RPF Mass Demotions – Elmikey Blames “CPAC Style Of Warfare” For Not Gaining 1000 Recruits A Month

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – While Elmikey claims that “nobody was demoted”, the RPF has demoted a mass amount of troops which has left them with only 9 moderators, in an army which claims to have upwards of 100 troops. All of the Warlords, Second in Command at the RPF, have also had their ownership taken away and these changes have caused outrage from the RPF troops. Elmikey has also proceeded to ban any troops that complains with the changes, according to CPAC’s sources. 

On top of these demotions, Elmikey has also offended many highest members, saying that “they were never going to become officer [moderator]”. Elmikey has also said that anyone who thinks they were demoted has “the intelligence of a frog”, despite it being proven that some people have actually been demoted and losing the ranks that they had earnt from being active, which has angered many. The full post was as followed:

Since some of you have the intelligence of a frog let me explain this to you again. Nobody was demoted you’re all doing a great job. So let me explain this the best I can: I moved everyone down on the ranks page because allthe lower/middle ranks were unfilled. So instead I’d rather have the high ranks unfilled so people can work their way up. If you thought “oh em gee I was 2 ranks away from officer” you still have the same chance you did before to earn that. Some people were highest member rank and I guarantee you that they were never going to become officer.

RPF is not about getting a symbol in a chat box, it’s about having fun and growing as an army/community and anybody can help. 

For example: if you were the highest member rank in the Marines you still are. The same people that were below you are still below you and the same people that were above you are still above you.

This was after many people were annoyed at the rank changes, from the original post which announced the rank changes. In this post, he stated that not only bad language on the RPF chat stopped them from getting “a potential 1000 recruits a month”, but a “CPAC style of warfare” has also led to this not being accomplished. It is not clear what he means by this, but it could suggest he is blaming CPAC for stopping RPF rising to heights never seen by any CP Army.  He has also said that the people in the army should not care about being a moderator, which has seen many people lose this privileged on the RPF chat. He claims that  “In the long-term these changes will make RPF an extremely good army”. I asked some RPF troops what they thought about the demotions in the RPF. 

“Just a little mad” -Test55235

“I love them, everything is set now” -Twitchy534 

“It’s Ok, I’ll get promoted again” -Ran806 

“he makes me wonder what he’ll do next with these demotions” -Red Gush24

It is unsure if the troops were unwilling to comment in a negative way, due to the scroller stating that anyone who spoke out against these changes would be banned. Snaily, an RPF Leader, was also not willing to comment on the issues due to fear of being demoted. Elmikey could have installed a “fear factor” with these changes and the scroller has enforced this:

I interviewed the man himself, Elmikey, who is the current RPF leader, on the issues surrounding this changes within the RPF.

Q: How can you claim nobody was demoted when clearly a lot of people were?

I demoted most of my officers because I am looking for professionals to moderate the RPF chat to keep it safe.

Q: So you said they weren’t demoted and said they had the “intelligence of a frog” if they thought they were demoted, when in fact they were, in reality, demoted?

I said some have the intelligence of a frog which is true because I explained 2 times on the RPF site why I changed the member ranks.

Q: But you said they weren’t demoted, were people demoted yes or no?

Let me explain, for example…

It was a yes or no question.

Not really, The same people that were above them on the ranks are still higher ranked and the same people bellow them are still a lower rank. Instead of deleting the ranks, I just moved everyone down to add competition and make it more fun. There were many open ranks. About 60% of the ranks had no people in it due to high amounts of high members and low members, so I put the high people in the middle where they belong.

Q: Do you not feel like a dictatorship, such as China, censoring and not allowed freedom of speech by banning troops for disagreeing?

I do not banish troops who disagree, I banish troops from other armies that disagree. My troops do not disagree since they want this chat to stay safe and Club Penguin friendly.

The scroller clearly states that those who disagree will be banned. 

Yes because we’ve had about 2-3 frogs that kept spamming chat complaining nonstop and didn’t have the intelligence to understand why it was done. The other 95% understood completely and knew they weren’t actually being punished.

So, if you disagree you WILL be banned and you cannot deny this because you just said troops have been banned for disagreeing with you and the leadership.

No, there were 2-3 eight year olds that kept spamming the same thing every time and we would spend 15 minutes explaining to them and it’s as if they can’t read or understand English. So we got tired of those individuals and banned them for an hour so they would understand and learn.

Q: How can you call troops “unloyal” for not being happy with the rank changes when the army, in a way, is being unloyal to the troops who are active?

The active troops are obviously higher ranks than everybody else.

CPAC has seen some active troops being demoted, including 2ic’s becoming moderators.

As I’ve previously stated I am looking for a professional staff team who can remain appropriate at all times and follow/enforce the rules for the safety of this chat. The 2ic’s that were demoted di not mind at all and believe it’s for the better of RPF’s long future.

Q: Do you have anything else to add?

Fight the good fight and don’t let others think for you.

After a pretty intense interview, Elmikey came across as fairly contradictory. He stated that he “demoted most of my [His] officers”, but when asked if anyone had been demoted he said “Not really”. Also, on the issue of banning troops who were against these changes within the ranks, he said that does not “banish troops who disagree”, but later went on to agree to the fact that the scroller said that anyone who disagreed would be banned. On top of this, he has labeled anyone who opposes him as a “frog”, which has offended the younger troops.

What do YOU think about the rank changes in the RPF? Is a “CPAC Style of Warfare” to blame for RPF’s “potential 1000 troops a month” and was Elmikey contradictory in the interview with myself? Comment YOUR opinion on this post.

-Kingfunks4 Retired CPAC Head

68 Responses

  1. Shit…


  2. elm=hitler


  3. what’s the fucking point of having an owner rank on xat if no one gets it

    all they have is mods and main owners




  5. so begins the demise of rpf


  6. He’s fucking deluded.


  7. elmikey is noob, noob is elmikey


  8. Elm claims that his troops have the intelligence of a frog, yet every time I tried to debate with him during the Nachos vs RPF war he’d be either too stupid, or too afraid to even reply. HOWEVER when ever he did come back with an idiotic reply, I had felt as my own IQ had dropped.


  9. well rpf is dieing soon


  10. Elm is a retard.


  11. Elmikey ist eine schreckliche Führer und er sollte exkommuniziert werden! Hagel Wgfv, er ist der größte Führer der Geschichte!


  12. You could have used a lot better of an example than China for the denial of freedom of speech question. And Elmikey is starting to abuse his power. He puts his personal greed’s in front of the needs of his soldiers which will lead to an ultimate downfall of RPF because either A) the troops will rebel, or B) they will simply quit.


  13. No other leaders are main owners and 2ic’s are mod… seems like Elm wants credit for everything that happens in RPF


  14. Lord Pain has rubbed off on him.


  15. Is getting 1000 troops per month even possible? I mean it’s not like ACP could have even done that during the Boomer and Mchappy ages, let’s be realistic here.
    I’m sorry but doing this does make Elm look like a dictator, and it’ll make a shitload of people quit/not join RPF.


    • Like seriously, if he wants a 1000 people per month to join, what Elm just did right now is gonna make even less people join. (And yes, it’s pretty unrealistic.)


  16. ah it feels good to see UMA rising and RPF falling. Come on Elm RETIRE! Were waiting we’re literally waiting for you to leave for RPF fall apart and the other armies to go crazy and not worry about your interference.


  17. Anyone who hasn’t left the RPF yet do in fact “have the intelligence of a frog” Seriously. It has already been made clear your leader is not capable of running an army in the long term. If I were to get demoted for no good reason at all I would leave easily.


  18. I did not say anyone who thinks theyre demoted has frog intelligence. I said a few 1-3 RPF members couldnt understand what I did although everyone else did and we were frustrrated and tired of repeating ourselves so I posted that. Also, yes RPF managed to bring in 1,000+ join apps in a one month period. Also the more you cyber-bully me for trying to bring good change to armies only motivates me to do better. Another note: what I just did infact is going to make more people join due to the fact that my recruits dont even know what cpac is. Also i didnt make my 2ics mod, 2ic is owner rank and I demoted them. @wex it’s very possible cp armies must change their styles to appeal to the kids that play Club Penguin, we are cp armies afterall? @burr how am i putting my personal greeds in front of RPF? All i care about in this game is the well-being of RPF and my soldiers. I am not going to retire because I know I can make something big out of RPF. I am sincerely sorry for all of you if you think different because frankly I dont care and you’re letting your ignorance get to you.


  19. “CPAC style warfare”, “1000 troops in a month”, “Its not a demotion”. I swear to God, my IQ dropped about 5% reading what Elm said.


    • I also love that he’s the only leader with the owner status, and technically the only one with full power of the army and chat.




  21. No offense to Elmikey, i think he takes this “game’ way to seriously. I thought CP Armies were to have fun and enjoy going on CP with you army. Instead to Elmikey it is whatever can make RPF better. He believes demoting everyone in RPF will make RPF be better. When truly if he wanted to be a good leader and make the army better, he would instead demote the people who are lazy and not following the orders.


  22. Elmikey Just Go Kill Yourself You Big Bitch! You Have No Life And Always Have No Idea What Are You Doing!


  23. Alright, about these “demotions”… we were all demoted for a reason: we were not doing our job, and I will admit that. Elmikey is a great leader. I’d like all the other people here complaining to make an army reach #1 on the Top Tens in one month. Yeah, I didn’t think so, now stop complaining about him. He clearly knows what he’s doing. The Head Warlords were demoted so that the leaders could have the rank leaving Elmikey as the only leader, however it was worked out so that Elmikey is now titled as President, not Leader. Head Warlord has been removed and the Head Warlods are given a chance to re-earn their ranks. And the people who were demoted need to get over it. Ranking up is the funnest part of being in an army, whether it’s in Club Penguin or not. Everyone is getting a chance to re-live that experience. I’m not brainwashed, I just know what I’m talking about. Elmikey is easily one of the greatest leaders Club Penguin armies has ever had, and I’m lucky enough to serve under him.


  24. http://prntscr.com/1l4sb5 This is the kind of troop that joins rpf *wary*


  25. LMFAO this is my all time favorite post and interview, also if you’re honestly trying to defend RPF then that shows how ignorant you are. Just don’t even bother. DOWN WITH ELM!


  26. LOL and here comes the noobs of RPF to rage!!!!


    • ya’ know i was a noob of RPF sincerely,but he DEMOTED me for my opinion,now i would want Mikey (he doesnt deserve EL in his name,he is dipshit) if he would die that would be great


  27. I think Elmikey did a great job! He only left on the ranks the people who were actually doing something to be promoted, and being active almost every single day. Of course the others who didn’t do almost anything and ranked up are raging.
    Elmikey is a great leader! Fight the good fight RPF


  28. I’m laughing so hard at this xD


  29. elm said active troops are still high ranked,but ive been to every event since i joined RPF,and he demoted me 9 ranks


  30. P.S.
    he demoted some people 5 ranks,and he demoted some people 11 ranks


  31. […] — The embattled former titan the Rebel Penguin Federation has certainly seen its share of controversy and scandal the last year, as the army skyrocketed back to power in July 2013 under Elmikey, and […]


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