Retirement of Albert417

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom- Yesterday, we saw the retirement of Albert417, leader of the Ice Warriors, and the only person ever besides Iceyfeet1234 to hold that rank.  With Albert417 retired, Bearsboy10 is now leader of IW and is the third leader after Iceyfeet and Albert.  Albert’s original retirement post is below, and can also be read here.

If you’re willing to read something long about me, feel free to do so. Be prepared for a somewhat long journey.

1. My History, Achievements, and Notable Wars

2. Acknowledgements

3. Pictures/Videos of my Time

4. Final Words

 1. My History, Achievements, and Notable Wars

My journey in CP armies, or rather, in the Ice Warriors overall began on July 24th, 2009. I had joined Club Penguin roughly 3 months earlier, on May 3rd, 2009. Like many beginners, I was ecstatic to join such a massive online game and had an opportunity to make many new friends. The original parties and games that CP offered added more to the fun. Though soon enough, I got bored of the game.

However, that was all soon to change. I would soon see another side of Club Penguin, a whole new world which I thought had never existed. That other side of Club Penguin was their organized “fighting” groups which I came to know as Club Penguin Armies.

It happened one summer afternoon when I was on CP, minding my own business as usual. Once I entered a room, all I saw were a commotion of green (ACP) and orange (WW) mobs, and a smaller group of blue uniformed penguins. My reactions upon observing them were pretty much having the urge to go along and participate with their activities. After some quick decision making, I ended up settling upon joining the blue group, since blue happens to be my favorite color. The penguins in that group were spamming phrases like “search ice warriors” and “turn blue”. Like many other newcomers, I pondered what they meant by “search ice warriors” particularly. After a few moments, the idea clicked in my mind. I rushed onto google, typed in “ice warriors of cp”, and there were the search results. I clicked the one link that appeared to be the website of the Ice Warriors, and soon after I discovered the chat.

The chat was where everything happened in Ice Warriors. It was the central place for our activities, and without one the army would have been pretty much nothing. I met many great troops, such as Mr Drumline, Sriv, and Lorenzo Bean. I had also made some friends along members who were pretty much in the same stance as I was. I had decided that this would be a great army to join, so I began to visit the chat often. Soon I would be attending my first few events within August of 2009.

I came to learn the art of Club Penguin Warfare. Oh, how fun it was when it came to battling other armies (at least back when I first started). You would report on both chat and the place, and the action would take place on CP. You would execute a bomb. You would form a line. You would spam messages. All of this was done in rapid succession. And the fact that you’d be rewarded every month with a promotion made it worthwhile. Below is a video which I believe was one of my first battles, the Ice Warriors battling against the now deceased Impossible Mission Army Force (IMAF) back in August of 2009.

Time passed quickly as I did my duties as a soldier (coming to events and never complaining about ranks) and I began to progress within the rankings of the army. Soon enough, I was getting close to the Brigadier General rank (lowest mod) and I felt I could keep going. However, an event was about to occur that would have endangered the life of the army as a whole.

A rebellion had occurred in which the IW owners had taken the notion of rising against Iceyfeet and creating a new IW, effectively separating the IW into two armies. I had the intention of staying with Icey no matter what, and so I did. The rebellion itself was crushed almost immediately and a new site was created, which to this day is the one being used currently.

I earned moderator since that time and worked my way up to the 4th in Command rank in the summer of 2010. 3ic was achieved in July, and the rank of 2ic was given to me by the fall of 2010. By then it was clear to me that I would be the next hope for the Ice Warriors, and I sought to do my best as a potential leader. However, I had trouble at first when I was given the role of temporary leader in the summer of 2011, and I almost knocked IW out of the top ten. But then, I had former troops such as Gill and Rugrat93 teach me the ways of becoming a better leader, doing basic duties such as using WordPress effectively and scheduling events. I learned the method of leading events on my own, and gradually I improved. It was then up to Icey to teach me the ways of how to recruit and how often I had to be doing them.

Later in May of 2012, Icey’s announcement of retiring was a shock to the entire army community. After 5 years of hard work, he was finally ready to pass on the legacy.

I was prepared to take the role of leadership on June 3rd, 2012, two days after the army turned 5 years old. After this momentous occasion, the Ice Warriors prospered much throughout the summer and even more in the fall, becoming very competitive against many other large armies. We won a few CPAC tournaments, such as the famous Legends Cup for a second time, as well as winning the Sweet 16 Tournament. We had a war with the Light Troops throughout the fall of 2012, winning most battles, also having on and off wars with the Pirates, and one large defense against ST. In December 2012, we took another significant rise and almost won the CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament, maxing 60+ Ice Warriors, only losing to the DW who were equal to our strength.

2013 has overall been a pretty good year. In January, we helped the White Alliance in bringing down Waterkid and the Black Alliance to ashes. Nothing really significant happened until we were almost able to capture another championship victory in the March Madness Tournament, only losing to the Nachos in the finals. Later in May, we “warred” against LT while they ignored all of our invasions, and our enemy subsequently died. Towards the end of June we went for another rise, winning yet another tournament, the Army Warfare League.

Two months later pass and I’m already retiring. Moving on. Something that I gradually awaited, and now has happened. It really has been a wonderful journey in my life.

Notable Achievements:

“Leader of the Year 2012 [End of Year Award]” (Tied with Puckley) [CPAC]

Leading Ice Warriors as “Largest Army of 2012 [End of Year Award]” [CPAC]

Leading Ice Warriors as the Number One Army on CPAC’s Top Ten Armies for 7 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS IN 2012 (8/20/12 – 9/29/12) [CPAC]

Have kept the Ice Warriors in every Top Ten Armies list since the beginning of leadership

Leading Ice Warriors to victory in: Legends Cup 3, Sweet 16 Tournament, Army Warfare League [Runner Ups in Christmas Chaos, March Madness] [CPAC]

Voted 6th Most Influential Person of 2013 [CPAC]

Notable Wars/Defense:


Vs. Light Troops [Sept. 2012]

Vs. Shadow Troops [Defending Sub Zero in Nov. 2012]

Vs. Pirates [BA WARS]



2. Acknowledgements

Here I name and thank the people and groups who have meant a lot to me throughout all these years, with their assistance, friendship and contributions. [Special thanks to all the troops in the end.]


Iceyfeet1234 – First and foremost, I have to thank you for everything here. Your work for leading IW five years straight is incredible, and it goes by without being unrecognized. You along with a few others have taught me what it takes to become a good leader, and nothing would have been possible for me here if it wasn’t for your assistance. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


Rugrat93 aka “Ruggy” – Ah, the person I once admired back when I was a member rank. You were one of the best 2ics and advisors IW ever had, and you kept things in shape when Icey wasn’t there. Of course, you helped and taught me a few things back when I was managing the army as 2ic. I thank you for that.


Gill1097 – Once we talked and once you saw how I did in IW, you knew I had the potential to become a leader. Over time, we had a pretty nice friendship. You, as Ruggy did, helped me out during those rough times back then. Surely enough, we had great times too. Thanks.


Alicia – I think it’s amazing as to how we’ve come up with a great relationship, something that I have never thought of even doing until I had this chance with you. Now, we’re almost at 6 months, still going strong. Love you <3.


Bearsboy10 – You have come far, my friend. You’re already taking the helm of a legendary army. I’ve already done my part in its history, and now it’s your turn. I’m sure you’ll do just great based on your past experience and skill. So with all that being said, I wish you the best of success in your leadership.


Aquabluejet1 – Even as 2ic, you will still be a vital part in Ice Warriors. Whenever Bears isn’t there, you’re in charge. Oh yeah, and whenever we talk again, let’s talk Pokemon.


Funkikiflurry – My BFF!!! Hey, we had a great time back then. You came to me in a private chat out of where one day and then soon you became a 4ic in IW, then Ninjas leader. Hope we can talk another time.


Christohper1 – Hey there, buddy. You’ve taken quite a liking towards me, having an attachment that no one has ever seen. I’ve told you off when you went too far. But in the end, you are a person I can respect and be great friends with.


Hershey658 – You’re a guy with few words on chat nowadays, but hey, thanks for being a great friend and for sticking around throughout this whole time.


Ben aka Surfersboysc – Things have gone rough for you lately, and I understand life can be that way. It won’t last forever, though. Thanks for being a great friend and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you want to do.


Marabubamara – I can recall that you weren’t as loud, weird, and funny as you are today, so stay that way. When it comes to your mentality, we all know that things are bound to get fun.


Tes – You proved to be a good owner after you’ve shown me what you could do. Sure, it took a while for you to get there, but it was worth the wait.


Eyes2 – I remember you being funny as hell when we were off tormenting noobs of all sorts. Thanks for those hilarious moments.


Johnnylumber – I want to thank you once more for managing to lead IW during my two week absence, as well as assisting me quite a lot during the rest of August. I certainly didn’t expect you to be doing this.


Nickle39715 – You are a creative and funny kid. It was evident to me when you offered to come back and shared a good amount of ideas. Stay that way and you’ll be a great figure one day.


Magma – I want to thank you for trying to be supportful whenever possible. Even if things go bad for you, they’ll surely get better if you seek to do better.


HGK – My latest inspiration in the hopes of getting IW to rise again. Thanks for the support!


Dudex – I felt disbelief when you came back to CP armies to recreate your army, the Hot Sauce Army. I felt the same way when you decided to leave. Thanks for having me in your army back when it was first made!


To All The Ice Warriors – I want to thank each and every single one of you who have taken part in the Ice Warriors during my leadership and even before, even if you were once an Ice Warrior. We wouldn’t have accomplished so much if it weren’t for your outstanding activity, teamwork, and loyalty. Thank you all for making the Ice Warriors Army one of the best to be in!


More Friends/People to Thank [didnt have time to write descriptions for them]


– Blue Brothers

– Cece

– Crazyman508

– Gabby

– Gaby (my daughter)

– Gadunka345

– Gord

– Indigoflare

– Jerry

– Jim430

– Katie

– Khimo

– Lorenzo Bean

– Motoxjohn

– Mr Drumline

– Sklooperis

– Soccerfan8

– Sriv

– Tommytod

– Wheelo

– Woton

– Zee

Special Thanks to Allied Armies/Enemies and their Important leaders:




























Mchappy [Iceycold27]















3. Pictures/Videos of My Time


In this section, I have an abundant amount of pictures to show off throughout my time in IW, on chat, as well as some battle pictures/videos. Enjoy!


I actually drew this on Paint back when I was a member in 2009. Upon looking at quite a masterpiece, Icey was shocked and gave me temp moderator.

I actually drew this on Paint back when I was a member in 2009. Upon looking at quite a masterpiece, Icey was shocked and gave me temp moderator.










the original twat



person above me is gay with the person below me






shiny lugia lol







1 2 3 4 5 6

The Largest Army [8/20/12 – 9/29/12]


7 8 9 10 11 12


13 14 15 16 17 18 19


20 21


22 23 24 25 26 27


You can view more videos on my YouTube Channel by CLICKING HERE.



4. Final Words

So, my time in CP armies has finally come to an end. The reason is because of age, school, and for my own demand to become successful in life. It really has been such a remarkable journey, and I’ve made so many friends along the way.

Being in the Ice Warriors for FOUR years is a hefty amount of time, especially with almost no major breaks in between. Overall, I am proud of what I’ve done here and it’s been an honor to serve as leader of such a long-living and historical army. I’m sure people have had high expectations about me when I took the role and I’ve managed to do well for quite some time.

As for my thoughts on the army community right now, I think it has had a mostly positive atmosphere and I’m glad to see that there isn’t as much “douchebaggery” as there was back in 2011 and in 2012. We’ve seen many retirements from great leaders come by this summer, and as a result, this is bringing in a new generation of young ones. They in turn are expected to successfully continue what we truly know as Club Penguin Armies.

 As for you Ice Warriors, keep living and succeeding. This amazing army has no reason to fail because it has amazing troops and a new, experienced leader. Keep everyone’s expectations high by coming to events, commenting, being loyal, and being well behaved. You all are going to help lead a new generation of Ice Warriors.

If you’ve come this far reading into this post, well, congratulations, you’re just about done. I’ll leave you with this passage I came up with in mind:

 ”A good leader believes in his or her team no matter what the odds are. A good leader seeks and strives to do well to make a positive difference. Most important of all, a good leader cares deeply for who he or she has as followers.”

Ice Warriors Forever and Proving Dominance Every Step of The Way,

~Albert417, IW Soldier

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  1. I believe that the Temporay “Golden Age” of 20


    • Apologies I derped the comment, but anyway, I believe the golden age of 2013 is coming to a close with summer ending, so many senior leaders retiring, I believe a new dark age may be coming.


  2. i was kicked inn one of the pics


  3. So.




  4. you see, haters, if you look in the acknowledgements, Albert has thanked me for being his friend and told me I can be really friendly, you trolls need to give me a chance…. ALBERT WHY DID YOU RETIRE?! *CRIES*


  5. christopher1 is going to die


  6. Never did I think I’d see the day that a 3rd leader would be added to IW’s leader list, let alone a 2nd.


  7. screw you tomato.
    ive had dibs on this post for 2 weeks.
    i worked on a draft during a car ride for 2 hours.
    then you pull this shit on me.
    tomato you’re going down son.


  8. Miss you Albert.


  9. I remember seeing you on the Ice Warriors chat back in 2009, Albert. I doubt you remember me, but I’m honored that one of your first events were against the IMAF.
    Good luck in life, Alb.


  10. Cheers for helping out Elites mate, top guy and hope you have a great life.



  11. Albert you are myyy best freaking online friend from Xat end uvv story


  12. This is going to change into some sick love story by Chris in a few days.


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