A Look Into Albert417’s Leadership

SUB ZERO – A few days ago, Albert417, IW Leader, announced that he would be retiring at the start of next month. In the IW’s six year history, they have only had two leaders and Bearsboy10 is the person that looks set to be the 3rd IW Leader. During Albert’s leadership, they have hit highs and lows. He has got IW to as high as 1st and low as 9th, but was respected and loved by most of the IW Troops.

When Iceyfeet retired after five years in-charge, Albert was left with the huge task of sustaining the success that he left. On June 4th, 2012, Albert had officially taken the reigns at one of the most historic armies alive. In the IW’s first event under the new leadership, it appeared that Iceyfeet’s retirement did not affect them too much as they still managed 25+, similar to what they were hitting before his retirement.

Albert’s first event as IW Leader

A few days later came a very close battle in the CPAC Sweet 16 battle, with the Pretzels almost causing an upset. However, the IW narrowly won the battle with sizes of 20+. The archives were lost for the rest of this month and July/August, but it had appeared that Albert had got off to a decent start. During the months of lost records at IW and CPAC, the Ice Warriors won the legends cup for a second time. In the month of October, the IW had declared war on the Pirates due to their allies, the ACP, being against multiple armies. Due to Pirates’ poor USA force, they won most of their battles. On October 15th, they were placed in 3rd position in the top ten. This position was often one in which Iceyfeet’s IW had been in. Their best event this month came when they had 35 in a PB against the Nachos.

IW Practice Battle vs Nachos, October 2012

As we go forward to February 2013, which saw the Spring Bloomer Tournament, they managed to beat the Doritos with sizes of 30-35 in the first round. To what happened to IW in this tournament is not clear, but in March they managed to get to the final of the March Madness tournament and they narrowly lost to the Nachos, often competitors for CPAC tournaments with the Ice Warriors, as the IW hit 40.


Ice Warriors in the March Madness Finals.

During these months, the IW hit many highs and it appeared that Albert was almost as successful as Iceyfeet was. However, in recent months the Ice Warriors have not been so good. Alongside the ACP, they had hit low top ten positions, by hitting a record-low 9th position on August 11th 2013. This was one place below the ACP, but the IW soon rose back up to 5th and the ACP fell even further to 10th.


Ice Warriors Top Ten Picture, 11th August 2013

It appears as if Albert will now end his leadership on a high, with the IW managing 30+ in the recent week and moving back into the top five. He ends his leadership in the usual IW style, with several PB’s being scheduled this week and CPAC suspects there will be a retirement event the following week. In his recent post, Albert said:

If you’ve been on IW chat recently, you may have heard that I am to retire…soon. I am retiring in exactly in 2 weeks, which makes September 1st my upcoming retirement date. Within these 2 weeks, I want to do as much as I can to leave IW in a stable/great position once the time comes.

So this means that the next leader will most likely be Bearsboy10. There will be major promotions to accommodate the change, so make sure to stay active.

Albert has not had much to say about the retirement yet, because he wants the army to focus on the upcoming events and get IW as high as possible on the top ten. While Albert won the Legends Cup III, and got to the final of other tournaments and hitting 40+ with some good top ten positions, he did hit the lows of the Ice Warriors. However, the IW did not drastically and many had confidence in him from the start. Quotes from CPAC reporting Iceyfeet’s last day are listed below.

Albert will do just fine. I’ve spent a lot of time watching him lead as a fellow IW Owner, and I believe he has the potential. -Daleboxtel

Albert will do good -Aj

I think Alb will do a good job -Fido1625

There were no negative comments about Albert becoming leader, which gave him a good platform to make the Ice Warriors a good army and sustain the success that Iceyfeet bought to the army. Now the attention will swing over to Bearsboy10, WV and IW 2ic and “Owner of the Summer” across CP Armies. It could be important for the army to give him a good reaction and give him time, like they did with Albert. With Albert about to leave, Bears is likely to take the helm at the Ice Warriors.

What do YOU think about Albert’s retirement that will take place on September 1st? Will Bearsboy10 continue to lead the Ice Warriors to glory, or will the IW decline under his leadership? Comment YOUR opinion on Albert’s IW Leadership and the IW’s future.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

34 Responses

  1. first and i am summit


  2. Bearsboy10 will make a great IW leader. I’ve worked alongside him recently in WV and I know that he will be the best replacement from Albert.


  3. I just hope Bearsboy will stay as IW leader for atleast a year… just to not ruin the whole “leader per year” thing. If he can also keep IW at a steady pace, I have nothing against him becoming leader.


  4. Alberts mah best online friend soo I have to say hes done great


  5. Alb’s best event came against DW in the Cristmas Chaos, they maxed 60 or something along those lines. That was fun.

    Bears’ will do good in IW, seen him in DW this summer and he did well.


  6. Not gonna lie, I’m nervous af *wary*


  7. Bears will start out good, but I want to see what he does under big pressure, like a tournament battle, or even if we start getting low sizes again. He is no doubt a fine leader, he just needs a little tuning.


  8. I thought Ben was going to be IW leader next, but then he retired. Then Bears quickly advanced through the ranks, and he will become leader.


  9. Whoa whoa whos, who the eff is that sexy green penguin in the first picture??


  10. I think Bears will be a good leader. We shall see how he handles the task, but I am sure he will do just fine.


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