Battles Review: New Dawn Alliance vs. Bloodline Alliance

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – For weeks now, a heavily disputed and somewhat controversial war between the New Dawn Alliance, consisting of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin and Doritos, has dueled off against the Bloodline Alliance, consisting of the Light Troops, who recently reinstated Spi101 as leader, and the Nachos, has continually surfaced great amounts of disputed battles, claims and threats.

Snow Day

This week, the Nachos, being led by DJ Dan, invaded Snow Day and to fend them off, the combined efforts of the RPF, being led by Elmikey, and as for the ACP, there were led by a very surprising figure, King Funks 4, were released on October 22nd. During the fifty minutes of the battle, the claimed combined sizes of RPF and ACP were approximately around 15+ while as for the Nachos, as supposedly claimed by the ACP and RPF was 5 – 7; however, both sides claimed victory.

Below, the Nachos number around six while the ACP and RPF, numbering around 11 – 12 together, perform the E+P tactic.

The photograph below depicts a scene where a Nachos’ second-in-command, 6789Cool, states that they lost but commanded the troops to not admit defeat – this photo can be found on the ACP’s blog

A photograph on the Nachos’ blog which shows the RPF’s PJ admitting defeat

At the end of the battle, the Nachos’ DJ Dan stated the following about the battle (note the text has been edited heavily as to ensure proper sentence structure and spelling):

Hello Nachos and Nachas<3 LOL! Today we had the Invasion of Snow Day that we Juan!! Since the gay ACP faggots couldn’t take us on themselves, they brought their finger buddies (RPF). Tactics were just too sexy for them. We had a sexy size of hot penguins and we maxed like 80+.

On the other hand, King Funks 4, a former ACP leader, stated the following about the battle:

Hi ACP, 

I’m sure most of you know who I am, Kingfunks4, former ACP leader, and I led the defense of Snow Day along with Elmikey and RPF to defeat the Nachos. The Nachos had about 5 throughout, and combined the ACP and RPF had 15+. This event wasn’t posted on the site, so thanks to Elmikey for spotting that we had a defense to go to. We didn’t do too bad considering we had 1 minute notice, as we maxed about 8 by ourselves at our height, RPF maxed similar at their height. MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT IF YOU CAME, the leaders need to know ;) .

Elmikey, RPF’s leader, stated the following about the battle:

As I was adding defenses to the event schedule I noticed the Nachos were scheduled to invade the ACP. I looked at the schedule and saw that the invasion was in 3 minutes. I rallied up all online RPF and I went over to ACP chat and told them they were about to be invaded. I helped lead ACP since no leader’s were on and the only online owner went afk for a few moments and wasn’t even ACP. This defense wasn’t scheduled on either RPF or ACP site. We logged on and found the Nachos in town, immediately went into formation and started to fight them off. Together RPF & ACP maxed about 15+, Nachos maxed 7. Here are pictures from the epic battle. As usual, the Nachos were defeated but still claimed victory.


On October 24th, the RPF “stormed into Alpine to invade it from the Nachos”, claiming to have numbered between 20 – 23 while also counting the Nachos’ sizes, which they claim was between 5 – 10.

Below, the RPF perform the E+8 tactic and number between 7 – 9 while the Nachos perform the Joke-bomb and number around 3 – 5 (approximately)


A couple of more battles include the battle on Snow Fort between the ACP and Nachos where the Nachos claimed a clean victory and the ACP triumphed on their reclaimed Sherbet, claiming to number around 5 – 10 while also stating that the Nachos only had one troop online. Again, the Nachos and the ACP dueled it off against each other, this time on White Out where Jerry, ACP third-in-command ruled it as a tie whereas, on Cloudy, the Nachos came out victorious, claiming to have numbered between 20 – 22.

As for battles between the RPF, the army invaded Big Snow, after winning White House (where they claimed to have numbered between 20 – 30 while the Nachos seem to have numbered approximately around 15+); they also claimed to have numbered between 18 – 25.

Also interesting to note is the reclamation of some parts of the ACP’s nation through their Australian/Asian division, reclaiming Breeze and Snow Fort, as they state.

The ACP perform the E+C tactic, numbering around 10 – 12 while the Nachos number around 5 – 7 at the Reclamation of Breeze

Below, the Nachos perform the E+9 tactic and number nearly around 20 while a few ACP troops are present at the Battle of Cloudy

Here, the RPF chant “RPF!” and number around 13 – 15 while the Nachos number around 10 at the Battle of White House

In summation, all three armies displayed a tremendous show of tactics, some relative to the Halloween theme, sizes and dedication as well as the typical disputes and rare confirmed battles. For the near future, the ACP has planned to defend Yeti and Crunch; the RPF will be invading Alaska and Blizzard and as for the Nachos, they shall be invading Fiesta and will also be defending Alaska.

What do YOU believe will happen? Will the war result in victory for the NDA or the BLA? Or like always, will there be a cease fire? Do you think this war will be drawing to an end anytime soon or has this really become World War VIII? Only time will tell.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPAC Editor-in-Chief & SMAC CEO

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

27 Responses

  1. Can someone please explain to me what Elmikey hopes to acomplish out of this big heap of shit he calls a war?

    Supreme Dictator of armies?


  2. first


  3. damn…..


  4. Oh and before I forget, I’m going to piss people off..




  5. Love how cool cropped that pic 😉
    Also, this was ACP’s server. I am in no position to hand over another army’s server. So even if I did admit defeat (which I didn’t), they could not own the server as its ACP’s, not RPF’s.

    Just shows how desperate Nachos are cropping pics to claim victory.
    And also, please learn what sarcasm is Nachos.


  6. its obvious nachos have been losing the majority of the battles even when dcp isnt helping the NDA


  7. Wait wait wait. I never “stated that we lost”. Where did I do that? I most certainly did not state that we lost. I said that we could log off. BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS – WE DID NOT LOG OFF.


  8. Assholes vs assholes


  9. ..


  10. What is this? The LT decided they would back out of the BA and that’s a smart move. They just don’t know what will hit them…


  11. Hey Steph!

    Great post, but next time please use better pictures that show RPFs size, when I post pics of the battle on the site they go in order from when the battle started to when it ended. So when you use our pics please use the pictures from the middle of the post, that’s when everyone’s logged in.



  12. It’s obvious that we Doritos are raping all of you enemy armies up the butt and FYI Cassius is cool so screw yall trippin niggas *wary*


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