The Battle Wages On

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the declaration of war between the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin, and ever since, it’s heated times for these two armies.

With the combat, competition, and rivalry with ACP and LT  it seems difficult to keep up with the battles. The Light Troops’ confidence and ACP’s determination, this is definitely a war that captures attention in the media.

After it’s revival, it seems that LT has been successful in numerous Invasions on ACP’s empire, here is a post from yesterday wherein they have conquered one of their servers, Cold Front.

Hello Light Troops,

As usual, we take the server of Cold Front away from the DRACP. It’s not much long now until the rest of the servers are taken away from the ACP, except one. We’ll be back for it, ACP. Overall, we maxed 20 and averaged 17-18.

ACP and LT during the Invasion of Cold Front

ACP surrenders Cold Front to the Light Troops


Not too long ago, though, ACP has successfully defended server Fog from the Light Troops.

Hello ACP,

We may have just fought our first and only real heated battle of the war. All 30 minutes was filled with a continuous fight to win. Fortunately, we came out on top and secured Fog as our own. We maxed at 20+ and averaged a cool 18. Tactics were good, not perfect. Nevertheless, we beat LT in the battle for Fog.

LT leader, Spi101 has also made a post regarding the event.

Hey LT,

Recently we were invading the server of Fog, and finally ACP actually put up a good fight, they started to bore us after several victories. Though the reason we won this server is because the LT had won Town and Forts while the ACP and LT tie on the iceberg. Though I’m expecting ACP to claim victory because they spread out on Town and Forts and especially the iceberg. 

I congratulate both armies as they put up a good fight as I said before, It’s better than having to deal with a boring 8.

LT, start paying more attention on tactics. Just because we always do well in weekdays doesn’t mean you have to be AFK and skip the event, thinking LT will casually get 20. Troops make up the army, not just the Leader.

ACP and LT battle it out during the Invasion of Fog

Despite the wars, there’s always some dark humor on both armies as they share their own cup of tea. Here, ACP leader Cassius Brutus makes a thread regarding this topic

Over the past few weeks, the clever people over at ACP Intelligence have been watching our enemies, the Light Troops very closely. They uncovered some highly amusing and revealing material about these yellow fiends.  Know thine enemy.

*WARNING* – viewer discretion advised, not only does the rest of this post contain so much idiocy and fatuity – It also contains rather a lot of swear words, but what can we expect? LT have always been a bunch of vulgar little demagogues.

For the full view of the thread, click here.

Let’s fight fire with fire, Spi101 also makes a post towards ACP.

Response of ACP’s “proof” of LT “multilogging”: Do you guys not realize there are rogues on CP? Oh, the idioticness of ACP.

Hey LT,

So today I was suprised that ACP was going to actually put up a fight against LT. But sadly, they started to decrease size as the LT event went on, and ACP became small. Disappointing, isn’t it? Good job LT, we advance on to the rest of the territory ACP has. By next week, ACP will be nothing by next week. Even their AUSIA division isn’t saving themselves. Oh and one more thing, ACP still thinks we multilog because of our average sizes onweekdays. When will ACP ever learn…?

For the full view of the thread, click here.


On to the post.. I’ve managed to interview  Spi101 and ACP’s temporary 3ic, Rock71 about the ongoing battle.

Me (Toonlink)


What do you think about this heated feud between ACP and the Light Troops?

It’s a very stressful war.

When do you think this War will be put to an end?

I predict the war to be finalized within the next two weeks.

Do you think ACP’s determination will keep it going in the future?

Yes most definitely, ACP has been through many tough times and have gotten through it all. A war like this is not something that will cause any serious problems in ACP in the future

Looks like this interview is starting to wrap up, any other comments?

Yes, I’d like to give a shoutout to Waterkid for being respectful to his troops and following the rules of CP Warfare:

Thanks for your time. (:



What do you think about this heated feud between ACP and the Light Troops?
 I think it’s ridiculous how ACP thinks they’re winning
When do you think this War will be put to an end?
By this weekend. If not, probably another week, or after this month.

What are your plans for LT in it’s future after the war?

That’s classified.

Any other comments regarding this conflict between you and ACP?

ACP, good luck trying to live.

Thanks for your time. (:

Now I want YOUR opinion, what happens next?  When do you think this battle ends? What will become the output of both armies after the war?

Thanks for reading 🙂

– Toonlink, CPAC Reporter

16 Responses

  1. Good luck ACP.

    Let the rage below this comment begin.


  2. .. That pic give of waterkid asking troops to multi login was stunning…unless it’s edited


  3. All armies bot to some degree. Some multi-login, others autotype. The only big deal with it is if you get caught or not.


  4. ACP cropped the picture of me asking LT to multi log. What really happened was I got proof of ACP beginning to multi log. Cas was multi logging with 10spartacus, remmy99 and Ewin Rommel. Therefore the ACP seemed to have more on CP. I was furious so I said ”if acp is multi logging we must fight fire with fire” and then I told the troops to multi log if they can. That was the ONLY battle I would accept the LT to do it as Cas was stooping so low to multi log on 2 accounts.


  5. That’s the thing though, water, you dumb fuck. We don’t multi-log.


  6. “Classified” you just make it up as you go along.


  7. Honestly, I doubt how much LT is dominating this war if they always have to accuse ACP of multi-logging. And from what I’ve seen, they have no hard evidence of ACP multi logging other than accusations.


  8. It’s a disgrace if armies multi-log, it defeats the while purpose of fighting by giving one side a ridiculously unfair advantage. How sad can people get these days? Can we not just fight properly and admit defeat when needed?


  9. Light Troops better than ACP but Doritos are the best there ever was soo screw you hateful noobs


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