The Mammoth Wars

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Many projects have been springing up recently with goals to restore one part or another of warfare, such as the Nacho-sponsored Fjord Frenzy that took place yesterday with a decent amount of success. While the goals of these projects do differ, the major goal of many of them is to fight a battle (or battles) in the old style of warfare. 

CPAC’s Color Wars reenactment was one of these very projects, where people could join the teams of Red, Blue or Green and fought for dominance in and old-style battle. Iceyfeet’s Mammoth Restoration Project of late 2011 was another of these so-called attempts, also met with a decent amount of success.

Now a new project is coming in the never-ending bout to restore warfare, and that is the RPF-sponsored Mammoth Wars. For those who are not extremely well-versed on this, let me explain. The Mammoth Wars isn’t a project to do away with the new and bring the old back into armies, it’s simply a time every day in which troops can log on from any army and have unorganized battles in rogue forces — like during the old days.

Above is a video, for any who care to see, of the first day of the Mammoth Wars so far. While the event is currently only majorly participated in by RPF and the ACP, we’d like to make an attempt to branch this out into the entire Top Ten. We truthfully can’t really predict how this project will turn out as with any of these sorts of projects, but I can tell you that the more armies who participate, the larger chance this has of succeeding. Battles take place every day. Times are below, and after this post comes down from the sticky the times will remain in the Live Blog for any who forget.

3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST & 8pm GMT

Also, please note that coming this Friday, once the school year begins, all battles will taken place later than the current scheduled times. 


That’s all for now. Make sure to stay tuned later today for the debut of a new CPAC Column! Until then, comment with YOUR opinion on how this Mammoth Wars project will turn out. 


CPA Central CEO

14 Responses

  1. I love you Blue.


  2. Well despite me disliking RPF, This isn’t a bad idea at all


  3. I can come to everything.


  4. We should do it on a server that people actually go on…


  5. New Column, ooo!


  6. What’s up with all these Adidas ads? And why are the polls closed? The polls have been opened for like 4 days..


  7. No, stop trying to bring Mammoth back. We need to accept the fact that this isn’t 2007 anymore and move on.


  8. We were all fine before RPF came along. Their existence contradicts their purpose to ‘restore’ warfare, when they’re the ones sending it down the shitter.


  9. well instead lets use I don’t know maybe Alaska its a good server plus its a better server than arctic and no offence but mammoth isn’t the best either


  10. I probably can’t make it most of the time, i hate u Bloo1 😛 Loljk, anyways good idea. But I have a feeling that after sometime all the excitement from this will frizzle out.
    Oh btw, can’t wait for the new column, I already know what it is hehe (thank you cpac reporter privledges) 😀


  11. News Doritos have fired Penguin257


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