CPAC Weekly Podcast: #3

MAMMOTH, CPAC Production Studio — Here’s the third episode of the CPAC weekly podcast, as promised. Hope you all notice the new microphone I got as the quality is a lot clearer! Sorry for rushing a little as I detailed events that took place in CPAC this week – I had a lot to get through, in a short space of time, so I had to make everything reasonably quick, which I guess means that everything was slightly more formal this time. Read on to see the third podcast in this series.

Still, I hope the content of the video makes up for it and is what you’re all hoping for. And yes, I know, it’s late… a little… actually, it’s almost 12AM here, but at least I managed to get it out on sunday, just about.

So yeah, here it is for you guys! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed that! I put a lot of effort in, so hopefully you guys all got a lot of enjoyment out, or now have a good idea of what’s been going on this week.

Stay tuned for next time, and remember to subscribe with your youtube channel if you haven’t already!

~6789cool – CPAC Podcaster / Reporter

16 Responses

  1. Am I the only one here who thinks 6789cool has the sexiest accent o,o


  2. Great as always Cool.


  3. 2 minor gripes:

    Use a “:” not a “;” in the title.
    Use a read more.


    • Mmk, at least it’s nothing to do with the video.

      Oh, and we have a production studio now? Fair enough. xD


  4. You sound exactly like Danisnotonfire to be honest.


  5. Am I the only one who never watches these? 😛


  6. You should consider lowering down the music. Nice accent, by the way.


  7. does anyone actually watch this?


  8. Nice vid!


  9. Cool maybe should start a SMAC podcast xD… Nice vid!


  10. Cool accent. I’m glad you made this wonderful show off of my idea (No sarcasm intended). Good job Cool! 😀


  11. This was really cool! next time though can you turn down the background music a bit? I cant wait for next weeks podcast 😀


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