Summer @ CPAC: CP Army Awards Results

Some 250 votes have been cast in one of the largest turnouts we’ve seen in awhile, and the results are in.

The Summer @ CPAC Awards serve as a halfway mark in many ways. The 2013 year is already halfway over, and we have already seen many great rises from our performance in the 2012 year. New armies have risen to power, and some history-making wars have been fought. Many armies have reached record sizes, most notably the Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation, who have reached some of the largest sizes seen in years. A thank you to The Stale Nacho News, The Clover, and Small and Medium Army Central, all of which have played a great help in getting these awards off the ground. SMAC’s awards post can be found here. Without further adieu, here are the results.

Joint Awards

These awards were topics that spanned both the Small and Medium and Large Army community, mostly covering the topics of the various news sites in armies. Seven total categories were up for grabs this time around, and the results are in. Firstly, two awards were given not to a person, but to an event or site in general. Those two awards were Best News Site and Best Tournament. 

In the voting for Best Tournament, the results were extremely clear. There were four nominees this year: TSN’s The Stale Nacho Cup, SMAC’s Antarctic Army League, and CPAC’s Army Warfare League and Legends Cup IV, respectively. With an impressive 72% of the overall vote, the winner of this category was…

1st Place: CPAC Legends Cup IV [180 Votes]

2nd Place: The Stale Nacho Cup [28 Votes]

3rd Place: CPAC Army Warfare League [26 Votes]

4th Place: SMAC Antarctic Army League [16 Votes]

The results for Best News Site was the most voted on poll overall, with a total of 307 votes submitted. While CPAC and SMAC had dominated the media for a long time in armies, a few other prominent sites rose to fame during the first half of this year, most notably ACP and RPF’s personal sites The Clover and RPF Daily, and, of course, the very site that brought satire to fame — The Stale Nacho News. The results were closer than they have been in years, but with 49% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: CP Army Central [149 Votes] 

2nd Place: The Stale Nacho News [90 Votes] 

3rd Place: Small and Medium Army Central [38 Votes]

4th Place: RPF Daily [21 Votes]

5th Place: The Clover [9 Votes]

Congratulations to the organizations who won the above awards. Next, five other awards were put together as a joint project between SMAC and CPAC, awards to people who were not specific to Small/Medium or Large Armies in their achievements this year. Those five categories were Best Satirist, Best Philosopher/Editorialist, Best GFX Designer, Best Reporter, and Best Army News Site Head. 

The topic of Satire in and of itself was a concept originally introduced by CPAC last year with the hiring of Mach as the Head of the Satire Division, but the site that truly brought satire to prominence during the first half of 2013 was The Stale Nacho News. Arguably the most popular army-affiliated site, TSN has given us all a lot of laughs in the past few months. Bearing that in mind, it isn’t surprising that three of the four candidates for Best Satirist are TSN’s workers. With 49% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Shiver [104 Votes]

2nd Place: Mach [48 Votes]

3rd Place: Hades [30 Votes]

4th Place: Talex [29 Votes]

Another category that has become more famous than ever is the concept of Editorials and Philosophy in the media world. When Shaboomboom left his position as CPAC Head Philosopher almost two years ago, the art of Philosophy, while still having many of its most intelligent writers, became almost too intelligent, to a point where the readers of it didn’t care. However, during the first half of 2013, Philosophy and the concept of Editorials have both taken a huge rise in popularity. The results were extremely close, but with 25% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Bluesockwa1 [62 Votes]

2nd Place: Splasher99 [61 Votes]

3rd Place: Boomer20 [45 Votes] 

4th Place: Ciwwa [31 Votes]

5th Place: Sir Proditor [26 Votes]

6th Place: Bluesockwa2 [20 Votes]

Next on the list came the award of Best GFX Designer. As I noted in the original awards voting post, following the retirement of Pochoma213 and Tomb147, considered by many some of armies’ best GFX Designers on a tier with Pringle64, the art of graphics in armies took a major fall. However, it also presented the opportunity for talented people all over armies to hold claim to the title of Best GFX Designer in armies as they supplied armies with a new style of graphics and brought fame to themselves. This vote was rather close as well, but with 32% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Monsoon [83 Votes]

2nd Place: Blizzard880 [77 Votes]

3rd Place: DJ Dan [49 Votes]

4th Place: Wyoskyguy [37 Votes]

5th Place: Totidile [15 Votes]

This next award is something I’m glad is still given out, because due to the rise in both Philosophy and Satire, we do sometimes forget what the media is truly set out to do: report. Many new reporters have become catalysts in both CPAC and SMAC this year, and I can truly say that as a head of one of those two sites, without this new generation of reporters, we would not be as successful as we are today. This category had two clear front-runners: Shiver and Kingfunks4. With 27% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Shiver [72 Votes]

2nd Place: Kingfunks4 [67 Votes]

3rd Place: Stephanie [37 Votes]

4th Place: Tomato8883 [32 Votes]

5th Place: Mkll [21 Votes]

6th Place: Superoo13 [18 Votes]

7th Place: Joeymaster41 [16 Votes]

The final poll of the Joint Awards was that of Best News Site Head. We’ve seen some new faces this year, as Adro3 was recently appointed SMAC Head, and Buck/Retsphe and Nnpingwin founded TSN and The Clover, respectively. There was a clear front-runner in this poll however, and with 55% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Bluesockwa1 [148 Votes]

2nd Place: Buck/Retsphe [31 Votes]

3rd Place Tie: Pungy [29 Votes]

3rd Place Tie: Bluesockwa2 [29 Votes]

5th Place: Adro3 [22 Votes]

6th Place: Nnpingwin [11 Votes]

Large Army Awards

Every year, CPAC’s Large Army Awards are presented in both the Summer — as a halfway mark — and in the Winter, to end the year. The CPAC Summer Awards are an interesting way to gauge where your army is at the halfway mark this summer. The three most coveted Large Army Awards — Best Leader, Most Achieved, and Biggest Army — will be presented last. First, we will present the two trophies awarded to a person: Best Owner and Biggest Retirement. 

The title of Best Owner is actually a difficult title to achieve, as there are even more owners than leaders who can be entered into this poll in the majority of cases. CPAC tried its best to limit it to three owners per army, but even then, the poll was massive, with fourteen total candidates. There was, however, a clear victor here, and with 16% of the overall vote, the award for Best Owner goes to…

1st Place: Bearsboy10 [44 Votes]

2nd Place: Tomato8883 [33 Votes]

3rd Place: West04 [24 Votes]

4th Place: JustinBronze [23 Votes]

5th Place: Flipmoo/Slimball2007 [22 Votes]

6th Place Tie: Mike/Mrgpv [21 Votes]

6th Place Tie: Casius Brutus [21 Votes]

8th Place: Emmarose [18 Votes] 

9th Place: Caliwar [17 Votes] 

10th Place: Candy [15 Votes] 

The second award presented to an individual was for Biggest Retirement. Even though we’re only halfway through 2013, we have already seen some major retirements. There were five candidates for the award of Biggest Retirement — the results were rather close, but with 31% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Mchappy [78 Votes]

2nd Place: Edd64 [60 Votes]

3rd Place: Dxdzn [45 Votes]

4th Place: Eyes/Daniel [42 Votes]

5th Place: Bam117 [28 Votes]

Next up, there were two awards given out to specific armies: Biggest Rise and Most Dramatic Fall. Many armies had actually taken a fall throughout the summer, but the two clear front-runners in this poll were the Army of CP, who have been hovering around the middle of the Top Ten in recent weeks, and the Hot Sauce Army, who held onto first for a while before dying following the retirement of their catalyst, Dxdzn. With 39% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Army of CP [105 Votes]

2nd Place: Hot Sauce Army [94 Votes]

3rd Place: Ice Warriors [40 Votes]

4th Place: Special Weapons and Tactics [27 Votes]

The second award was given out to the army that made the largest rise during the first half of 2013. Two of the most notable armies in this category would be the Water Vikings, who skyrocketed into the Top Five after hovering at the bottom for weeks, and the Rebel Penguin Federation, who many believed would never once again rise to their position as a World Power, but did, however, this year. With 48% of the overall vote, the winner is…

1st Place: Rebel Penguin Federation [135 Votes]

2nd Place: Water Vikings [51 Votes]

3rd Place: Nachos [38 Votes]

4th Place: Dark Warriors [34 Votes]

5th Place: Hot Sauce Army [21 Votes]

Our final awards this summer here at CPA Central are what are commonly considered the three most prestigious categories: Biggest Army, Best Leader, and Most Achieved. Two of these awards are presented to a person, the other to an army. The results for these awards are divided as always, but one army and their leader clearly swept all three of these awards. With 22% of the overall vote, the award for Best Leader goes to…

1st Place: Puckley [65 Votes]

2nd Place: Elmikey [38 Votes]

3rd Place: Pufpuf10 [23 Votes]

4th Place: Albert417 [17 Votes]

5th Place: Buritodaily [16 Votes]

6th Place: Bam117 [15 Votes]

7th Place Tie: Vinny [13 Votes]

7th Place Tie: Dashing Snow [13 Votes]

9th Place Tie: Dxdzn [12 Votes]

9th Place Tie: Sir Pj [12 Votes]

Anyone else who was a candidate in this poll can see me on chat for their placement. 

Next comes the award for Most Achieved. The concept of this award is for it to be presented to an individual who rose extremely high in status over the first portion of the 2013 year. This could include any achievement, from being elected to Legend Status, to founding and leading an army to greatness, anything that the viewers of CPAC believe counts as an achievement. With 18% of the overall vote, the title for Most Achieved goes to…

1st Place: Puckley [45 Votes]

2nd Place: Elmikey [32 Votes]

3rd Place: Pufpuf10 [22 Votes]

4th Place: Buritodaily [16 Votes]

5th Place: Bepboy9 [14 Votes]

6th Place Tie: Bam117 [13 Votes]

6th Place Tie: Sir Pj [13 Votes]

8th Place: Bluesockwa1 [12 Votes]

9th Place: Tori [10 Votes]

10th Place: Albert417 [9 Votes]

The final award will be given for the Largest Army during the first half of 2013. Eight armies were nominated for this category, but the Nachos and their rivals, the RPF, were the clear front-runners in this category and the final award of the summer. Receiving 35% of the vote, 9% larger than their rival who reached 26%, the award for Biggest Army goes to…

1st Place: Nachos [85 Votes]

2nd Place: Rebel Penguin Federation [64 Votes]

3rd Place: Army Republic [25 Votes]

 4th Place: Dark Warriors [22 Votes]

5th Place: Doritos [17 Votes]

6th Place: Water Vikings [16 Votes]

7th Place Tie: Hot Sauce Army [7 Votes]

7th Place Tie: Army of CP [7 Votes]


Congratulations to all of the above winners, and thank you to ever who voted. I can conservatively say that this is likely the largest turnout a CPAC Awards has had in a long time, and I thank all of the viewers for being a part of this community and keeping CPAC a forum where everyone in the army world can meet to share their voices on the community. Cheers. 


CPA Central CEO

40 Responses

  1. ggaayy


  2. Congratulations to the winners, and all candidates.


  3. …..Why does no one like Albert? Is it because I’m his best friend that he gets disrespected? I personally think he’s the best leader you can ask for, Mch sure ain’t best leader, but is a close friend.


  4. Wow I didn’t know I was the only one on there who didn’t work for TSN. Damn those Nachos, there’s always next year.

    -Father of CP Army Satire


  5. Gj Puf, glad he got into the top 3 in some awards. He did so much in DW even when me and SaW were leading, finally getting some recognition for it.


  6. Second best owner! Woot!


  7. My list of what it should be was better *wary*


  8. Thanks for voting for me and congrats to everyone else who won! 😀


  9. Water Vikings got 2nd biggest rise! Good job guys. 🙂


  10. I guess RPF will eventually rage about elmikey’s defeat to a nacho


  11. ye bears

    and on a site note, im as big of an rpf hater as the next guy but really how the hell does elmikey lose best leader? he brought rpf from the dead to constant world power and got sizes that no one has been getting in over a year.


  12. Elmikey, go ahead and make one of your comments that are speeches like Pain’s. And of course, we all know you will rage in it since you think you deserve every reward because you’re a “2007 Legend”


    • Once again you take something good and turn it into bad. Why can’t you just say congratulations to the winners and leave it at that?

      Btw, congratulations to all nominees and winners for a job well done and making this community fun, challenging, and exciting! 😀


  13. Not suprised. Another popularity contest.


  14. All though I didn’t win the “Best Owner Rank” I am still honored to have been voted the 3rd best. And good job my fellow Doritos on getting the 5th largest army. 😀


  15. i dont really like elm. but most achieved and best leader should go to elm. he brought back the cp in cp armies. he brought back an dead army to sizes that nobody has seen for ages and kept it. Puck has done a great job but elm has done better. You guys are letting your jealousy and hate getting in the way of the truth.


  16. Well done Shiver 😛
    Also, congrats to Bears, Puck and everyone else who won awards.


  17. I did join late *Wary*




  19. Congratulations Puck! And congrats to everyone else as well.


  20. Congrats to all armies and people awarded.


  21. Nachos swept the awards. TSN beat out SMAC too.


  22. cpac should forfeit their trophies because TSN is better


  23. Thank you for the awards and to everyone who voted for me. I’m honored and definitely appreciate the recognition. I could not have done anything without all of the great Nacho soldiers, so a major kudos to them.


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