Army of Club Penguin vs. Dark Warriors War Continues

KLONDIKE, CPA CENTRAL NEWSROOM- The atrocious war between two Top Three contenders, the Army of Club Penguin and Dark Warriors, continues and has brought another few confusing battles to the books.

Shortly after the Top Ten was published this week, the Dark Warriors rose to the occasion and quickly decided to declare war on the Army of Club Penguin. After following a few American, European and Australian/Asian events, the war has coursed through to a path where the DW army surrendered the server of Icicle due to the glitching of Xat on September 18th, as DW leader Freezie stated that day:

Hey DW,

So we were 5 minutes from logging on with over a full chat, then bang. Guess what? Xat glitches, logs most of our troops out, including me. I refresh, and I come on as member, with no other main on, and only a half a full chat logs back on. Yeah, we lost. But it’s nobody’s fault but Xat. Be at the US events tonight.

Next, the ACP’s Jerry confirmed ACP’s admitting of defeat (regarding the battle of Crunch) on September 20th; the DW army claimed to max around 19-20 while Jerry claimed around 11 troops, as he stated:

ACP maxed out at 11 and displayed great tactics but eventually we lost to DW.

In return, Pufpuf103 provided with a very short account about that battle:

Hey DW,

Today we successfully invaded Crunch from the ACP. We maxed about 22, and averaged 19-20. ACP actually surrendered for once, so I respect you for that. Good job DW!

Below, the two armies form a diagonal line with the DW performing the J-Bomb tactic and ACP the E+9 tactic on the day of the Battle of Crunch

Below, the DW army numbers around 14-16, performing the E+M tactic, while the ACP numbers around 7-10 and perform the E+7 tactic

In summation, both armies seem to be faring quite good in these few battles; tactics and formations are being performed at the best level each army can achieve and the level of sportsmanship, if we leave the one or two flame wars aside, is slightly surprising but still the typical. For now, the ACP has scheduled the invasions of Bunny Hill and defenses of Breeze, Snow Globe and Winter Land whereas, the DW army has scheduled defense of Rainbow and numerous invasions of Breeze, Snow Globe, Winter Land, Ice Berg, Yukon, Sherbert, Zipline, Ice Age, Outback, Caribou, Fiesta, Tea, Snow Day, Yeti, Wind Chill, Half Pipe, Slushy and Snow Angel.

What do YOU believe will happen? Will the war go in the favor of the ACP or the DW? Or will it simply end in the typical tradition of surrendering or cease fires due to the accumulation of disputed battles? Only time will tell.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

SMAC CEO and CPAC Editor-in-Chief

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

6 Responses

  1. I think we need a neutral judge. This is going to get out of hand if someone doesn’t step in.


  2. Taking all bets for how long this war is going to last for! Takin all bets!




  4. The war just ended. Go ask Tori and cas and stuff :/


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