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It’s also time for a new column by yours truly. Seeing as how the importance of servers have dropped in the army community, this new segment, along with the now weekly-updated servers page (which can be found here) is completely aimed towards raising the importance of servers in the community, as well as to be tool for everyone here.

I mean what happened to the time when owning a server like Mammoth, Parka, or Tundra actually meant something? Of course I’m not another one of those Elmikey style saviors that hope to return armies to the “golden ages”. You know how annoying it is to anyone who’s actually been here for a while to have people mention the “golden ages” everyday.

Point being, that time has passed and it’s time to stop living in the past and start embracing and contributing to the present.

Now for the actual post….


Table of Contents

1. Invasions/Defenses of the Week

  • The basic format for this section of the post is as follows, the first thing that will appear is the date (for example (8/27)), secondly will be the full name of the invading army (ex. Rebel Penguin Federation), followed by a green arrow (arrow1 which indicates a successful invasion for the army) or a red x (x1 which indicates an unsuccessful invasion for the invading army). Followed by that will the the name of the server that was scheduled to be invaded, and finally in quotations will be the army who owned the server before the invasion.
  • Note: If the invasion is successful then it will say (Prev. owned by ——–) but if the invasion is unsuccessful then it will read (Defended by ———)
  • Next note: This list will be only based from an invasion point of view to avoid confusion (obviously if the invasion was unsuccessful that means the defending army won)
  • Another note: It is important to note that CPAC will not decide the winner of battles by this, we will solely be basing this post on what armies have posted on their site as the result of an invasion, so if both armies do claim victory they will both be noted as winning the battle.

2. Featured Invasion of the Week

  • This section will cover a specific invasion more in depth

3. A small note about the Servers Page


Invasion/Defenses of the Week 8/27-9/3

(8/27) Rebel Penguin Federation arrow1 Sleet (Prev. owned by AR)

(8/27) Rebel Penguin Federation arrow1 Berg (Prev. owned by AR)

(8/27) Rebel Penguin Federation x1 Snow Bank (Defended by AR/DW)

(8/27) Army Republic Cleansing arrow1 Berg (Prev. disputed ownership)

(8/28) Army Republic arrow1 Sleet  (Prev. owned by RPF)

(8/28) Rebel Penguin Federation arrow1 Toboggan (Prev. owned by AR)

(8/31) Rebel Penguin Federation arrow1 Tuxedo (Prev. owned by AR)

(9/1) Pirates arrow1 Wind Chill (Prev. owned by SPA)

(9/2) Pirates arrow1 Sardine (Prev. owned by SPA)

(9/2) Underground Mafias Army arrow1 Bunny Hill (Prev. owned by DCP)

(9/3) Pirates arrow1 White Out (Prev. owned by SPA)

(9/3) Rebel Penguin Federation  x1  Beanie (Defended by AR)


2. Featured Invasion of the Week

This week we dive into a war that’s been going on for a while now, with major leadership changes on both sides.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army Republic: Battle for Berg

Lets start off with a bit of background information, the Rebel Penguin Federation are currently not in their best moment with the recent Lord Pain scandal which can be found here and the Army Republic just had a recent change in leadership with the retirement of Burr and Vinny which can be found here and here. However at the time of the battle both of these armies we’re in good condition and more than willing to fight one another, so what was the end result?

RPF’s perspective of the battle: (RPF is obviously dominating)

AR’s perspective of the battle: (AR is destroying RPF)


End Result: Both armies claim victory on Berg, and for extra assurance AR holds a cleansing of Berg the following day. So is it clear that the victor of this battle is AR? Of course it’s never clear with most armies in the community not being able to come to a decision when it comes to battles. Since this is an article on who owns what server and since both armies are claiming to have won, as a reporter I have no choice but to say both armies have won and have claim to berg. Of course, that was up until AR had a cleansing a berg and RPF did not show up to defend, but there is a bigger issue here and a question that arises for the whole community.

Will we ever come to an agreement as to who wins a defense or invasion? Or will we continue to have both armies in a heated war continuously claim victory and have no clear winner in the end? Of course leave a comment with your opinion below as usual. And read more about the controversial topic here.


3. A Small Note About the Servers Page

First of all for those of you wondering the big question, the servers page will be updated every Tuesday, and it will be updated based on an army’s nation/empire page. So if you don’t update your own nation page you might want to start doing that since you won’t get credit for servers you’ve invaded.

  • Now in order for the servers page to be up to date and to work, there are two essential sides that must fulfill their jobs. Of course we at CPAC will be updating the servers page every Tuesday so that the community can use as a tool.
  • Secondly, armies MUST update their nation/empire page, that’s what we use to update the page, so if your nation page isn’t updated then it’s likely you won’t see your current nation on the servers page. Now if you really want to make it easier, and make your nation page nicer, I recommend you have the servers in alphabetical order, it makes it easier to update the servers page and it looks more organized.

How do you get on the servers page you may ask? Any army that is currently in the CPAC Top 15 or has recently been in CPAC’s top 15 is eligible, if your army is not already included then leave a comment on the page and we’ll add you!

Now of course your opinion matters to us, so we at CPAC want to know if you guys would like this to remain a weekly post with the week’s invasions in a list like this because this is a trial run. Comment with YOUR opinion.

-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Guidance Counselor/Associate Producer★]

20 Responses

  1. Time for me to go home?
    Well then.


    • great post btw, it’s a good idea to have a general outlook to see who’s doing well, and who’s taking servers.


  2. Nice post , and I agree with Cool


  3. Nice Idea, I agree with Cool too. And RPF does admit defeat on our invasion of beanie. Nice battle AR.


  4. BTW, the war is not over yet.


  5. What time is it? Luc’s bedtime.


  6. I suggest a third symbol, say a “?”, to indicate a disputed result. Otherwise looks good.


  7. You’ve listed disputed servers as RPF victories just because they claimed so?… RPF never admits defeat so taking their word is stupid.


    • Also, the war was basically agreed upon by the majority of the top ten leaders. With no formal council or other people to actually stop RPF from tearing this community apart with their pathetic antics, I’ve gone to the next best step which was getting the top ten army leaders to agree. Which they did.


      • Fist off, RPF is not rearing the community, we are making it better. Just because the majority of leaders say you’ve won this war doesn’t mean you have, because the majority is not always right.


  8. Nice Post, Go AR!


  9. why is my army not in cpac news?


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