Legends Cup IV – Redemption Finals In Review

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – With two spots for the final already taken, either the Army Republic or Nachos would take the third spot in the final through the redemption rounds, having already lost to RPF and DCP respectively. Both armies had good sizes and the overall review will not be spoilt in the introduction. There is only one battle to report on in this review post, which could be the last from me for the Legends Cup IV.  Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.


  • Nachos (1) vs Army Republic (3)


  • Nachos reached 35 and beat Army Republic who reached 30.

After a short review that has never been shorter, we have the long review to go more in depth for the battle. Unlike the other rounds, there were two room changes instead of one, due to the vast amount of people locked out from both sides. The Purple Republic, ironically, put the wrong times on their steam and that meant that no raids occurred for this battle. Based upon both the top ten rankings and orginal seeding, no upset took place today and the number one seed managed to reach the final. 

Nachos (1) vs Army Republic (3)

To start with the armies spent 10 minutes in the berg, which was dominated by the Nachos due to upwards of 20 AR soldiers being locked out. The Nachos yet again formed the three lines in this room, which provided a win for them against the Water Vikings in the earlier round. The room change to the Stadium was successful for the Army Republic, in terms of closing the size difference but they were still outnumbered by the Nachos by 5+ at times. The highlight of formations came when the Army Republic formed a + while the Nachos formed a x at the same time. The Nachos narrowly won this room. When it came to the charge for the Mine, the AR got about 20+ soldiers in while the Nachos managed upwards of 30. The Nachos formed a z for most of this room, while the AR used the chatbar. The Nachos z was not very good and this was soon abandoned for a waterfall. The AR also lost this room, but were not too far behind.


Picture from Nachos Site

What do YOU think about the Nachos’ victory? Did the AR deserve to win or did the judges get this right? Also comment YOUR opinion on who you think will win the final between RPF, DCP and Nachos!

-Kingfunks4 Former CPAC Head

Thanks to Jtzink for this video. 

19 Responses

  1. Funks your reporting sucks more than a vaccum cleaner


  2. you know what else is long?
    my DICK


  3. It was a close battle


  4. Yay! c:
    AR also did great (;


  5. The tactics that the Nachos did in the three lines made me want to cry.

    http://t.qkme.me/3oyoa9.jpg <— My reaction to the three lines tactics in a nutshell


  6. And in other news, I’m back as Watex Warriors leader but only for a month. Maybe you could, I don’t know, post about my similarities with Lord Pain.


  7. We have proof that AR got MUCH more than 30, unless you aren’t counting locked out troops.


  8. nachos win its kinda obvious


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