Champions Cup II – Quarter-Finals 1 & 2 Results.

See the action as it happened.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Today was another day of drama, as the Light Troops and Doritos. clashed in the battle between the pre-tournament tournament favorites and pre-tournament underdogs. Also, we had long standing rivals the Army of CP and Nachos battle in the closest battle of the tournament to date. As usual, this is a must-see results post.

1. Light Troops vs Doritos 

This was not the battle that was expected. The Doritos came with sizes that they have produced in their last few battles, as they again managed to come with sizes of 40+. On the other hand, the LT were very underwhelming and only managed to reach 5 in the battle room. Overall on the whole server, they had about 10. The Light Troops were very angry about this result and Spi subsequently demoted everyone in the army for the poor result. The tactics for the DCP were pretty good, with some good formations such as circles and X’s. This win puts the DCP in the Semi-Finals.

e9 in x

2. Army of CP vs Nachos 

While neither of these armies hit the heights that the DCP did, or the heights they can usually hit, they both did decent with sizes of 20+. The ACP were without leader Cassius and Co-Leaders Slime and Flipmoo; so it was down to the third-in-commands to lead the ACP and they were later awarded the Bronze Medal Award for leading the ACP without the presence of the leader. The Nachos did not have such problems, but the ACP took a narrow victory based on a slight edge in tactics. Both had 20+ through the battle and had good tactics, but the judges ruled 3-2 in favor of the ACP.


This means that the DCP and ACP move onto the Semi-Finals of the Champions Cup II. What do YOU think about today’s two battles? How will the LT react to this poor performance and were the ACP the true winners of their battle? Comment YOUR opinion on the Champions Cup II.

-Kingfunks4 CPAC EiC & Former CPAC Head

10 Responses

  1. haha its not even a question if DCP won
    LT got destroyed


  2. Well done to all the armies in the quarter finals, they all did very well, no matter the sizes or the tactics, they all got this far, well done. 🙂


  3. A message to NDA:

    “violence only breeds more violence”
    – JFK


  4. Hey I wont be online for 3 weeks so best of luck to Doritos theyre the only army that I would unretire for as long as Mustapha doesnt ban too many people DCP will stay huge no matter what stakes 😛


  5. Lol,poor LT D: 😦


  6. with all the changes happening in LT you cant blame us for this….We are almost in a great depression of LT


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