Army Republic vs. Army of Club Penguin War Continues

Toboggan, Army Republic Empire – The temporary ceasefire between the Army Republic and Army of Club Penguin has come to an end, and with that, means another war for the ACP i.e; two wars simultaneously raging.

After an upsetting defeat against the Nachos in the Legends Cup IV’s Redemption Battle, the AR was quick to answer the call and announced that the war would continue. Here’s what AR leader Burr stated:

I think the troops know what this post is for. ACP, we promised you we’d come back for you and we will live up to that promise. Capncook, maybe you should learn to watch what you say, because AR isn’t too hesitant on trying our best to annihilate you and everything you’ve ever accomplished.  Are we the heroes? Of course not. What’s the fun in that?

As for that, the AR have currently scheduled invasions in the servers Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Yukon and Beanie while we await the ACP to announce their invasions on the AR’s empire.

With that, I had a chance to interview Slick, former AR leader, about the war and what he believes will the course of action be.

Interview with Slick, Former AR Leader, What’s Up 11, AR 3ic 

Stefi: What do you expect from the AR regarding sizes at the invasions/defenses?

Slick: I don’t expect anything less than we all saw today. The sizes were outstanding, and when matched along with the consistency we’ve had in the past events, I have no doubt that we will do great. 

Stefi: Regarding the fact about ACP’s AUS division, do you believe the AR will come up with a way to turn the tides around?

*Interview was paused at this time and was continued with What’s Up answering the remaining questions*

What’s Up 11: I think our AUS division will do much better, and I am sure they will schedule AUS events, knowing that they have the strongest AUS division pretty much, and now that we have a new AUS leader, we hope that our AUS division will be stronger than ever. Also, the ACP schedules lots of AUS events sometimes because they know they are losing the USA/UK 

Stefi: Does the AR have a specific plan in order to annihilate the ACP?

What’s Up 11: Yes, we plan on invading any remaining servers they will have left, and we have already scheduled some invasions. 


Interview with Tori, ACP Leader

Stefi: What do you expect from the ACP regarding sizes at the invasions/defenses?

Tori: Hopefully at least 25+.

Stefi: Do you think the AR will pay close attention to the ACP’s AUS division and plan accordingly?

Tori: Yeah, I think they will.

Stefi: Do you have any specific plan like you have for the UMA?

Tori: None that I have thought of yet. I’m sure there will be a plan sooner or later though.

Stefi: With two wars to look after, will be a problem?

Tori: Of course, it’s not going to be easy having two wars to deal with.

We can see that both armies are focusing on the AUS divisions this time around as they know it will be a necessary weapon in their arsenals.

With another war tentatively awaiting to be written in the books, we’ll see more than a show of splendor, claims, threats and cheating, but we’ll see how one army reacts to two wars at the same time in modern times, and with that, you all await for the picture at the end to never appear again.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

18 Responses

  1. Kitchen.

    But not a bad post.


  2. Nice post


  3. Rabbit approves.


  4. I applaud you for not being biased towards acp at all. you are one of the few cpac reporters who has accomplished this


  5. So, we currently have,

    ACP Vs AR
    ACP v UMA
    SWAT v DW
    RPF v DW

    Is this the making of a new World War?


  6. I find it kind of funny though. If anyone remembers, ACP was targeted and was trying to be killed earlier this year, and this is like the same exact thing, just with different armies.


  7. I hope you guys don’t think ACP is winning this war before the break…


  8. Was winning this war*


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