Army Republic Claims Victory in War Against Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 2:54 PM EST, 8/28/13: Information regarding Buritodaily’s interviews with Top Ten Army leaders has been added to the post.

BERG, AR Empire- The controversial war between the Army Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation has been raging on for the past week and a half.  However, a bold statement by AR leader Buritodaily claimed victory for his army in the war, while the RPF begs to differ.

On the 28th of August, a post was made on the AR website by AR leader Buritodaily claiming victory in the war against RPF.  The post included a timeline of the war as well of reasons why AR won disputed battles.  The full post can be read HERE.  The post also included an edit with a claim that RPF had zero servers left, meaning that any invasions by RPF were invalid.  The following was taken from the post on the AR website:

RPF’s invasion of Toboggan is invalid as well. An army can’t invade another army with only one server. Not to mention we had already previously ran RPF out of all their servers, and agreed to give RPF one last shot. This war has gone on too long. Neither army ever surrenders. I admit, there were some closer battles that I didn’t give RPF as much credit as they deserved, so I’m not completely innocent, but seriously RPF. You guys could get 3 soldiers on Club Penguin who didn’t know how to even do a tactic and you guys would find a reason you won. You create random rules in your favor, then abolish them as soon as the rules work against you. Your own soldiers know AR is winning the war, AR knows we are winning the war, and much of the community knows we are winning the war and for that we are deciding to end the war when it’s at it’s truest state, before things just get any more pathetic.

Interview with Buritodaily, AR Leader

What prompted you to claim victory in the war against RPF?

Buritodaily: Well basically, neither army would ever agree on anything.  RPF would change rules mid battle, turn their back on rules they promised, and it’s not like one of us was going to admit defeat.  AR had already had the high ground in the war.  In our eyes, and a lot of other armies eyes, we had taken their servers.  Our AUS division finished them off, they can’t deny that, so what’s the point of fighting them then?  They act like they live in their own little world, so we decided the best option was to ignore them.

Do you think RPF will disagree with your claims?

Buritodaily: Of course they will.  They never agree with anyone.

How well do you think AR performed in battle during the war?

Buritodaily: Really well.  We had some of, if not the, largest sizes of any army throughout the war.

Anything else you would like to add?

Buritodaily: No thank you.

Interview with Sir Pj, RPF Leader

What do you think of AR claiming victory in the war between them and RPF?

Sir Pj: I think they’re just looking for an excuse to end it.  All of our invasions are perfectly valid, although AR won’t admit that.  The war is not over, and they have not won it.

AR claimed RPF has no servers left.  What do you have to say to that?

Sir Pj: As much as AR hates it, they didn’t win every battle.  We still own several servers, and took some more from AR yesterday.  AR are just making themselves look stupid by saying that.

Who do you think is winning the war so far?

Sir Pj: RPF.  AR has done well in this war, I’ll admit that.  Just not good enough.

Any final comments?

Sir Pj: AR, you wanted this war.  Don’t give up now.


EDIT: Buritodaily asked leaders of top ten armies excluding AR and RPF whether AR’s claims to victory were legitimate.  Repeatta of the Underground Mafias Army, Beeky of the Nachos, and Donut of the Dark Warriors supported Buritodaily’s claims.  Cassius Brutus of the Army of Club Penguin, Zakster of the Water Vikings (ranked as an advisor), and Tony of the Soda Pop Army remained neutral on the situation.  Leaders of the Doritos and the Ice Warriors were unable to be contacted. 

It seems this is yet another subject that neither army seems to agree on.  It appears RPF will continue to invade, while it looks like AR may just ignore those invasions.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war.  Did AR truly win it?  Does RPF have no servers left?  Or is the war still on?  Which army is winning or has won it?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

40 Responses

  1. We won the war. We maxed better sizes. Had better tactics, and we didn’t make up excuses for winning the battle like “Oh you logged of first” or “Oh you didn’t go to _____ when we did” We won. Deal with it RPF. You are dead. This war ended when it started.


  2. Good post. I also look forward to taking AR’s capital later today 😉


  3. Guys it was a trick both armies were framed some third-party had tricked both


  4. Propaganda and word of mouth sways public opinion throughout our community and people believe what they hear, so you must look at facts. Are people basing their decision on who is winning the war on what others have claimed and distributed, or are they looking at facts they have analyzed themselves? Just food for thought.
    Don’t ask me, computer sharing rules with established guidelines put my sister in priority over me, so I am unable to determine fairly who is winning since I cannot be involved in this war.


  5. I’m disappointing that AR decided to just end the war. In my opinion it’s unprofessional and a bit cowardly regardless of their cause. It’s true, the AR put up a some of good fight but so did the RPF. However during yesterday’s battle they barely reacted during the beginning and our forces were much greater. Not only that, but after the battle some of their forces lingered at the iceberg and claimed that we used the assistance of the SWAT and that we fought unfairly. Sure enough it caused a discussion at the chat and the iceberg itself resulting in one of the AR’s troops saying they were allied at the battle of Snowbound. The RPF fought alone yesterday and throughout the war and will continue to fight alone at Toboggan where hopefully we will actually get a challenge out of the AR instead of them fleeing.


  6. You see, RPF fails to accept defeat on our invasions because they thought the invaders are supposed to follow the defenders, which we all know is false. They won’t ever admit defeat on those events, and when they come and fight us with 5 minutes left in the so called “battle”, they claim victory. Yet when we defended from their 4 or 5 invasions, we followed them wherever they went, knowing if we pulled the same stunt they did by going to different rooms, they’d use it against us. Now they don’t have any servers, even Elmikey claimed that he was basing this war on us winning every battle. They had 1 server, and they claim they have more. Little does Flappy know the actual rules to a battle. RPF retreating because we filled up the room by ourselves(during our invasions), is the reason RPF has NO servers. It just baffles me how an army can say one thing to agree with you upon, but do a complete other thing mid battle.

    “Almost all of RPF leadership couldn’t get into the Berg so we moved rooms to defend our prized mine.” Taken from RPF site. This was our invasion of Ice Age, and that was their reason for leaving the Ice berg. They still claim victory. The stupidity of RPF is confusing and irritating, which is another reason for us ending the war on our own terms. If RPF doesn’t like it, to hell with them. Same with anyone else who doesn’t agree. RPF is just impossible to work with.


  7. Though the council was abolished, several rules of army warfare still exist. 24 hour rule, the 2 server rule, the 5 man rule. Many armies still operate under those rules and they have been tradition for four years. Armies have to fight one another, if one army keeps fleeing the battle and has the other army chase them then the chasers are winning. It’s common sense.


  8. Heres proof of them being framed
    1.AR declared war for no reason
    2.It came after RPF won the legends cup.
    3.Possibly and enemy of AR and Rpf
    These are my reasons they were framed
    If people have more add them


  9. AR had really already taken their servers. However, we took their servers when Elmikey was there. When Elmikey returned, ACP was given Snow Bound and Ice Age, I believe, so we let the war continue because we wanted to test or power by fighting RPF with Elmikey, and they STILL didn’t stop us. They improved definitely, but we proved that we were the real deal and I think we earned a lot of people’s respect by challenging RPF to such great extents. Several of their troops have actually said they feel AR won the war. So many of their troops want Elmikey overthrown. Why should AR feed Elmikey’s fire by continuously fighting him so he can make up more B.S. terms? Also, this is the second time we have stripped them of all their servers, at which point I’m pretty sure an army can legally claim victory in a war, because otherwise RPF will just keep getting more and more servers and the war will go on forever and then it becomes pointless. When a nation runs out of land for their people because all of it has been taken, they aren’t a nation anymore? Thank you for reading it, if you actually did.


  10. the ar has won the war,and i admit it,and when i say that on rpf chat,they make me a member (i was a mod) so they make me a member and say im a traiter for telling the truth,then pj said “you have been warned”so im a member for saying the truth,and if i do it again im gonna be baned


  11. Why is Tony included in the Top Ten leaders list? Clearly SPA’s sizes are not Top Ten worthy.


  12. Why no pics I want to see the sizes and tactics.


  13. Rpf. I hope you realise that you are doomed!


  14. I think the RPF won because its the AR’s fault for not knowing we had some servers left.


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