SWAT and Pirates Declare War on Army of CP || Possible Reformation of the Black Alliance?

BREEZE, ACP Empire – After an attempted major raid on the Army of Club Penguin’s capital, Breeze, the Pirates and Special Weapons And Tactics decided to wage war together on the ACP; could this be the return of the Black Alliance, best-known for World War VI and it’s aftermath?

The SWAT and CPPA scheduled a combined raid on the ACP’s capital, Breeze, where, throughout the course of the raid, both sides (SWAT – CPPA) and ACP seemed to be equal in sizes at first. The ACP numbered about 14-18 while the SWAT managed about 10 troops and CPPA nearly or over 10 troops (not accurate, as always).

The ACP number 14-16 while the SWAT have 7-9 troops and CPPA about 5-10

An extremely clustered picture, the CPPA and SWAT seem to be performing a Joke Bomb while the ACP stands idle

A picture of the ACP during to the raid; the ACP number over 13 troops and perform the E+K tactic

After the raid on Breeze, Capncook, ACP leader, wrote a full-fledge speech regarding the ACP, BA and the declaration of war with the following words:

This is Capncook, ACP Leader. Today, Breeze was attacked by an old enemy, one we know all too well. Led by the infamous Waterkid100, our enemy once again is The Black Alliance. This time however, the Black Alliance is in a weakened state; consisting only of the Club Penguin Pirate Army and the Special Weapons and Tactics (Army). We aren’t alone however, our friends over at the Rebel Penguin Federation might lend us a helping hand once again (After all, it’d be free servers for them). (…)

We have been oppressed many a time by our enemies. From the Light Troops, Night Warriors, Nachos and HSA to the AR and the UMA. Even the Black Alliance for some time when they were at their strongest. We have lost many wars this year and in 2012. This is where we draw the line, today, August 17, 2013. For we will no longer suffer defeat at the flippers of enemies who’s goals are simply to end us.  No, in fact, we will make sure that we do not lose this war, or anymore wars so long as Tori and I are the ACP Commanders In Chief. We have already proved our mettle against the Black Alliance today as they unsuccessfully raided Breeze.


As you can see ACP,  we have no intention of backing out of this war. Now, just saying we’re in this war and scheduling events will not help much. We must prepare, and we must work VERY VERY HARD. Therefore I am issuing a state of constant mandatory recruiting (….)

To conclude this speech, are we going to let a bunch of sexist, racist, pigs like the Club Penguin Pirate Army beat us in a war?  We’re not going to let anyone get the upper hand on us anymore. It’s finally our time to prove to the community and to ourselves that we’re still the dominant army, and that we will do whatever it takes to protect the community. YOU’RE the only one who can make a difference in the ACP by recruiting your butt off, so get to it!

Waterkid100 stated the following about the raid:

Today we teamed up with SWAT to raid Anti Club Penguin’s capital, Breeze. It was a success. They used their entire force to defend it, and I bet they are tired out for their practice battle against the Ice Warriors in an hour. Here are the pictures of the great raid.

Interview with Waterkid100, CPPA Leader

Following these turn of events, Joe, former CPA Central Vice President, interviewed Waterkid about the war and his thoughts.

Joe: So what do you think will come out of this war?

Waterkid: ACP becomes my bitch.

Joe: Any reasons why you’ve decided to revive the BA (e.g. like any individuals)?

Waterkid: ACP troops told me to commit suicide, I was kicked out of Bloodline, everyone hated me on ACP when I tried to get along. But being kicked out of Bloodline is the main reason; I have nothing to do now.

Joe: Do you hate the current leadership of the ACP? 

Waterkid: Yes, well, only Tori.

Joe: Do you expect any treaty of that sort?

Waterkid: LOL, no.

Interview with Supa Em, SWAT Second-in-Command

I then caught up with Supa Em about the war.

Stefi: When the SWAT and CPPA leaders met up, what was their first reason on the combined raid?

Supa Em: I was told to tire out the ACP for their PB.

Stefi: Is there any specific reason why the “BA” declared war?

Supa Em: The declared war? I don’t think so. I haven’t been told anything about declaring war.

Stefi: Do you despise the ACP leadership? Anyone in general?

Supa Em: I don’t like ACP that much and that goes back to when I first started armies, but I don’t hate anyone in particular.

Stefi: Do you expect anything twisted? 

Supa Em: I hope not, I’m just putting ti down to army feuds.

Stefi: Anything else?

Supa Em: I don’t think so, I’m just hoping that we don’t have a HUGE war.

Interview with Capncook, ACP Leader

Finally, I got up to Capn and asked him for ACP’s point of view.

Stefi: When you found out about the raid on Breeze, what were your thoughts? What did you believe this could turn out into?

Capn: I said to myself, “If they want war, we’ll give ’em war,” and I proceeded to recruit and get ready for a battle. I knew this would turn out to be a victorious day for the ACP, however.

Stefi: Do you despise anyone in CPPA or SWAT leadership in particular?

Capn: No, not at all. Why would I despise anyone? People need to learn to spread the love you know.

Stefi: What do you suspect will be the possible result of the war?

Capn: I think the SWAT will surrender easily realizing they can’t take us on. The CPPA will be slightly harder to take down but the ACP will ultimately triumph in this war.

Stefi: Anything else?

Capn: Yes, to anyone in this community thinking of helping Waterkid in this war. The reason he declared war is because we banned him (several times) for his constant sexism, racism, cursing and general immature attitude on the ACP chat. So if you want to help someone with the brain of a racist eight-year old, then you’re in his boat too.

Well, there we have it. Another possible return of the famous Black Alliance, known for causing World War VI and its terrible aftermath which caused major downfall and loss of hope, trust and love (*cough, cough*) in the Army Community. For now, the CPPA will also focus on acquiring new leaders while SWAT will focus some of their time on recruiting, seeing as they’re still pretty small and the ACP will be busy prepping for the war.

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of these events?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

34 Responses

  1. Water’s gone too far this time.


  2. The Interview with waterkid is :d


  3. Just curious Steph, did you have to get Joe to do the interview of Water because he refused to do an interview from you?


  4. First nobody called it


  5. “Joe: So what do you think will come out of this war?

    Waterkid: ACP becomes my bitch.”



  6. If ACP dies, I think I’m gonna laugh my ass off


  7. Water will fail again


  8. Noob Army + Noob Army vs. Noob Army + Noob Army

    Damn it.


  9. I think the real news here is that both SWAT and CPPA are still alive.


  10. Stop posting about the Black Alliance, and Waterkid, stop remaking it, please. This is just embarrassing sometimes.

    Please remove the “BA” factor from this post, Thank you



  11. >”ACP will become my bitch.”
    >maxes 4


  12. We aren’t BA. It’s just Pirates + SWAT going to war with ACP.


  13. acp used to be top 5, now they’re near the bottom of top ten or even out of it this week. swat and pirates similar.


  14. shut the fuck up Capn SWAT will never surrender


  15. Ganging up on ACP has really gotten old, regardless Of what army or armies are doing it. Also Water, I recall you having Black Alliance in your name recently, perhaps that’s why the BA accusations are flying around.


  16. Also notice the interviews Cap’n is the only one providing intelligent responses.


  17. I really have to love the fact when an army from the BA declares war on ACP and everybody immediately thinks that BA is going to return.

    Dipshits these days.


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