Snaily5 Fired From RPF Leadership || A Step in a New Direction?

UPDATE, 5:10 EST: Comments from Snaily have been added into this post, along with Commando’s thoughts on the entire situation upon his return to RPF chat earlier today.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire — Contradictory claims flood the RPF site as some claim Snaily5 was demoted to Advisor and would be reappointed as soon as she became “active again”, but Snaily herself claims that she has in fact been fired from the RPF Leadership and placed as Advisor with no option of returning to the leadership rank. 

A very interesting turn of events in the Rebel Penguin Federation today, the day beginning with the appointing of a “Vendetta” — not the Vendetta, mind you — as the sixth leader of the army, which can be read up on here.

Now, however, another shocking change comes to the leadership of the army regarding Snaily5, one of the other leaders in the RPF leadership. At this point we’re only piecing things together, but what we can gather is this. Earlier today, following the return of “Vendetta” to armies and his appointment as leader of the RPF, a number of leadership changes were made to handle the current number of leaders that was turning RPF into the Water Vikings. In a post addressing the army, Elmikey said the following.

I have added a Second In Command rank and there are now only two Leaders. Flappy has been demoted to Second in Command. Sir Pj is now UK leader & Snaily5 has been placed in the advisor rank due to inactivity, she will be leader again once she’s back.

This was all well and good at this point along the line, however just now, Snaily5 has posted on the Rebel Penguin Federation site detailing the recent events. Before I talk about that, I’ll explain how this all began. A few nights ago, Elmikey was having a debate on RPF chat was a certain Nacho, Hadger, on whether or not the condition of ADHD was a “real thing”. Zakster, who had the condition himself, soon jumped into the debate, and later detailed what happened on his personal blog. The post has since been removed, but from what sources say at this point, Hadger was banned at some point throughout the debate and Zak may or may not have been banned.

Now, just an hour or so ago, Snaily5 posted on the RPF site detailing the fact that she has been removed from the leadership rank in the army. She also pushed for change in what many have criticized about RPF, the fact that people are commonly banned for disagreeing with RPF or the leadership of the army. An excerpt from Snaily’s post can be seen below and the full post can be found here.

Edit: Since the writing of this post, I have been fired and placed as RPF Advisor. I will continue on as I have been, doing no less and fighting no less for our army and troops. I live by my belief and commitment to do everything I can for RPF, giving 100% regardless of rank, although I wish I was not fired. ~~Snaily5

Recently there have been some issues in RPF, specifically regarding the chat. I apologize toRPF that I have been on less the past 3 days and I was a little out of touch of what was going on. I’ve had some emergencies involving a recurring pack of coyotes, the loss of chickens, loss of pregnant cat, and the labor of kitten births of another cat.

From what little I’ve witnessed and heard from many, we have an issue of people being kicked, demoted, and mostly banned for various reasons that are not good reasons. For example, a couple of soldiers were banned because they simply stated that ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, was a real condition because they had it themselves and proceeded to present their case. They were told that ADHD was not real, that they were just hyperactive because they didn’t get any energy out from sitting at the computer all day long. ADHD IS a real condition and it affects many of the great people in the CP army community and we should be sensitive to their challenges instead of being judgmental. Telling them what they experience and live with on a daily basis is not real, is quite insulting and hurtful. It’s like the CP army community telling me and other RPF, such as Elmikey, Commando, Flappy, Sir PJ, and Kathy that we are lying about being ddosed or that we are just experiencing lag, when in fact, we ARE being ddosed.


Owners and mods, to ban our troops and visitors for disagreeing with what you think, is wrong unless that person is being harassing, mean, insulting, and inappropriate. It’s okay for people to have different opinions, right or wrong. Ever heard of freedom of speech?

I do not want RPF chat to become a place where people are afraid to speak because of the possibility of being banned or demoted for saying what someone else thinks is the wrong thing. I want RPF to be a place where effective communication takes place, where people interact with one another sharing ideas and experiences, and a place where we can all learn about the world around us.

I will speak up for and support those people experiencing these issues in our chat, although I might be disciplined as well. I joined RPF to fight the good fight and standing for those who desire to express themselves and communicate in a healthy, contributing manner to our chat is worth fighting for what is right.

Change is not always something bad. Admitting there is an issue in RPF that needs to be addressed and fixed isn’t a bad thing either. Addressing and solving problems are what makes an army strong and stable.


Now is the time. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

With this post, Snaily5 may very well have sparked a debate inside the army, but for now, all that is known is that she has, in fact, been demoted from her leadership rank in the RPF. In a comment to CPAC regarding the situation as a whole and what lies for the future of RPF, Snaily said the following.

The past few days I have witnessed the mistreatment of RPF soldiers. Banning and demoting for the most ridiculous things. People have been PCing me in droves asking for support and explanation and help. I have  been trying to do damage control as much as possible, yet unsure of what was going on. From my PCs and my observations, I deducted that our troops are being silence and banned/demoted for disagreeing with Elmikey. Such as the ADHD incident. This is just wrong. Plain wrong. And long as it’s appropriate and respectful to all, open debate is healthy and crucial for the communication and education of others. Elm demoted, from what I can see and I may be wrong, literally everyone in the army except Sir PJ. A few days ago when the troops were upset about the demotions and asking questions, I was trying to help them from what little I knew. I asked Elm in PC about the demotions. He stated to me, although he will now deny it, that if anyone asks about demotions or complains, I was to demote them immediately and not talk to them. This is horrifically wrong. The complete and total lack of respect, and caring for our troops is what made RPF what it is today. Without our troops — and they are the best — we don’t have RPF. They are my concern, not my rank. Yesterday I spoke up in main chat about this silencing issue. Everyone was so upset, I told them I would represent them and fight the good fight no matter what it cost. We deserve to have free speech as long as it’s appropriate and respectful, and people should not be punished for friendly open debate. I told them I would not let this happen, it’s gone on too long. I PCed Vendetta and told him I would not stand for this. He was telling me about how wrong it was and that we needed to do something about it. I did not say anything wrong nor mean about Elmikey, just that this needed to be fixed ASAP, and that I was going to do something about it. 

About thirty minutes later, I was fired or demoted. Whatever Elm calls it, I was taken out of power. I’m assuming that word got back to Elm and he got rid of me. He states inactivity — I have done less than my normal 4-7 hours online, but I still manage at least 3. I missed Monday and Wednesday events to take my dad to the doctors since I’m the only driver in the house. I talked to Elmikey last night about all of this. He is in complete denial of everything. I will not stand by and have the RPF troops go through this. I’m concerned about the troops more than my rank. Elmikey told me it was temporary, although I’m sure after this interview, it will be permanent, and that I’ll get my rank back when I become active again.

This is what I know. This is not right, what is happening, and it needs to stop as soon as possible. For the good of RPF. 

Just recently, Commando717, the founder of RPF, came to chat today with mixed feelings on the recent happenings inside the army. Further turmoil in the leadership ranks may very well stem from this, but nothing has taken place yet.


So, what do YOU think? Was Snaily right to push for freedom of speech on RPF chat? Should she remain in the leadership rank? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

91 Responses

  1. Theyre becoming slumped over lmao




  3. Cool, now fire the rest and put in ones that actually know what hacking is.


  4. Doesn’t matter. It’s not like any of the other leaders had power other than Elm.


  5. Elmikey censors!


  6. “Elmikey was having a debate on RPF chat was a certain Nacho, Hadger, on whether or not the condition of ADHD was a “real thing” ” LMAO WAT


  7. This is pathetic. Remember when Elmikey came back early summer and was respected?


  8. CPAC should just have a whole section for RPF “conspiracies”


  9. I can confirm that Zak was banned as well. I’ll also clear up that I have ADHD as well, and the debate started after I mentioned that I have ADHD.


    • It should also be noted that I was banned for an hour, and Zak was banned forever but was later unbanned (I don’t know who unbanned). We were both banned around the same time; Elmikey banned Zak and banned me right afterwards.

      (Also, to Elm: This comment is not intended to make you look bad. I’m just giving the facts.)


      • Also, one more thing: Elmikey’s argument was that we only experience symptoms of ADHD because we’re humans and we aren’t meant to be sitting down all day.

        (Not defending Elmikey; just giving the facts.)


        • One more fact: Caliwar was banned forever on the RPF chat for saying multiple times that this incident and other incidents that Elmikey was involved in were making RPF look bad.

          (Again, I’m not trying to make Elmikey look bad. I just want to state the facts.)


        • Wait, that’s already mentioned in Snaily’s post.


  10. RPF could have a civil war at hand soon


  11. Thanks for posting this because this is something for all armies to think about. However, never did I say that there was no option for me to return as leader. Who said that? In fact, Elm told me today it was only temporary and I could return at some point to leadership. I do plan to stand up for our valuable troops though, no matter what the price because without them, there is no RPF and our troops are truly amazing.


  12. Snaily was fired for speaking out against what was wrong? pathetic.
    On top of this, the other leaders were never really leaders anyway. They were always second in commands to Elmikey.


  13. Snaily was fired because she was a female and spoke against a male leader. How rude. She got what she deserved, and since she has free time now she can probably lose some weight. Stupid fat 18 year old ginger.


  14. Elmikey can’t make up his mind. First he hires Pain, then fires him, then hires Snaily, then fires her. How about he actually sticks with his decisions. It’s his fault for hiring them in the first place.


  15. Im ok with RPF and Vendetta is ok but Elmikey is sometimes not the best guy. The good news is once Red Gush24 finihes all his work RPF will be back on track.


  16. Looks like elm’s going for “supreme overlord of RPF” LOL.


  17. I have one sexist for dummies


  18. Notice in the picture Commando addresses his troops as MEN? Woman shouldn’t be in CP Armies. They should get lost and go practice cooking with their mothers. Seeing a female leading the RPF and ACP disgusts me in every possible way.


  19. Elmikey is a dictator. Simple as that.

    He’s not the first we’ve seen. He certainly wont be the last. You simply can’t deny that there is in fact a method to his madness. The RPF consistent standing in the Top Ten proves that.

    The thing Elmikey is not comprehending in that narrow-minded little head of his is that, he will be the last dictator. The longer he reigns over RPF with his proverbial iron fist, the more RPF relies on him. Mark my words, the day that he leaves is the day RPF falls.


  20. Why do I even comment on cpac?


  21. I smell a war with the Elmikeyans and the Snailyans!


  22. Lol, Here comes the rebellion 😛 fail.


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