Underground Mafias Army and Army of Club Penguin Battle for Mittens

MITTENS- With the war between the Underground Mafias Army and the Army of Club Penguin just beginning to take flight, the two fierce rivals fought their second battle of the day on the server Mittens.

Prior to the battle of Mittens, ACP attempted to invade Bunny Hill from UMA.  The winner of the battle was disputed as both armies claimed victory.  Hoping this wouldn’t become one of those wars, everyone held their breath as ACP and UMA went at it again in the second battle of the newly risen war with ACP invading Mittens and UMA defending.

The battle commenced at 3:30 pm EST.  The first half of the battle started with ACP fighting UMA.  The Nachos were helping UMA while the Rebel Penguin Federation was helping ACP. 

The second half of the battle started with the Army Republic joining the fight.  Because Mittens is partially owned by AR, they showed up to defend it for both UMA and themselves.  The leaders on UMA chat left around this point, so UMA reorganized after the confusion and teamed up with AR in the Cove.  The armies continued to fight from there.


The battle ended with both armies claiming victory.  Sizes were scattered throughout the battle with armies joining and leaving the fight along with many room changes.

Interview with Tori, ACP Leader

Why do you think ACP won the battle of Mittens?

Tori: I think ACP won because we did well in my opinion.  I mean, we maxed about 30 for our size and did alright for tactics.

How do you think ACP did during the battle?

Tori: Like I said, I think we did well.

Do you think ACP has a good shot at winning this war?

Tori: I think we have a good shot at winning this war.

How long do you think the war will last?

Tori: I honestly think it will last more than intended to be.  When I first spoke with Wgfv, he estimated around half a week to a week.  Although, with how things are going right now, I think it will last longer than that.

Interview with Lild, UMA 2ic

Why do you think UMA won the battle of Mittens?

Lild: Well, we’ve been progressing since the acquisition of Wgfv leading once more, and due to that we’ve had great sizes, and during the battle we’ve shown we have potential to be the UMA we once were.

How well did UMA perform during the battle?

Lild: Well, we did spectacular.  We were doing amazingly well that whole event and that moment will definitely shift to us.  We had solid tactics, our line formations were amazing.  This was one of UMA’s best battles.  Probably the best since Wgfv got 50 a long time ago.

Do you think ACP will be a tough opponent during this war?

Lild: Well, it all depends honestly.  As we know, all armies have good days and bad days.  But I feel after this battle ACP will more than likely pick up the slack and give us one of the best wars in CP army history.  So yes, we will have a tough war with them.

When do you think this war will end?

Lild: Honestly, I have no idea.  Maybe it will last a few weeks, it could last a month and a half at most.  But how long this war will last comes all the way down to how well our sizes pan out and the success of defenses and invasions.  So if ACP doesn’t pick up the slack I give it a month or maybe, just maybe, less.

While it is unclear how long this war will last, one thing is for sure, the war is only beginning to heat up.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle.  Who do you think won?  What’s your opinion on this war?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

11 Responses

  1. 1st suckers


  2. ACP Lost. Nothing else to say.


  3. ACP killed itself at war with UMA and AR did u think we would be gone for long? how would be not keep fighting until ACP dies


  4. ACP lost that battle, it’s obvious.


  5. UMA won.


  6. UMA clearly one, it was no time, unlike some cough*tori*cough might say.


  7. *won, my apologies.


  8. Notice how the acp LEADER gives short, lame responses.

    And the uma 2IC gives long, detailed responses.

    If UMA Leader > UMA 2ic > ACP Leader > ACP, than
    UMA > ACP


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