Buritodaily Removed from Army Republic Following Chat Reset

UPDATE 7:01 PM EST: Burito’s thoughts on the issue have recently been shared in a post on the AR site. Those details have been added below.

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire — The Army of the Republic faces serious internal issues as it attempts to solidify itself and regain lost glory.

The Army of the Republic faces what may seem like end times.

Two of the AR’s most respected leaders, Buritodaily and Vinny, retired not too long ago. Their successors, Boofgall and Emmarose, struggled to keep order as the army tried to change direction. Sizes dropped dramatically. Nobody knew what was happening to the army.

Soon, Boofgall was removed from the leadership position and replaced with current leader Candy. However, the army still failed to see improvement. At the urging of AR creator 122344a, Emmarose was removed from power and replaced with himself.

This has caused the army to see some signs of improvement. Earlier this week, the army reached sizes of 25+, which was last attained a fair while ago.


However, last night, a fight between retired AR  legend Buritodaily and LT general Spi101 sparked over private, personal issues.



Soon, the fight reached it’s climax. At this point, Buritodaily threatened war against the Light Troops, proposing to lead the Army of the Republic against them. However, 122344a refused to let the army into a conflict in it’s fragile, recovering state. Buritodaily was deadset on war, before he was removed from both site and power by 122344a. As a result, the following pictures explain why the Army of the Republic has switched over chats to a newer one.


I later spoke to 122344a myself and had the following conversation with him.

ainterview ainterview2 AINTERVIEW3

In this, 122344a reveals the motives for that outburst. The current status of Buritodaily is unknown. However, the chat remains changed to xat.com/arofcphq from xat.com/ararmyhq

Just recently, Burito shared his thoughts on this issue on the AR site — the full post can be read here; an excerpt is below. 

What’s worse is my removal was never approved by Candy nor Vinny. I have spoken to Vinny, and he is in a strong disagreement with A’s decision. He may, or may not give his own opinion on this post. Now, back to the lies that were made up, that I planned to hurt AR. Let’s make this clear. I never defaced anything on AR, I never tried to start a rebellion, I never told troops to quit, and I never said I hope AR dies. My problems are only with 122344a and a few of the owners at this point, not with AR. I have dedicated a lot for AR, if AR is only going to do successful with any power I had left being cut from AR, then so be it. But I’m going to fight for some respect for the years of hard work I have put into AR no matter what.

Agree with me, disagree with me, it’s all your opinion. But please, believe what you truly believe, don’t believe whatever is being forced down your throat. Thank you and goodbye.

The leadership of the Light Troops state they did not want to provoke unnecessary war while they are currently at war with the Army of CP.

Though this is an expected bump in the road for an army recovering from an extreme drop in sizes, it should not derail their progress significantly. Overall, it can be a learning experience concerning the keeping of peace and so forth.

Meanwhile, the AR is seeing promising sizes of 15-20+ this week after they failed to make even the SMAC Top 10 last week.

Comment what you think about the AR’s current situation!

36 Responses

  1. LT are busy with its own war, and I’m glad 122344a removed Buritofaily out of power.

    His hatred and powerhungryness wanted to go to war with LT and get his ass kicked once more.


  2. b2 obviously doesn’t know what kafkaesque meant and changed my post title 😦


  3. pls stop using uk event pictures


  4. I lost some respect for Burito.


  5. Buritodaily what the hell are you doing banning everyone? I am disappointed in you


  6. Anyone else notice the URL.


  7. So basically burr wasted his time on AR lol


  8. Ok this so called a ar founder is making a stupid ridiculous point I. Removing burr from his power sorry but it is true and one I put this on CPaf the whole army community will see how ridiculous a was being so watch out. Burr u never defaced ar. You never did shit so 122344a should really just fuck off worrying to say but it is true


  9. issues have been resolved


  10. Errrr…. Alright?


  11. mlp season 4 in 42 days to be exact, shiv


  12. Only agreeing with Burr on this, sad to see you go. I really don’t think that this all matters honestly, we just have kids playing a game and having fun. We shouldn’t have taken this so far to spreading information about someone. It’s pretty funny to see this, its just a game and most of you guys are pre-teens or are already teens. You guys react in a way of a five year old, immaturely. But, sorry Burr about what happened, I think Spi and Slick should be ashamed.


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