fucking rubric. Anyway, your post was good. I’d refrain from using this overused topic/idea in subsequent posts, but it’ll pass for now. The only issue I have with this is the word wall formatting. I was about to tl;dr this post as soon as I saw how there were just slabs of words and no pictures or any sort of eye candy to distract me from it. Use smaller paragraphs and attempt to use pictures to convey your ideas. Other than that, good post.


  4. Burr I’m already doing my Year in Review post


  5. RPF, ACP, DCP combined can get over 100 join applications a day. The problem is only 3/100 people actually stay after applying. That’s because CP Armies don’t appeal to the majority of CP Players like it used to, Well it’s time for change, we want our websites and armies to be successful therefore we’re going to appeal to the millions of CP Players, not the hundred or so CPAC players.

    So put it this way, in armies current state the NDA combined is capable of getting 100+ join applications a day, all those people LOVE CP. They also would love to have armies on Club Penguin, so they apply. Once they find out that we only log on for 15 minute smiley face sessions every other day and just sit in chat rooms, not CP they normally quit. Unless you have someone private chatting them convincing them to stay.

    Okay so once I returned RPF began getting 1,000 applications per month and we still can, so can other major armies. If we appeal to the CP guys instead our websites and armies would be way more successful, we want our 3/100 success rate to be 100/100 success rate and the only way that’s possible is if CP Armies were for CP Players.

    Okay so by the end of the week our armies together respectively will get over 500 applications, probably more because the people who just look at the site and don’t apply will too once we’re appealing. I am making a specific event that’ll attract more people and we won’t be advertising our xat to our new cp recruits.

    I can’t get into too much detail about our plans because they’re revolutionary and we’ve done tons of testing since May so we can make sure this can work. It can and it will. I can’t get into too much detail about it because I need to officially post about it on RPF site first. But just know that the thousands of people who visit our site from CP per month will actually stay this time and actively view our websites and comment on our post’s and increase our sizes on Club Penguin.

    We expect “the event’ to grow dramatically each week and we are certain that we can get at-least 200-500 CP Recruits to attend and represent their army on week #1. We have well thought out plans that will increase our growth as well. Therefore by the end of the month of our “experiment” as you may call will have attracted thousands of new penguins and they’ll all be in attendance of this specific event, each will return the next week and bring their friends as well therefore the growth will be much larger. We also have great plans for when we get “too big” to further grow our website/army/CP server.

    These numbers aren’t made up, in summer RPF alone got over 2,500 join applications. Nachos got well over a thousand as well. If we were appealing to these new young guys instead of the old guys we’d be very big and successful. And we will. This is really big and it’s real guys, I would much rather log on Club Penguin and see hundreds/thousands of army members running around having fun competing on Club Penguin while visiting our sites each day thus our views will increase a ton, site comments will be booming, more will join and much more.

    So yeah… We can get about a thousand NEW PEOPLE to view our sites (acp dcp rpf combined) therefore each day a majority of those thousand people will be likely to show up meaning that our event will be highly successful and after a week or two it’ll become so big that the server we’re hosting it on will stay alive and our “too big” plan will go into effect. Many new armies will form and rise up on that server and it’ll be able to maintain itself and stay alive throughout the day. #Revolution.

    If you don’t like it that’s too bad, because I want my CP army/website to become successful and this is the way to do that.

    Think: RPF get’s 1,000 applications per month, ACP have the potential to get more, DCP about the same as RPF. Those are just people who applied for a rank, obviously way more visited. That means that the NDA has the potential of starting it’s own community of 10,000 strong after one month. Each new member will be motivated to attend our “event”, that’s 10,000 new people guys. Those results are HUGE and very legendary. And looking at our current results and capabilities this is possible and it’s happening.

    So yup now is the best time to become real cp armies again.

    Fight the good fight 🙂


  6. This post was basically a post bashing Elm…. not that I’m a fan of him, but the whole “oh plz don’t rage at my post” is getting annoying and no one is bashing your post. If they are…lrn2taekcrtitisizm.


  7. Then stop negatively influencing the game and quit or are you addicted


  8. #MustbeTwitter


  9. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.


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