Candy Appointed AR Leader Following Coup of Slick|Alfrondo Appointed RPF Leader

UPDATE 7:30 PM EST: Interview with Alfrondo added.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters– In just one week, two new leaders have been appointed in two different armies. For the full story of this please read on..

After Slick was couped of his leadership spot in AR (the full story of which you can read here) Candy was appointed the new AR leader. After Slick was couped Vinny, former AR leader came on AR chat to calm the situation down, it was later announced that Vinny had appointed Candy as the new AR leader to replace Slick alongside the current AR leader at the time, Emmarose. So far this week AR haven’t lost either of their PBs.

I decided to catch up with the new AR leader Candy to get an interview:

Interview with Candy- AR Leader

When Slick was being overthrown, did you have any idea that you would replace him?

I kind of gotten an idea I was going to be the next leader because I came so close but I honestly thought Jay would be appointed the next AR leader.

While we are on the topic of Slick, do you think it was right he was overthrown?

He had dropped ARs sizes and he was more focused on selling red leis and wasn’t active, so I think it was the right thing to do.

How did you feel when you were appointed leader?

I felt excited because I had large plans for the army to try my best and to get it to rise again, I’ve talked to Vinny and he feels very confident about me leading.

What are your thoughts on ARs performance at the moment?

We have been doing alright. We’ve been getting back of there to getting sizes of 20-25 unlike Slicks sizes of 12.

What plans do you have for AR in the near and far future?

We are just going to do training’s and chat recruiting. If I am impressed with its performance I will do fun events, war is not sighted in the future but I have good plans and am taking advantage of Halloween. There will probably be war in early 2014.

On the 17th September Alfrondo1465 was appointed RPF leader. Elmikey stated in a post, ‘I have been on the search for a very long time and nobody qualified, except Alfrondo1465.’ and ‘RPF just got 20x better’. Not much more was said about Alfrondo being appointed to leader so I decided to get an interview with the man himself.

Interview with Alfrondo1465- RPF Leader

What was Elmikeys main reason for giving you RPF leader?

Elmikey’s main reason for making me leader of RPF was because school started, he started to get busy again, and he thought I would be fit for the job and a good addition to the RPF Army and the leadership as a whole. 

How did you feel when you were appointed leader?

I felt good when I was appointed leader, it was also a new door and opportunity for me to take, so I decided to take that new and exciting opportunity.

What makes you think that you are right for the job?

After being leader of DCP for nearly 3 years total, retiring and returning many times, but yet making and practicing very good political and military decisions, I feel like I would be right for the position as leader in RPF.

RPF have had quite a ride these past months war wise, do you plan to go to war again anytime soon?

I realize they have had many wars in the past months, and as of right now I don’t know of anyone specifically I would like to declare war on, but that will change sooner or later.


Well, that’s all folks. Let us know what you think on this topic, will AR be able to rise to their former glory with the new leadership and how well do you think Alfrondo will benefit RPF? Only time can tell but we can still predict in the comments below!


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  1. Lol, more focused on trying to sell his red lei LOLOL


  2. 씨발 개 새끼


  3. Early 2014 o.o nice advanced planning


  4. Does anyone know that someone cussed at this post…In another language?…


  5. This has turned outright ghey


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