Tap vs. The Star Wars Takeover

star wars

200 years ago, in the Andromeda Galaxy…

This post will be different from the others. I am not going to go all out and rage about the party just yet because I do want to describe my history with the Star Wars Franchise. I am a star wars nerd, I will admit to it. I have seen all the movies, I own all but episode 2 (fuck that one) and I have played 6 star wars games, a couple critically acclaimed. I always enjoyed the franchise but I was about 15-16 when I started getting into more by playing Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Last summer I managed to play Knights of the Old Republic, a game that is considered to be the best RPG of ’03 and ’04. I have played Empire at War, Galactic Battlegrounds Saga and Lego Star Wars, all of which are good games. I’ve taken a lot of time to read the expanded universe in Star Wars after Episode 6 so I know quite a bit of the Timeline. The music score is amazing for movies and games and I was very wary of this party because of the previous takeovers.

As for this party, if it makes you guys happy only one room is decorated and we do not even go into it because of the updates Club Penguin has done.

As for Party rooms, we have a lot! Tattoine has the spaceport, the Cantina, the Dune Sea, Lars Homestead, The sandcrawler from Episode IV and outside the Homestead. The music all taken from Episode IV as expected including a couple of my favorite tunes, “The Force” in Lars Homestead and “The Cantina” in the Cantina.

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The Death Star has 8 rooms to showcase. They are the Hanger, a couple of hall ways, the trash area, the reactor, the prison and the Throne Room. I will nitpick the issue wit this place having the wrong music for the movie. As this is based on episode 4, we will use “Battle of the Heroes” from Episode 3 where Obi Wan has left Anakin in lava. The really represents the Death Star. The other song used for this area is “The Imperial March” in the throne room. For those of you who do not know the Imperial March first appeared in Episode V as the theme of Darth Vader and hints of it was used in the Prequel Series and TV show when Anakin met a former Imperial commander or if he was doing something particularly bad.

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This area in particular I like, I really enjoy the music here it’s just that it is wrong!  There is a song for the Death Star that is very dark and demanding BUT it fits better for sneaking around the death star then “Battle of the Heroes.” Hell the song they should have used I have linked.

The third location is The Jedi Academy I mean Yavin IV, which has next to nothing for rooms but has the “award ceremony/final credits” as it’s theme, which fits since the award ceremony was on Yavin IV. Just a Hanger and Command Room here.

Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16

Now there are more then Just rooms here. There are mini games as well. A shooter game where you shoot stormtroopers, A game where you must hack into security using R2D2 and an easy trench shooter where you fly your X-wing into the Death Star. These games are relatively easy and I finished them all within a day of being released. They do give an item or two for beating them with the shooter giving a helmet for nonmembers and armor for members. The hacking gives you a rebel troop helmet, a Pin and a Background along with rebel gear for members, and the X-Wing gives you a pilot Helmet, a Background and the Pilot Suit for members. There are a ton of stuff for members to buy and you can become a Jedi master/Sith Master if a member. This party is not that bad, far from perfect but after the crap that has been thrown at us in the past year for parties, this is more or less a breath of air.

The next party is the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam! You like Music Jam, you like water parties, you like Summer parties, how about we combine them all, and bring in Disney stars to sponsor it since it is a Disney Movie that was pathetic.

Surfs Up Teen Beach Movie Logo


11 Responses

  1. Lightsabre! 😀
    Takeovers usually suck, but this one was okay, seeing it’s based after something that IS actually popular, unlike the Teen Beach Movie and Disney sponsoring it was a mistake…


  2. Disney was smart with this one the only one who is whining is Saraapril and her fans


  3. The day that Disney purchased Star Wars, you already knew that this party would come at some point. No sith-lightning, the lightsaber duels were horrific. You have the most amazing franchise in the world, with hundreds of characters, yet you think having an overweight polar bear as your villain is a good idea. *claps*


  4. As soon as I saw the Quest Map for this party, I was like “CP, Y U NO HAVE OTHER PLANETS” but then the party would’ve been in a later month, and if there were more than 3 planets, a new one coming every week, it would be REALLY LONG, but who really gives a fuck? Since Star Wars is very popular anyway, why not make it longer than the others? But then CP would be like “The Star Wars takeover party was longer than the other parties, why not make the other parties longer?”




  6. Teen Beach Movie Party- I’m only interested if there’s girls with bikinis included, otherwise- fuck you Disney.


  7. Welcome to Club Penguin. Now Disney’s way of promoting the shit they produce on their TV channels.



  8. I liked music jam and the adventure party better it made it feel like summer.


  9. I was expecting Darth Mickey in this party but thank god…


  10. I have to agree with slider the music jam was better but I like the star wars idea


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