Army of the Republic Declares War on Rebel Penguin Federation

TOBOGGAN, ARMY REPUBLIC EMPIRE- The Army of the Republic made a not too surprising declaration of war on the Rebel Penguin Federation yesterday.  This declaration of war was following a raid on Tuxedo by the Army of the Republic the day before.   The Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader Elmikey has taken much criticism from other armies due to his dictator-like attitude and the submissive behavior of the other leaders.

Beginning two days ago, with the raid of Tuxedo, the war is now officially underway.  AR has already scheduled invasions beginning on Monday.  The reasoning (from AR‘s side) behind the war is all based on the belief that Elmikey is a dictator and that he is corrupted by power, along with his army.  This kind of view is not just found in AR, but it is also in other armies.

I have taken the time to save you the trouble of visiting AR‘s site and their dreaded static page.

Greetings AR & RPF!

As of today, August 17th, 2013. The Army of the Republic has officially declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. We have many goals in this war, but the main goal is to put down the rebellion. Take them out of power so smaller armies have nothing to fear from the bullies of the RPF. And we’re going to expose Elmikey’s corruption. Taking the rebellion out of power, will definitely help the CP army community. I mean RPF had 4 leaders, and only one of them was Main Owner. Is Elmikey scared that they would overthrow him? That’s why you take over the site and take over the chat so you CAN’T be overthrown, or become liked. See no one really respects you outside of your 8 year old troops. We will finish what Nachos should have done, which is finish you off. I would like to keep this war 1v1, which means no ACP, and no CPPA, seeing as we have treaties with them, I would expect you to honor your word. You will learn just as ACP did, you are not the kings of the CP army community. You will no longer be looked at as good guys, you’re lucky your troops don’t have enough knowledge to know that you are making RPF a dictatorship. I was beginning to like RPF, until you got over your head. Just be ready on the battle field. Events are only 30 minutes long.

RPF acknowledged the declaration of war with a rather short post:

Hey RPF! We have breaking news! The Ghosts of CP aka Army Republic have declared war on us for guess what… no reason!

The post included that line and all of the events that have so far been planned.

Interview with Sir Pj

RPF Leader

I am green//Sir Pj is red

How do you feel about the Army Republic declaring war?

I think it’s pathetic that they have no absolutely no good reason for declaring war.

Do you think that RPF will be able to beat them?

Of course.  We may have taken a fall this week, but we can easily rise to Number 1 again, and this war will help us do that.

How do you feel about AR calling Elmikey corrupt? 

I think it’s just a pathetic excuse for war.  He’s not corrupt, and if they think that it just proves how stupid they are.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

You declared war, AR, and you’ll face the consequences.  We will not give up until you are destroyed.

Thanks for your time.

No problem 😉

Interview with Wheelo

AR UK Leader

I am green//Wheelo is blue

What is your opinion of RPF?

Well, I thought it was cool seeing an army coming back from the dead, but then I saw them rise, and rise, and eventually get huge.  They were, in general, nice guys. Until they got cocky and cheeky.  For instance, they framed a hacking scenario, just as an excuse to declare war on us.  Now it’s time they feel the wrath of the Republic, and for the Republic to put an end to the bullies.

So you agree with the decision to declare war?

Absolutely. As most armies know, it doesn’t take much for us to declare war.  Also, they use their size and power to their advantage by killing smaller armies, and even stealing troop’s accounts and banning them.  Bloody disgraceful.  Now it’s time to finish off the Nachos’ job.

Do you think AR will be able to win the war?

No problem, but we need to make sure everybody logs on, and take their vantage point.

Alright, thanks for your time.  Anything else you’d like to say?

Fear the Republic.


So, what do you think about the war? Who will win?  Comment below!

Thanks for reading,


33 Responses

  1. first


  2. first


  3. beautiful post i love it so much


  4. I love you ben <33


  5. When did armies ever need a reason to declare war? Like it hasn’t been obvious RPF has been asking for it.


  6. Definetley the RPF!


  7. The RPF would definetley win!


  8. How many dislikes will this comment get just ‘cos I’m RPF?


  9. You know as soon as RPF starts losing battles Elmikey will claim we are ddosing him.


  10. i think its possible that RPF will go down,becouse on the servers page of cpac it says ar has 36 server,and rpf has 8 + on the new top 10 armies,ar is 1,and rpf is 6


  11. well this will be fun


  12. Nice post Ben.


  13. RPF is going to lose, and RPF wants to say that we have pathetic excuses for war, and yet they’re the ones saying that we’re “DDoSing” them or “Doxing” them, when AR does not do that shit,and they used the stupidest and most false evidence that I have ever seen,I fucking see why everyone hates RPF, low-class bastards.


  14. That was so un-expected… (Wary)


  15. Fckkk this imm not unretiring freaking until Summer orrr when somebody has meh replace them asss the Doritos Leader cause mah favorite armies are inn some kinda HELLL


  16. And honestly Elmikey would even do the same fire them


  17. its like 3-0 or 4-0 we’re kicking ass RPF dont have many servers left


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