A Day Of Responses

MAMMOTH, EVERY ARMIES’ HEADQUARTERS – Last night and this morning, about a million posts were made on different army websites in response to one army or another.

I apologise for the useless introduction as there was nothing else really to write.

So let’s get started off with why this all started. The reason so many “response” posts were made due to  couple of events that have occurred recently. The first event being the ACP vs UMA battles that took place yesterday, where the ACP were being hypocrites and stating everywhere they could that “The UMA were using the Nachos as allies”, when they had about 4 armies on their side, and less than 50% of the troops online were actually theirs. The second event was the RPF vs DW war, where the SWAT also joined in on the RPF’s side.

Let’s start off with the UMA vs ACP war. On the ACP’s results post for Day 1 of “Operation Barbarossa”, they stated that they won “5 out of 6 battles”, then went on to create some memes directed to the UMA.  A couple of examples are below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.05.35 PM

The UMA then wrote a post last night directed to the ACP, that included a whole post full of memes and also stated the fact that the ACP winning “5 out of 6 battles” was utter “bullsh*t”. Below are a couple of examples from the UMA’s collection of memes:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.11.15 PM

At this point, I almost felt like ending this post and just having a poll with the viewers of “Which collection of memes are better?”. Well of course I couldn’t do that, as it wasn’t the end of the events that occurred. Tori then wrote a letter directed to the UMA, going over points why the ACP won the battles yesterday. So if you have already read THIS post, I suggest you just skip the quoted part that is about to come up.

Dear UMA,

Since you guys are already using posts to trash me, then I mind as well do the same. I don’t typically make posts like this, but oh well. Allow me to explain to you all again, since you can’t get it through your thick heads.

ACP was told that those “invasions” you had yesterday, were raids. We chose to ignore those raids, since we were told that’s what they were. Now, if you want to go and blame ACP because of it, go for it. Be my guest. Just remember to tell some of your lovely owners not to go off and tell us that those events are raids, before you go yell at them and fire them again. Please, get your story straight before you go and accuse people.

I know that you all know it’s true. Just by firing an owner, and raging at another proves that you know some of the owners told us they were raids. Next time, just put it in the post of what type of event it is, so it’s clear for the other army, or is that too complicated for you all to do?

With that being said, ACP still owns those servers that you raided. Oh, excuse me. I meant “invasions.” You can call me butthurt, “Donkey of the Day”, or whatever names you come up with, all you want, ’cause I don’t care. You can also call me stubborn for not giving up the servers, and believing those were raids – but thing is, I won’t deny it. I am a stubborn person.

All I ever was to you guys, from the beginning of this war, was nice and civil with you all. You all are just the complete opposite. So, if you guys want to make this war worse than it is, once again, be my guest. I’m done being nice and civil.

If you want to claim that you guys didn’t use Nachos for help, and that they were inUMA – well, I got some pictures for you. I should also mention that we saw that you were using AR too.

Now for AR.

What’s that? You say that they’re in UMA? Well, your own ranks says differently.


If you guys really think I’m gullible to believe you – think again. You may want to start thinking before you say anything. You wanted proof, so I gave you it. I mean, sure, I’m not going to deny it. ACP had help from RPF, but we didn’t get help from WW. They told us that they were just there for fun, not to help. Although, that’s the only other army we had to help us.

We never had any more armies than that to help us. Where in UMA‘s case, you guys had two armies to help you. I don’t want to go on about this, but if UMA is going to accuse us of having more than one army for help (which isn’t true at all), then I will defend, and respond for my army. We only asked one army to help us, and that wasRPF. We didn’t ask anyone else.

> claims that ACP brought in more than one allies

ACP only brought in one

> makes fun of ACP for thinking we had more than one allies with

> brought in two allies to help (Nachos and AR)

Hypocritical much?

Sure, I may be just adding fuel to the fire, but just remember who ignited it first. Yeah, I know. I’m pushing it, but oh well. I’m not the only one, right? If you guys wish to respond, talk to me personally. Otherwise, I’m done.

One last thing before I wrap this up here. I just want to say that you guys are affecting the way things are going right now. Meaning that UMA are only making it worse than this war was intended to be. So, if you all want to keep on fueling the fire, then fine by me. I’ll fight back. At this rate of how things are going, things aren’t going to end well, honestly. You know it, and I know it. Although, if you all want to keep on going, thenbring it on.

With love,


After Tori’s letter, Mach went ahead to correct the MANY grammar mistakes in Tori’s post, so I think you (the readers) would rather skip that bit, as you would have wasted another 5 minutes.

The next part of this post is regarding the exchanges between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors. Snaily5 wrote a post on the RPF site about how this war between the RPF and the DW is “necessary”, as they have come to help out their ally SWAT. Below is the RPF’s post:

For those troops who are thinking “Oh no, another war?”, wars are necessary and wars are fun.  Wars are what keep our community of amazing people having fun, being involved, communicating with one another effectively, and making great contributions to this game.  Wars are where heroes and legends are made and necessary changes happen.  Without wars, we would have no purpose and no armies.  Wars are fantastic times to immerse yourself into armies and Club Penguin and make the most of yourself while having a great time with friends.

Wars can break armies apart or bring armies closer together, making them stronger, stable, most successful.  In this past Nacho war, we brought Nachos to their knees and strengthenedRPF to becoming once again, a force not to be reckoned with.  We have the best, closest troops who express enthusiasm and loyalty like no others.  We have the best combination of leadership with a common vision and ideology for RPF and CP armies.

RPF, we stand for what is right and what is good.  We use our strengths to assist others in need, for the good of all armies.  We set an example of what a true ally is to other armies.  We are role models and we will stand as one and keep setting the standard of excellence for all to follow.

Therefore, we will engage in another exciting, thrilling war!  We are at war with the Dark Warriors and we will bring darkness upon them WHEN DARKNESS FALLS.  RPF will not stand for their atrocities in CP armies and against our smaller ally SWAT.  We will stand tall and fight hard.  We fight side by side and…

The Dark Warriors then posted a response to the RPF and said how that they will be “Ignoring all of their invasions”. Pufpuf also included many other points towards the RPF and said that the RPF think that “they’re the CP army police”. Below is the DW’s post:

Hey DW,

So recently, the RPF declared war because they think they’re the CP army police. This is why we will be ignoring all of their invasions. The Dark Warriors will not fight an army full  of hypocrisy, and major contradiction.  There is no need for this, SWAT and DW get the same sizes. A top 10 is one or two peoples opinion. The top 10 is very tight right now in sizes, there’s not that much difference from 5-10th. Also, even if there was you just proved youselves to be massive hypocrites two times today. Learn the word “contradiction” RPF

We’ve been through something a little over a month ago similar to this, and that was 3 consistent armies declaring war on us. We survived that, and we can survive RPF aswell.

1. You helped ACP and several others against UMA, an army not even in the top 10

2. DW is 4 spots behind RPF, and you declared war on us. Yet you criticize us for declaring war on SWAT? LOLWUT.

DW doesn’t really care if you “invade” our servers, honestly lol. Our army isn’t full of pedophiles and nerds like yours, as shown when we lost the LCIV battle a few days ago. We didn’t care, because we don’t take this game as serious as you do. Jesus, your war with Nachos was enough to give me entertainment for a whole year.

DW and Nachos have never felt like allies either, but what they were doing I now understand. RPF are acting like ACP were 2-3 years ago. They’re acting like they own this community, and feel as if every war involves them. Ask yourselves this, what did SWAT/DW have to do with RPF? Nothing at all, throughout both histories of SWAT and DW we never crossed paths. And it’s also hilarious because Commando was kissing Ambrosha’s ass last week saying how “good” allies DW and RPF were. Two faced.

So, let me sum this up for you.

 REBEL PEDOPHILE FORCE, WE ARE IGNORING YOU. Have fun recruiting 18 hours a day

In conclusion, the AR wrote a post directed to the ACP, RPF and the DCP. Below is the post:


Hello, this post is basically to those who have decided to aid ACP out of the “liberty” and “justification” in their hearts. First off, you aren’t doing the “right thing.”  Apparently RPF has decided to join in because they feel it would be wrong to “abandon ACP” against it’s enemy in this war, just as ACP did to them. I get the whole be the bigger person philosophy, but may I remind you who ACP is battling? UMA is LOWER than them in the top ten, they are less recognized, and were considered less powerful, yet you feel you have to save them? Capncook and Cas boast so much about their power and how they are one of the strongest armies out there, then how come they need so many allies to beat an army 2 spots lower than them in the top ten? Perhaps you should re-consider aiding ACP and I also can’t say I agree with your motives for attacking DW as it really didn’t have anything to do with you. We were once ACP’s bitches too, trust me, it always ends poorly considering they abandoned us, just as they abandoned you.


All I hear from you guys is your cocky attitude. Capncook, Cas, if you’re reading this, remember all I heard was you talking about how big ACP was and how much they were “dominating” AR in the war, yet you can’t beat an army whose 9th in the top ten and recovering from quite a lot? Are you kidding me? If you’re so big and powerful, prove it by fighting this army without bringing in as many allies as you can because it makes you look even more pathetic than you already did. :roll:


I know you haven’t officially joined the war, but I do know you have helped ACP in battles which is a mistake. You may have a grudge against UMA, but taking them on while they fight 2-4 other armies isn’t the way to solve it. Also, at some point AR will strike vengeance against ACP, and when that happens I don’t want things to get messy between us. Also, take it from me, becoming known as ACP’s bitches isn’t a good reputation.

To Any Other Allies: 

The only one I can think of straight of the bat is WW, but I here there are others. This war doesn’t involve you. Don’t get your army killed because because you were pressured to help fight to defend an army as ridiculous as ACP. Trust me, when this war is over, he will kick you guys off the curb and forget you guys ever existed.

In conclusion, a whole lot of arguments have gone on in these 2 separate wars; the ACP vs UMA one, and the RPF vs DW war. The DW have publicly announced that they will be ignoring the RPF’s invasions, but will they change their mind if the RPF continue to claim their servers?

What is going to happen next? Whose memes were better; ACP’s or UMA’s? We want YOUR opinion!


29 Responses

  1. i win a magical unicorn


    • Congratulations to Mchappy as he has won a magical pink unicorn called “Fluffity”.

      Meet me on ACP chat to collect your prize.


    • LOL! THESE FIGHTS ARE FUNNY WHEN EVERYONE’S POSTING RESPONSES TO OTHER ARMIES ON THEIR OWN SITE! *not chanting* DISPUTE! DISPUTE! NEIGHBORLY DISPUTE! ._. *cough* man I need to chill with the caps, mch I like how you say “I win a magical unicorn” out of nowhere, WHAT HAS THAT TO DO WITH ALL THE FIGHTIN!?


  2. It’s safe to say everyone liked RPF better when they got 10.


  3. tori is evolving


  4. 😉


  5. LOL that meme “Hey troops its me tori” “does this make my butt look big”


  6. l
    / \

    My form of shocking. War with 2 more armies :L


  7. Sounds like another nonsense war. -.-


  8. -_- RPF was the only army that helped ACP so far, WW weren’t helping anyone, and UMA had Nachos and AR helping them -_-


  9. Those memes made me cringe. Can everyone please stop using memes like this.


  10. Hate, hate, hate and more hate, what has the world come to… :c


  11. http://prntscr.com/1jygju – RPF was on SWAT’s side.


  12. The RPF have since left the ACP vs UMA war, though there are a few RPF soldiers that joined up with the ACP to help them.

    Also, for the record, it was originally SWAT vs DW, and the RPF joined in.


  13. I’ll be in the Cantina if you need me.


  14. I never thought I’d see the day where UMA can actually ACP again.

    Nachos and UMA, only armies to ever produce remotely decent memes. ACP is mediocre. Anyone remember the RPF memes? Those made me want to hurl.


  15. Not sure if memes written while said person is drunk or Lord Pain in real life.


  16. ACP can yell at UMA for bringing allies but we can’t yell at ACP for bringing RPF? Capn of Tori leading ACP with 30 isn’t going to happen


  17. Fun, interesting post Superoo. I enjoyed the ribbing between the armies because that is what makes this worthwhile and fun.
    My post did not state anywhere, nor was it intended to, that war with DW was necessary. My post addressed those who were insecure about CP army wars and their purpose since RPF has so much fresh blood in our army, people new to armies. I stated the benefits of CP wars and how they are necessary to keeping this game and community going.
    I finished the post with an announcement that RPF has declared war on DW and to prepare, motivating the troops.
    That was all. That is what was stated.


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