Medieval Party 2013


Fun Tip for those who care: the word “Tap” is in the same text Club Penguin used for the F.I.S.H.

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You know that one writing assignment due tomorrow but you just don’t have the enthusiasm to do it for some reason? That is me with this post. My reasons are that I am fighting a bug of some sort, and Medieval times just bore me.

The first time I came across this party was the one in 2009 when I had membership actually, but this party didn’t seem interesting at all. It is the Medieval era, second party of the year that had an European Style with the first being the St. Patrick’s Day Party. Each year after I still did not care for the parties as 2010 I missed out on and 2011 and 2012 I was too busy with school to really care about.

This Party is playing it safe, as we have the same gimmick as the prehistoric party back in January except instead of looking for Dino Eggs, you are brewing potions by bouncing falling ingredients into a cauldron. Now if you are part of the elite group of people that actually are members, you can drink them. Rest of us have to deal with an issue with National Security.

lulzNow there is a free item, but you need to make all 10 potions to get it. Sounds like the Prehistoric Party to me. There are no “Ye Olde Knight’s Quest” 1, 2, or 3 as all we will focus on is making potions. They did say they would make new room designs for this party, but they didn’t put enough attention into all the rooms as only 13 rooms had work done, and the underground which is normally the dragon’s lair was left barren. The only Medieval part of this party are the designs. The ideas are way too mythical and though they fit with the legends of the time, This party usually didn’t put too much emphasis on it. I have not much else to say because I really don’t care about this party or this time era.

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14 Responses

  1. 1st and KEEP WRITING 😀


  2. I thought this was for warfare, not Club Penguin cheats and tips. I guess I’m on the wrong site. Cya on SMAC.. 😉



  3. I think you’re getting too old for this bro


  4. Option 4- Tap leaves cp armies because he is too old ???


  5. I’m pretty sure chickens don’t interfere with national security…


  6. KEEP WRITING! youre really good at these posts, dont stop writing em!


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