Shadow Troops Declared Dead

TUNDRA, ST HEADQUARTERS – After a painful year, where the Shadow Troops never really climbed up the Top 10 or showed any signs of improvement, they have now officially been declared dead.

On August 7th, 2013, Coff officially declared the Shadow Troops dead. The once “Top 10 Regular” army were featured in the Top 10 a lot during 2013, but always around the bottom, sometimes even dropping out into the Top 15. A couple of months ago, they disappeared completely from the Top 15, and had to work their way up through SMAC once again.

During the month of July, the Shadow Troops showed real signs of improvement, by getting in the Top 10 and Top 15, with sizes of around 15+. Prior to the Shadow Troops being declared dead, they handed over their servers to the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin. Below is an excerpt from the post titled “Time Has Come”, by Coff:

The Shadow Troops are officially dead. I am not making this post as long as I did with the other two because someone is purposely deleting my revisions now. I mentioned statistics with the website how everything is  bad and how the Shadow Troops have been near their grave for the past couple of months.
Nobody is allowed to bring the Shadow Troops back, unless Commando993, Apocalypse66 and Coff all agree. That guarantee will never happen and I am making this post quickly since my past two posts are being deleted. The Shadow Troops will never be brought back again. If they are, that Shadow Troops will not be considered the official Shadow Troops and CP Army Central won’t approve of it.
Now that the Shadow Troops are pronounced dead, the servers Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Wind chill, Snow Day and Yukon will be given to the Army of Club Penguin. All those servers were owned only by the Shadow Troops. The Shadow Troops will also be giving their shares of Tundra and Parka to the Rebel Penguin Federation.
The Shadow Troops should have been ended a long time ago. It should have been when the Shadow Troops Creator Commando993 and Former Leader Apocalypse66 retired. I was in denial so I decided to stay with the Shadow Troops and hold an adviser rank to see them succeed, but that rarely happened. Only a few leaderships managed to be successful but the inconsistency has shown throughout the past couple of months.
I don’t want to get into to much detail, but the Shadow Troops are not what they used to be. The Shadow Troops were a powerhouse in the ole’ days, but in recent years they are known for their inconsistency of having a great two weeks, then a week with no weeks, an average week then a poor week.
Do not blame me for why the Shadow Troops are dead. Blame the individuals who constantly lied about recruiting while the leaders were on vacation. Loiy1, Elf12800, Chater X and Hades did a great job while Slimy and Veolata went away on vacation. All four of you deserve an army that can have stability, and the Shadow Troops cannot give you that. I’ll help all four of you, including the devoted moderators and members find a stable army.
The Shadow Troops chat can be used as a hangout chat, but I do not own the chat so I have no control over that.

Coff has made it clear that if an army called the “Shadow Troops” ever returns, it will not be the OFFICIAL Shadow Troops. He also highlighted the fact that the Shadow Troops had a tumultuous last couple of months, with only some good events last month. The Shadow Troops won the “Biggest Rise: 2011” award at the CPA Central Awards, showing how different the army was then, and how it is now.

King Phooey, the person who Commando993 left the Shadow Troops to when he left, had this new information to tell me:

Now, Veo is keeping me locked out of my own army. I get troops on my side, then he lies and gets them back to his corrupt side. It’s been that way for a month, and I’m sick of it. ST is shut down. It’s no longer valid. It needs validation from Me, Coff, Commando or Apo to come back

So if we understand this correctly, the Shadow Troops hadn’t really been operating as an “army”, more as two sides forming two separate “armies” within one army.

Shadow Troops, August 3, 2008 – August 6, 2013

Will the Shadow Troops ever return? Were they right to close down? Comment with YOUR opinion below!


11 Responses

  1. ok first of all, we knew that from smac. (xd)




  3. Watch someone create a new ST generation.


  4. They died because their “leaders” slimy and ziro didnt trust any mods or owners. At one point owners didn’t even have the authority to member new recruits due to gcontrol.It was chaos especially since slimy and ziro couldnt come on half of the time so there was no leader of st this past month. Only 4 active owners who were all considered “temp leaders” in my mind. So even when they would recruit new troops they could not member them or mod them. This is why they failed to succeed and it will happen all over again if they are to be brought back.


  5. Pretzels have made its 15th generation. I don’t know what to do.


  6. King Phooey does not have any validation towards ST.


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