The Problem With Armies #1: Sportsmanship

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What words do we use to describe battles? Bloodthirsty, cheat, bias, and greedy and many more. Sportsmanship , however, is one thing you can’t use to describe battles anymore in modern warfare.

So why is this?

what a perfect example guise!!!111!!

he must be angry…

The Problem With Armies 1#: Sportsmanship


Today let’s discuss sportsmanship, and how it found its way out of armies…

What Is Sportsmanship?


1. The fact or practice of participating in sports or a sport.
2. Conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing.
Sportsmanship is the act of kindness to your fellow players in a sport or game, being a good sport and not arguing over who won what and acting like a total dumbass when it comes to admitting obvious defeat (something many people in our community lack).
Having good sportsmanship makes you appear to be mature, responsible and sensible,  if you can easily admit defeat, be nice to your rivals and just be fair – people like this is what armies need more of.

Historic Examples Of Sportsmanship

If you need more of an explanation to feed your fancy of knowing what sportsmanship is really like, you better pay attention to this. 😀 For this, I’ll use the Olympics as an example, as in the Olympics, you can see many examples of strong sportsmanship in Olympian History.
Here’s just few of the many examples of sportsmanship:
1964 Winter Games, Innsbruck, Austria. Italian bobsledder Eugenio Monti won two silver medals at these games.  When he discovered that the British two-man bobsled team’s bobsled had a broken bolt, Monti loaned the team one from his own sled.  The British team won gold in that event.  Monti also repaired a broken axle on the Canadian four-man bobsled, allowing the Canadians to achieve a gold medal.
1988 Summer Games, Seoul. During one of the sailing events, the weather was so windy that one of the boats, carrying two sailors from Singapore, capsized, throwing the men into the churning water.  Lawrence Lemieux, a Canadian sailor who was competing in another sailing competition – and who was in second place at the time – pulled out of his race and immediately guided his boat over to the capsized Singapore vessel.  He rescued the two sailors, and then waited until a patrol boat could arrive to take the men to safety.  Although he would finish 22nd in the race, the International Yacht Racing Union voted to award Lemieux second place in the event.
Now, that’s true sportsmanship. This is what armies should aim to be like, whether it’s just wishing good luck to your rivals to admitting your wrongdoings to your opponent, this is what earns respect. For years sportsmanship has made history, maybe you can too…

Sportsmanship In Armies

In armies today, we all have to admit, we aren’t angels are we?
In early army times (like 2007) sportsmanship was heavily influenced and praised. When people had battles, they always wished luck to their opponents and played fair.
What about now?
Well, occasionally you see good sportsmanship deeds here and there but in normal army life we all focus too hard on winning, and with our eagerness, we forget about being a good sport. A good example of this is flame wars – you see the two armies raging at each other, making hate posts with propaganda, which leaders try seep bad information about their enemy army, basically like brain-washing your troops. For example, let’s take the past Nacho-RPF war, that happened last month.
You had RPF and Nachos in a nasty war, with loads of flame wars e.t.c. Each army spreading anti-RPF/Nacho propaganda like ‘ZOMGG NACHOS USE AUTO-TYPERS!!!!!!111!!SHIFT!!1!’ or ‘RPF USED BOTS!!!!11!!!’ along with the usual DDoS accusations. Both armies wasted so much time arguing like hell they forgot about what really matters, fair battles, however when it did come to battles, it was something similar to, let’s say, World War 1. Specifically talking about battles, every battle was the same, each army thought they won, and defeat was rarely admitted. If you have battles like that, where no-one is happy, and you just keep arguing over who the winner is, than I’d say the whole war was a total waste of time. Flaming here and there, auto-typers, and bots, heck how they even survived in those conditions for over a month is unbelievable. This war is good example of how horrible our sportsmanship skills are now, along with many other wars today.

How To Have Good Sportsmanship Skills

Just because right now we don’t have such good sportsmanship skills, doesn’t mean it’s too late to learn!
Now behold, for my, greatsuperfantasticjdehwk list of what to do and what not to do when it comes to being a good sport;
What NOT to do:
  1. Try to make your opponent lose, because sometimes it backfires.
  2. Be horrid to the person you’re battling against, it’ll just make you appear as a rude person, and it doesn’t help you in anyways, unless you’re a jerk.
  3. Rub your win at your opponents face. Basically, if you win, you should keep your pride to yourself, instead of showing off to others.
What to do:
  • Wish your opponent good luck before a match.
  • Shake hands with your opponent after a match.
  • Accept defeat gracefully.
  • Always play fair.
  • Make the loser feel better.

So now you can be a good sport — or not, it’s your choice.

Lastly, I’ve got an interview with [TO BE ADDED] about his thoughts on sportsmanship.



I’ll be purple, and Pyjamas will be green:

Me: Hello Pyjamas, do you mind if I interview you for a CPAC post?

Pyjamas Jr: Not at all. *wary*

Me: Thanks. Okay what are your thoughts on sportsmanship is armies, currently?

Pyjamas Jr: Well I guess it depends sometimes people tend to rage over tournaments and stuff. Other times it’s okay.

Me: How do you think we can improve? 

Pyjamas Jr: Well, just don’t rage over losing, you can’t always win. Just be a good sport.

Me:  Alright. Do you think this is massively affecting armies and the battles we have?

Pyjamas Jr: Not massively, but it does affect the ‘fun’ part about armies, seeing as crying over losing isn’t fun at all. It also gets boring winning all the time I guess.

Me: I see, any last comments?

Pyjamas Jr:  Don’t rage about losing. It just makes you look like a noob. *wary*

Me: Haha okay, thanks for your time!

Pyjamas Jr: No problem.



Alright, there you have it, an interview with Pyjamas Jr on his thoughts on sportsmanship.

In my opinion I think many of us do have good sportsmanship skills, but we just don’t bother/remember to use them. Many armies usually have useless flame wars which can really damage a relation between to armies, so no-one is nice, and we don’t act like good sports. It usually depends on the type of war you’re having, which affects whether there’s sportsmanship or not.

If we have more friendly wars, where people can actually admit defeat for once, and just deal with a lose, gracefully, than we can actually get along without trying to murder our enemies, using the awesome skill of sportsmanship!




Thanks for reading!

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    • Longest post I ever made 😮
      Oh and trying not write bad things about rpf was almost impossible, but I managed *wary*


      • Hey, is that expressing great sportsmanship in your comment?
        One way of spreading great sportsmanship is by setting a good example.


        • ^^^


        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YOU GO SNAILY


        • that comment had fuckall to do with the concept of sportsmanship…
          sportsmanship is to do with doing the accepted thing when it comes to an event, probably like cutie said in the post, but all she said was “it was difficult to not write bad things about RPF”, how does that have anything to do with sportsmanship? What event was she being a bad “sportsman” about? you could say the Nachos vs RPF war but that has long since finished now, so it can’t be that.


  1. Spongebob cares :O WE MUST CARE!


    • Spongebob doesn’t care — he’s not real. Hence, we don’t care.


      • Now Adro3, I’m happy for you and I’ma let ya finish, but Spongebob is the best character of all time. *wary*


        • I used to like Spongebob, but when I started puberty, I preferred porn girls with sponges rather than a cartoon character sponge.


          • Good point, I’m not a boy though so I’m fine with checking out the handsome guys on chat rooms *wary*


            • But you’re still gay


              • How am I gay when I’m a girl? If you mean as in that I like boys, you would be correct, but if you’re just trying to insult me and make me feel bad enough for me to at least quit the ice warriors, why? Why do this to me? I am sick of the treatment you gave to me the entire time I stuck as an IceWarrior, you’ve made fun of me, called me gay, etc. If I was really gay, I would be loving up on females. Now is that going to happen? No. There’s a simple reason why: I’m a girl and I’m not suppose to love up on my same gender, I’m suppose to like boys. Of course there are girls who love other girls, but I’m not one of them. If you really want me to be gay, then you’ve wasted your time here because there’s no way I’m becoming lesbian. I’m sick of your efforts to make me suicide, I’m tired of the bullying you give to me and I am tired of the disrespect, I have been trying to mature ever since I became a moderator, but due to the fact that people won’t leave me alone, even at the times I tried maturing, so I gave up. It’s too late for me to mature because even if I tried, my fellow ice warriors will still hate me, and so will you. You know, I will join a 2nd army if you continue to mistreat me. You know what? If you want to keep calling me gay and won’t give me the chance to prove my maturity, well you can just go screw yourself and kiss my ass. I AM DONE WITH YOU. HAVE A GOOD DAY!


              • lolol burn


  2. Good post, but Stephanie covered this topic not so long ago.


  3. You can’t describe battles with the word sportsmanship because it isn’t an adjective


  4. My only real issue is that the interview was added sloppily (I.E. you forgot to remove the “Hello [TBA]”).


  5. Good post, but like Adro said, I did compose a post very similar to this not long ago. Keep up the good work!


  6. Wow, I make a post about how people should be nicer to each other (or at least along the lines…) And then an arguement breaks out. Typical 😐


  7. good post, but in some of the things of what no to do, it sounded like you basically said, don’t try to win the battle.


  8. Spongebob is most awesome character of all time.


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