Auto-Typing: A Blessing or Curse for Armies?

Hello CPAC readers, I’m your newest reporter, Wolfie. I am a Nachos 2ic and a 4ic in the Dark Warriors. I am glad to get to work with CPAC’s fine staff, and bring you the best news. My first post regards a highly sensitive and controversial issue in Club Penguin Armies: the use of auto-typing. 

For those of you who don’t know exactly what auto-typing is: Basically, it’s when someone decides to make a penguin that’s essentially a bot of sorts. This penguin is tied into a program, and the person controlling the penguin chooses the messages they want the penguin to say, and the speed they want the messages to be repeated. Then, the penguin is shipped off to a server, usually a crowded one with a lot of potential recruits, and the penguin simply sits there repeating the given messages virtually forever.

There once was a time where the only two ways of recruiting were: A) Recruiting Session on Club Penguin, or B) Chat recruiting. A recruiting session is when an army leader decides to get all their troops onto a Club Penguin server. The army then makes use of several recruiting phrases, such as “JOIN ______ TODAY”, or “LOOK UP OUR SITE ON LINE.” Chat recruiting is when a single troop or a small group of troops go onto a different chat and try to convince members on that chat to join their army.

Both of these methods have come under fire lately. Recruiting sessions are not as effective as they used to be because Club Penguin officials have heavily filtered and limited what penguins can and can’t say. For example, you can’t say “SEARCH” or “ONLINE” anymore, and there has even been issues where an armies’ name has been blocked, one of the most popular examples being the Ice Warriors a few years back, who had to resort to saying “JOIN THE ICY WARRIORS TODAY”. Additionally, it is hard to recruit on crowded servers because several troops experience lag when a room is too crowded, and potentially their internet crashes. Chat recruiting isn’t all that popular either, because usually army troops will simply go to another army’s chat and steal that army’s recruits. This has caused controversy between armies and in some cases battle.

Therefore, there seemed to be a need for a new method of getting recruits. Auto typing isn’t exactly new, it has been around for a while. However, the use and popularity of it has grown increasingly these days, with armies beginning to use it repeatedly. One of the most popular examples is that of the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). There have been a lot of sightings of little black penguins on servers repeating recruiting messages on behalf of the RPF. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation is not the only army that has used auto typers, although they might be the most popular and successful example. However, a lot of people have a problem with the use of auto-typers, as they deem that it gives armies that use it an unfair advantage, and that they cheat to get a bigger size, and that armies that use auto-typers should just play by the rules like everyone else, and use traditional methods. I interviewed not one, not two, but THREE people on the matter of auto typing. Recently appointed RPF leader Vendetta, seasoned RPF veteran Commando, and Tomato, not only a Nacho 2ic like myself, but the CPAC Editor in Chief.

Interview with Vendetta

Me: It’s been quite a rumor lately about RPF and their use of auto-typers. What are your thoughts about it?

Vendetta: I’ve done my research on these “Auto-Typers” and in no way are they actually “bots”. I mean, from what I see, half of the armies out there use them as well, they’re just not as successful in my eyes. If you sit and examine the Club Penguin servers, you’re bound to find someone saying these lines over and over, for some particular group or army. For example “Join ACP Today”, “We’re the best!” I was just using ACP as an example, but it’s quite frequently that I see this happening

Me: Do you support auto-typing?

Ven: In my opinion, I don’t care, it’s up to you whether you want to use them or not.

Me: Some people in armies say that using auto-typers goes against a certain “code. A code that using auto-typing is a form of cheating and is an unfair advantage. What are your thoughts on that?

Ven: It types lines for you. That’s its purpose. I don’t see what’s wrong with that, but whatever.

Me: Any last comments?

Ven: I suppose I should say that I am not the Vendetta from NW. Just want to get that word out there.

Me: Aha, yes that was going to be another question. You did scare a whole bunch of people with your return. Anyways, thanks for your time.

Ven: Anytime.

Interview with Commando717

Me: It’s been quite a rumor lately that RPF uses auto-typers. I’d like to hit the nail on the head. Does RPF use auto-typers?

Commando: Quite the rumor? Have you read any news site in the past three months? RPF in the past used them as a catalyst to get Club Penguin recruiting going again. After RPF saw that the Nachos were doing it, we spread the information. I do not think RPF is currently using auto-typers though.

Me: So you say you may not be currently using them, but you do support their use, correct?

Commando: Personally I did not support the use of auto-typers across the board, but since they helped get Club Penguin armies known again, and get things much more active, I think they can be a good thing. It really helps the kids who are self-conscious about playing Club Penguin in order to recruit.

Me: Some people in armies say that using auto-typers goes against a certain “code. A code that using auto-typing is a form of cheating and is an unfair advantage. What are your thoughts on that?

Commando: That is certainly a good thing to notice though. I’ve always been an advocate for just doing things how you’re supposed to do them. But another question is in the statistics of whether or not an unfair advantage actually exists. This year, I have noted that the RPF, ACP, and Nachos have all auto-typed during some period of time. Nachos and RPF became large armies, while ACP did not have auto-typer success. So I’d argue that it takes a certain knowledge base, thus a skill, to actually make an auto-typer work. It’s much like knowing how to advertise in actual recruiting events. Is it fair, does it break a code? We’ll just have to leave that to the public to decide. RPF’s reasoning I know was to help churn things up this summer, and get Club Penguin armies fun again.

Me: Any last comments?

Commando: Thanks for bringing up this topic, and perhaps look into some other “codes” that have been broken this summer by some certain individuals concerning DDOSing in the future. I think that is an unresolved issue that has affected a lot of people.

Me: You certainly have given me a few ideas for the future. Thanks for your time.

Commando: Thank you.

Interview with Tomato8883

Me: How do you feel about the use of auto-typing on Club Penguin?

Tomato: I don’t believe it is right to use auto-typers on Club Penguin. I don’t think it’s fair that people spend hours recruiting and then someone else can just use an auto-typer and go do something else and then get the same amount of recruits. However,  as it seems that penguins have been getting banned for recruiting on Club Penguin, we may have to start using auto-typing in the future.

Me: So you don’t support their use, but you feel it may become a “necessary evil” in your point of view, in the future?

Tomato: Yes, if it becomes almost impossible to find new recruits, auto-typing may become necessary to prevent all armies from dying.

Me: Any last comments?

Tomato: Disney, you’re pathetic.

Me: Haha, thanks for your time Tomato.

Tomato: No problem, anytime.


Well, there you have it folks. Whether you like it or not, auto-typing has become a part of Club Penguin armies, but it’s up to the actual armies to decide whether they want to incorporate it into their methods, or let it die out and become just another fad. We can only see what happens through time.

Now I leave this up to you, the readers. How do you feel about auto-typing? Is it a blessing or a curse?



30 Responses

  1. Wolfieee!! Welcome to the CPAC family ;D
    Great first post, it was awesome c:


  2. GT abused it the best.


  3. i agree with tom


  4. “Disney, you’re pathetic”

    Never cease to amaze me Tomato.


  5. U mad bro cause you can’t do better than Disney


  6. I HATE autotyping. I think it is unfair and people should actually recruit.


    • What if there are kids that doesn’t know how to spell? That’s why we are receiving lines to auto type so it can be shown and does our work.. Especially for those who can’t type or spell right.


  7. I hate when people say on old cp:
    ”Disney ruined everything”
    ”Old cp is better then New Cp”
    ”I wish Disney wasn’t even here right now”
    And also, nice post


  8. Are you dumb?^^^


  9. Pain would be like “WHAT THE HELL YOU DON’T HAVE TROOPS YOUR F**iNG DEMOTED TO LOWEST MEMBER, NO, LOWEST GUEST!!” If the recruiter doesn’t bring any troops lol


  10. I Hate Auto-Typers I don’t like the idea of putting no work into recruiting it just really ruins the point.


  11. Auto typers have their advantages of bringing fresh people into the ranks of armies, but do you really think that is ‘fair play’. This ruins the purpose of armies. Armies used to be about having fun and putting work into recruiting. A true well formed army is that of hard working leaders, not automatic gizmos that basically ban penguins and basically has the potential to make every army the same.


  12. Not all of us needs auto typers. Those who are like over 12 or 13 years old that can spell right, we don’t need them, or if your so damn lazy. These auto typers are needed for those who can’t type or spell right. Point solve.


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