Why are CP Armies so complicated?

MAMMOTH, CPAC Philosophy Desk – Since the dawn of the first CP Armies the standard in which armies are expected to meet when fighting in battles or wars has increased exponentially. Back in the first battles, wars were simply compiled of the size of the army and generally having a massive snowball fight. Now, tactics are much more complex and most armies have developed Governments and Nations, lets investigate why…

Back when the top dogs of CP Army Warfare were the likes of Pink Mafias, Oagalthorp & Commando717 etc. CP Warfare was a lot simpler than what it is today. Your faction would gather in a group, you’d announce whos side you were on and throw snowballs at the enemy. Today in 2013 we have a wide variety of tactics that have evolved over the years, many pioneers of CP Army Warfare are responsible for this evolution, but are we too far in to go back to the way things were? Or can we go back to when armies were all about their simplicity being their point of pride as opposed to their complexity.

The 2007 Battle Standard

The 2007 Battle Standard

The 2013 Battle Standard

The 2013 Battle Standard

Reason 1: Inevitable Progression

Just like with everything the old ways become somewhat of a lost memory and the new trends are what is repeated in todays society. Since the 2009 era of CP Armies when Revolutionaries such as Boomer 20, Person1233 and Omega39 the game has changed dramatically. They evolved tactics in ways in which throwing snowballs and having large sizes just wasn’t enough, the evolution of emote bombs and word bombs would set a whole new standard for tactics which is now an expectation for armies these days. Omega creating army “governments” which every army now has or is expected to have. This shows that the progression of armies has indeed come a long way, they’ve went from being organized snowball fights to tactical battles between armies with ruling governments.

Reason 2: Dressed to Impress

Likewise, from in and around 2009 armies have progressed not only in their performance, but also in their style. When an army is being created they are given a uniform, the ideal uniform is one that not only stands out but looks nice and matches the “theme” of the army. Back then all you needed was a stand-out uniform to attract recruits, but now things have once again evolved. Pringle64, the one who Revolutionized the way armies look through his skill at graphical design. It is now a standard that all armies must have that they previously didn’t need, and that is for their website to look attractive  and eye-catching, yet also simple to navigate so as not to confuse the recruit. For some the graphical design or general ‘look’ of the army is something that can help make up the minds of those on the fence about joining, there is such a wide variety of armies today that this is a must, showing once again how armies have evolved and became more complicated.

Reason 3: Why you should stay

Previously armies would simply engage in conflicts with one another constantly, there was always some kind of war going on, your only ambition was winning the war for your side. However in todays modern armies the ambition of their soldiers surpasses far beyond that of what it once did, everyone wants to be powerful, everyone wants to be leader. In order to maintain their armies size and the loyalty of their soldiers, some are forced to promote soldiers to hold their interest, they must show their soldiers what true progression means. The typical soldier today would move to army Y because they got a higher rank than army X, therefore their loyalty has to be paid for. Is this the way things should be for most armies? No, but it’s the reality of how things in todays Armies tend to operate.

Reason 4: It’s all about the Servers

Formerly servers would mean little else than a place to battle, armies would log on to a certain server, say Mammoth for example and fight whatever other armies would come. Today, it is much more widespread, servers are now “owned” by armies and seen as the “land” of that army. When battles take place it usually involves invading that armies servers thus taking their land and gaining a victory in that war. In some ways this is a well thought out but yet inelegant system. The idea of armies owning land and other armies take them adds to the legitimacy of calling them armies, however there is no real organization for what server belongs to whom, 1 server could belong to several different armies, the only claim to that server the army has is the one it claims it has, it has the same value as the US Government claims the Dollar has, it only has value as long as people continue to believe it has value.

Conclusion: What to expect next?

As time has already gone and proven it is that CP Armies have evolved and continue to do so, they get more and more complicated as time goes by, but only you can decide if that’s a good or bad thing.  I believe that CP Armies will continue to evolve and become more complex, but at the same time more organized. I believe in the not too distant future we’ll have a solution to the Server Ownership problem, and maybe there will be something beyond Xat in which we use to communicate. I think that eventually armies will also take a big jump towards social networks, as with all predictions only time will tell if mine are true, but I think the future of CP Armies is one that is forever changing.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, your are a leader.

~John Quincy Adams

*Note: This post was a joint effort by Donut67890 and Ambrosha.

Berühmte letzte Worte,


23 Responses

  1. beautiful post from two beautiful people<3


  2. Armies are really different now. In 2010 and 2011, the biggest armies had the most famous/likable leaders. Now today in 2013, the biggest armies have leaders that either bribe or recruit 24/7.

    I seriously made a bad mistake to return to armies for a month.


    • Bribe doesn’t only mean giving xats but also giving high owner and mod ranks.


        • When AR achieved first for those two weeks, neither Vinny or I were heavily recruiting, we also wouldn’t even consider bribing anyone,ever. What made us so strong at the end of our leadership was our patience, persistence, and intelligence. We didn’t rush things or make dumb decisions, and we didn’t act desperate for troops. We let recruits find us on their own as our site got more and more popular, and when more experienced people asked to join our army, we gave them a member rank instead of begging for them to join our army. Having said that, I’d say we weren’t really liked by as many people as we were disliked during our leadership, but we had to sacrifice things to be successful. But the bribing is a huge issue. And the fact that being in 8-9 armies today is socially acceptable.


  3. amen to that


  4. For one sole reason, we changed them to be this way.


  5. Started reading. Got bored. Stopped reading.


  6. It’s pretty sad that a German kid can write better than 80-90% of USA and UK soldiers.


  7. finally a post actually worth reading


  8. Why? Because we made websites and chats for it, the rest is just your imagination and a internet browser game


  9. too lazy to run for congress


  10. Here’s what I think lately freaking Leaders try making retired veterans get on the Club Penguin shit and some uvv us are in dang COLLEGE like meh and 15-20 years old with lives right now and especially on the chats that I got to have mod on for being retired owner rank AKA Doritos and Water Vikings but the only one who keeps abusing meh for that I wont say names


  11. Imm quit WordPress fucking soon cause peeps keep gettin mah damn IPP and shit and sorry for cuss but Ive hadit with WordPress


  12. Down with IPP Grabbersn shid


  13. Armies should be what it was along time ago




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