Another Addition to the Rebel Penguin Federation Leadership

TUXEDO, RPF HEADQUARTERS – As the Rebel Penguin Federation continues to rise, a sixth member has joined the leadership.

Vendetta, a RPF worker back in 2007 mainly working “behind the scenes” as of his own request, returned to RPF in 2013 after his six year retirement, and began leadership immediately. This brings the overall total of leaders in the army to six, including Elmikey and Justinbronze, who are ranked as President and Vice President respectively.

In a post announcing his introduction to the RPF Leadership, Vendetta said the following.

Although I say I am here to bring life to CP Warfare, I am also here to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation correctly. In the time that I am here, I shall live up to your expectations, and certainly my own as well.

Following this, I went down to the RPF chat and caught up with Vendetta to ask him a few questions regarding the current situation.

Jay (CPAC): I have to ask why you said in your post that you are going to lead RPF correctly. What does this mean?

Vendetta: I will lead the right way, without a dictatorship, and will have no troops being mistreated. I will also remain honest, and stand by what I believe in.

CPAC: Do you think the current other leaders have been leading like a dictatorship?

Vendetta: No, I haven’t. Flappy hasn’t done anything to abuse the troops, nor Snaily or Elmikey, I understand there’s rising conflict about him, considering there’s ALWAYS conflict about him, but from my honest opinion, no. Conflict meaning there is always someone try to prove him as fake. He’s not a terrorist, so people need to stop treating him like one.

CPAC: Thank you for your time. Anything else? Any final thoughts?

Vendetta: Nope.


What do you think about the new leadership? Will it help the RPF? Will it make the RPF die down? Tell me in the comments.

Lord Jay

CPAC Reporter

33 Responses

  1. That scared me for a second, but its just a rip-off of the real Vendetta, NW leader.


  2. No offense to RPF, but isn’t SIX leaders a bit much?


  3. I was about to go WTF until I discovered that it wasn’t THAT Vendetta.


  4. he came over to the LPF cat and told me to just rejoin RPF because I will be looked down on as a criminal but something tells me this guy is another version of Vio the PR leader


  5. Too many leaders= Total Chaos


  6. Change your name. You aren’t Vendetta.


  7. The question “any shoutouts” is unprofessional and unnecessary. A more appropriate question would be “Any final thoughts?” or “Any other comments?”.


  8. Please don’t go higher than 6…..


  9. Please don’t go higher than 6…..


  10. What is with random people jumping into leadership positions?


  11. Thank god Lord Pains couped


  12. You should have specified that it wasn’t the Vendetta from NW. Until I got to the comments, my face was just a WTF? fest.


  13. You should probably edit this as now Elm and Vendetta are the only leaders.


  14. Knew this wasn’t Ven from NW because Ven from NW probably has a life by now.


  15. Yay! Another leader with absolutely no power to match the other four.


  16. The amount of leaders in the RPF is just too damn high.


  17. at this point, RPF had more leaders than WV yolosweg.


  18. I Want Sixty Nine Likes For This Comment 😀


  19. RPF has 3 leaders. Vendetta, Flappy, and PJ


  20. Last thing were gonna now, Elmikeys only one in RPF!


  21. Red Gush pwns your manginas


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