Army Dedication: Why Do We Stay?

Hello readers of CPAC, your newest reporter Wolfie here. This post today is not about any army directly, but rather the entire Club Penguin army community. Today’s post is about why exactly our troops remain so dedicated to their army, and why so many stick around and treat this commitment with such devotion and faith…

 Warning: this post is deep, and will make you question your entire existence, or perhaps seek psychotherapy

Over the near eight years that organized Club Penguin armies have been in existence, this community has seen its fair share of pioneers and revolutionary people, who have provided groundbreaking contributions and have made great strides to the advancement of the Club Penguin army community, and if it weren’t for those figures in our history, the way things are today would probably not have been the same. Certain armies may not have been created, tactics or formations might not have been thought of, and things of the like. However, the reason things are the way they are today is because of these people’s dedication to their armies. They worked tirelessly and led their armies for long periods of time, several years for a select few. There’s even a Club Penguin army with only three total leaders, and one of them was leader for five years! Of course you’ve probably guessed by now, the Ice Warriors, and Iceyfeet1234, in which you’d be correct.

However, one may ask themselves “Wow, that person has given so much of their time to Club Penguin Armies, what made him/her stay for so long?” To be honest, no one truly knows the answer to this question, but there are several theories of which I have thought of that could provide a suitable answer.

1. It’s our nature.

We as a human race have this one quality about us that makes us so special- we have a need to succeed. It’s understandable that one would stick around with an army so long simply because they don’t want to quit, they want to be able to climb and reach the mountain top, and be able to say that they’ve reached the peak, whether it be become a leader, or be inducted to the Hall of Fame. I know for certain it’s not for the love of the game we play. Ask any leader what they think of Club Penguin, and they’ll probably tell you they hate it. However we log on every day because of the commitment we have to our army. It’s very similar to a videogame; when you play a videogame, you don’t want to quit after you reach a level or a mission that’s so hard. You want to know what’s on the other side, you want to know how the game ends and how things turn up. So, you keep going and trying, until eventually you finish, and then realize “Wow, that was an amazing ride,” or in some cases “Wow, that really sucked. I regret ever putting time into this.” Hopefully, you pick the first choice rather than the second.

2. You meet people you come to like.

When you join an army, you’re immediately exposed to a whole barrage of different people and personalities, some you may come to like, and some you won’t be able to stand. It’s very much like school when you think about it. You meet a certain group of people within that army that you can relate to, and you decide that you like them, and stick around. Day after day, you meet more and more people, and the likelihood is you’re going to find a whole bunch of people you deem “cool” or those you really like. Perhaps it’s these people with their diverse, attracting personalities that drive you to stay in that army for the time being, some lasting more than others.

3. It’s our escape.

What is an army? It’s a group of penguins that dress up in a similar manner, and fight other penguin armies using a slew of different tactics, and of course throwing snowballs. The fact that we’ve created this entire community of armies is simply amazing to me. What some people may deem so irrelevant to the real world, we deem it a significant part of our lives. I know I am not the only one who’s had their mother ask me “Why do you stay on the computer for so long? What could possibly be so entertaining?” But our parents simply don’t understand what it is. This… whole thing we have going on here, is so special to some people, that we manage to carve out time to  log on every day. We have a fondness for our armies, yet no one really knows why. It’s amazing how we can stay dedicated to our armies. The memories you make, you can’t share them with anyone else, you can only keep them for yourselves, because YOU are the only one in your life who is able to understand all of… this, all of what’s happening (Except for the Blues brothers, how lucky are they to be able to talk about with each other, to be able to understand each other.) If you tried telling someone “I’m in a Club Penguin army, we have battles with other armies and we have our own little army community”, you’d either be deemed a complete psychopath, or a total loser. You have no choice but to keep a secret. That’s what makes it so..magical I suppose. This is our escape. This is our wardrobe to Narnia. Our Neverland. And it’s truly amazing. Some of you may call me a loser, but you are here, reading this post on a Club Penguin Army news site, so you are just as involved as I am.

Soon following this, I spoke to Capncook, Former ACP Leader, about this situation.

Interview with Capncook

Me: You would consider yourself a seasoned army veteran, who’s still going strong, yes?

Capn: Definitely haha. You know why I’m seasoned? Because I survived mustard gas and pepper spray attacks.

Me: Haha. You’ve been around for a while, why is that? What exactly has made you stick around for so long?

Capn: Oh, well I guess I just love what I do.

Me: What is it that you love? Leading, maybe the friends you’ve made, perhaps?

Capn: I love everything except some of the… “less intelligent” people in certain other armies.

Me: I’m sure some people agree with you on that one. Do you have any regrets, as far as your Club Penguin Army career has gone?

Capn: No. I know everything that I’ve done has been for a reason. Some things have matured me as a person; and some things have set me back for my ambitions. We all make mistakes though, right?

Me: Of course. Any last comments?

Capn: Yes, spread the love guys. ❤

Me: Haha, thanks for your time, Capn.

Capn: No problem.


So there you have it folks. Perhaps I’ve given the best suitable answer as to why we stick around in Club Penguin armies. However, there is no true answer. We have this love for our armies, such loyalty, but we don’t really  know why. It’s all a mystery. It’s truly amazing

I bestow this upon the readers. Why do you think we all stick around in our armies for so long?



29 Responses

  1. sometimes, i like to take a step back. and look as if im an outsider. and i realize how much analysis, planning, time, organization and philosophy we put into “armies” we created on a computer game that was made for lonely 7 year olds to meet friends. what am i doing with my life?


  2. first u nev called it


  3. after you join an army you meet alot of people an get new friends


  4. Good job Wolfie on the post!!:)


  5. Awesome post, now you owe me for the psychotherapy fees.


  6. A very well thought-out post. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good, considering you’re a new reporter (for CPAC, at least). I predict many more great posts from you Wolfie (no pressure :mrgreen: ).


  7. you know what I said when I saw the warning
    shut up wolfie


  8. Funny how a bunch of kids created a vast community.


  9. I find it very difficult to actually retire and stay away permanently. I’ve tried four times from 2008-2011, and each and every time curiosity has drawn me back. Nobody wants to see the army they grew up with die and be forgotten, after all we’ve worked so hard together all these years and want to see our work last, right? A lot of us are here because we love what we do. Others of us are here simply for nostalgia (I confess to this often), and others, who knows? We’ve all been brought here for a reason, must be fate.


  10. So true. Excellent post.


  11. for mod


  12. Armies are like a magnet, you just stick to them. I know I’m staying in an army for definitely number 1. then mostly number 2. then some number 3.
    Great post Wolfie! 😀


  13. All of you think Club Penguin is stupid, eh? Well then get the crap off. I hate all you stupid adults and teens playing a game you don’t even like! Go find another online game to play.


  14. Who am I? Why am I here? I think I need psychotherapy..




    no no no just kidding but great job explaining something i’ve been trying to understand for a long, long time.


  17. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.


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