Golds, Steamrolling Through the Community?

Brumby, Golds Empire – After being shut down for a while, the Golds have come back, and they aren’t an army to be taken lightly.

The Golds have had an impressive start invading 7 servers, all unopposed. They have been averaging around 15+ per battle.

Golds at the recent invasion of Ice Pond

Golds at the recent invasion of Ice Pond

Golds performing an E+2 tactic

Golds performing an E+2 tactic at the invasion of Ice Pond


At the invasion of Ice Pond, the Golds started at the town where they managed sizes of 15, after a few tactics, they then moved to the iceberg where they finished up the invasion and managed to reach sizes of 17 troops.

Now, here’s a very crunched history of the Golds army.

The Golds were made by Johanwillfir on May 10, 2007. Then Johanwillfir hired Fly4life who made the Golds a powerful army, and led the Golds through History. He then quit the Golds somewhere around December 2007. So, Dream (Golds Head Commander) and Penguin (Dreams friend) thought of an idea to make a 2nd generation Golds, which was a success, then Dream made a Site for the 2nd generation Golds and started getting more troops to join. Dream however retired shortly after, and that was the end of the second gen. About a year later Dan (Lorenzo Bean) and Sriv (A Leader from the 2nd generation) decided to bring the Golds back and make a 3rd generation golds, they were powerful mainly through merges but that generation was then dissolved because of numerous hackers.

Now the important question is, can the Golds rise once again and become a serious contender for the number one army spot?

I managed to catch up with Andrew (Golds Leader) for a quick comment.

Luc: So what made you decide to bring back the Golds?

Andrew: Donut came to me and wanted to start his own army, so he named some, but he decided he wanted to re-create the golds.

Luc: Do the Golds have any plans for the next couple of weeks?

Andrew: We want to build up our nation in the first couple of weeks, claim some servers and possibly build our very own UK/Aus force.

Luc: How do you think the Golds will do in the Champions Cup?

Andrew: We’ll face some great armies and it’ll be very tough to beat them, but I believe we can go pretty far.

Luc: Do you think the Golds are serious contenders for the number one spot?

Andrew: I believe once we build up our nation as it was in 09, we could be easily a top 5 contender. Our owners are still getting gelled atm, and we are still testing our owners out, so it could be a couple of weeks before we start getting larger.

Luc: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Andrew: Don’t underestimate the golds, we were and still are a very powerful army. Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.

Luc: Thank you for your time.

With 6 servers under their name in only a week, and already achieving top 10 sizes, are the Golds a serious contender for number one in the near future? Comment with YOUR opinion.

-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Guidance Counselor/Associate Producer★]

13 Responses

  1. So maxing 15 is steam rolling now a days? Well, this is depressing.


  2. Lmao Brumby is their capital


  3. Now whether the Light Troops and Gold ever merge or not then that should be called the Yellow Alliance or something like that


  4. Last time I saw post about Dark Warriors was of course when they were fighting the other nigga army known as SWAT who are ghey


  5. they cant see dw because you keep burning all the light!!


  6. Wouldn’t say steamrolling, but definitely rising quickly.


  7. Even as uk div leader I Do belive were not steamrolling Through But we are maxing quite big sizes


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