Rebel Penguin Federation Declare War on the Dark Warriors

EDIT: The Dark Warriors response to the Rebel Penguin Federation is added.

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – In the midst of the Dark Warriors declaring war on SWAT, the Rebel Penguin Federation who are brother allies with SWAT decide to declare war on the Dark Warriors.

As the Rebel Penguin Federation help their allies, the Army of Club Penguin, in their war against the Underground Mafias Army they have decided to start their own war against the Dark Warriors.

Recently, the Dark Warriors have declared war on SWAT, and the Rebel Penguin Federation did not like that action. This is exactly what the Rebel Penguin Federation have said directly to the Dark Warriors:

Hey RPF! You read the title right, yes, the U.S.R.P.F are officially declaring war on Dark Warriors. We have just got out of a long, tiring war, but this won’t be like that. :D This will be an easy win for us, as we are much larger than Dark Warriors, AND we have SWAT, both of us combined can easily destroy them.

The Dark Warriors are an evil, cowardly army. They have declared war on an army smaller than them, SWAT, who are last on the top 10. Dark Warriors know that SWAT are smaller, and are attempting to destroy them. They have made up many excuses for the war, but none are true. They are liars, hoping to kill a smaller army, because they are scared to declare war on someone larger. They are not brave, like US, like YOU. They are cowards, and we must destroy them.

The RPF was created to destroy the UMA, and now we will destroy the Dark Warriors. They will pay the price for attacking our allies, and they will regret it. My message to you Dark Warriors, we’re coming for you. We will invade. We will defend. We will win. There’s nothing you can do now to stop us, we will not give up.

Dark Warriors, goodbye.

At this moment, the Rebel Penguin Federation is able to get a solid 35+ on Club Penguin, even though they just ended their war with the Nachos.


The Rebel Penguin Federation in the Forest
War Against the Nachos

The Dark Warriors, who fall at 5T in our Top 10, are getting a consistent 20+ at events. For the Dark Warriors the Legends Cup has been lost, and now they can focus on their wars. Moments after the Rebel Penguin Federation have declared war on the Dark Warriors, the Dark Warriors put up a sentence directing the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Ignoring RPF invasions because they’re one of the biggest hypocrites in armies.

The Dark Warriors in the Snow Forts

Not long after, the Dark Warriors posted their response to the Rebel Penguin Federation:

Hey DW,

So recently, the RPF declared war because they think they’re the CP army police. This is why we will be ignoring all of their invasions. The Dark Warriors will not fight an army full  of hypocrisy, and major contradiction.  There is no need for this, SWAT and DW get the same sizes. A top 10 is one or two peoples opinion. The top 10 is very tight right now in sizes, there’s not that much difference from 5-10th. Also, even if there was you just proved youselves to be massive hypocrites two times today. Learn the word “contradiction” RPF

We’ve been through something a little over a month ago similar to this, and that was 3 consistent armies declaring war on us. We survived that, and we can survive RPF aswell. 

1. You helped ACP and several others against UMA, an army not even in the top 10

2. DW is 4 spots behind RPF, and you declared war on us. Yet you criticize us for declaring war on SWAT? LOLWUT.

DW doesn’t really care if you “invade” our servers, honestly lol. Our army isn’t full of pedophiles and nerds like yours, as shown when we lost the LCIV battle a few days ago. We didn’t care, because we don’t take this game as serious as you do. Jesus, your war with Nachos was enough to give me entertainment for a whole year.

DW and Nachos have never felt like allies either, but what they were doing I now understand. RPF are acting like ACP were 2-3 years ago. They’re acting like they own this community, and feel as if every war involves them. Ask yourselves this, what did SWAT/DW have to do with RPF? Nothing at all, throughout both histories of SWAT and DW we never crossed paths. And it’s also hilarious because Commando was kissing Ambrosha’s ass last week saying how “good” allies DW and RPF were. Two faced.

So, let me sum this up for you.

REBEL PEDOPHILE FORCE, WE ARE IGNORING YOU. Have fun recruiting 18 hours a day.

I had the chance to interview both the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Interview with Matt, Dark Warriors Leader

Me = Black || Matt = Red

Why do you think that the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Dark Warriors?

They declared war because they think that they are the CP army police, and have to butt into everything that doesn’t concern them.

Since some people say that the Dark Warriors are not really consistent with their sizes, what sizes do you want the Dark Warriors to have in this war?

We are constantly getting 20+ at events. As for the war, we are ignoring RPF, but hope to get size of about 30+ against SWAT.

Why are the Dark Warriors deciding to ignore the Rebel Penguin Federation?

Like I said in my post, the DW will not fight an army full of hypocrisy and contradiction.


Interview with Elmikey, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader.

Me = Black || Elmikey = Green

Why did the Rebel Penguin Federation decide to declare war on the Dark Warriors?

They declared war on our allies/a smaller army. They stated that they would be ignoring our invasions, that is fine. We’ll be taking each and every DW server.

Why do you think that the Dark Warriors are ignoring invasions from the Rebel Penguin Federation?

The Dark Warriors said they are ignoring our invasions because we are a bigger army.

Will the Rebel Penguin Federation be focusing on the Dark Warriors or the Army of Club Penguin and aiding them through events?

The Rebel Penguin Federation will be focusing on the Dark Warriors.


Will this war be easy since the Dark Warriors are ignoring the Rebel Penguin Federation’s invasions? Will the Dark Warriors turn around and focus on the Rebel Penguin Federation? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

23 Responses



  2. So us declaring war on an army within the Top 10 is classified as “picking on smaller armies”. However when the RPF go to help ACP against an army that isn’t even in the Top 10 (UMA) it’s not picking on an army at all. Their logic is broken and until they get their asses handed to them they will continue to think the CP Army World revolves around RPF.


  3. UMA are in top 10 js


  4. Shit just got real.


  5. Darkness VS Darkness Me no understand. *WARY*


  6. Hahahah take that rpf idiots, defeated u +swat


    • Allies ask for help, we send troops in for an unsched for fun. Sorry other “armies” just likes to sit in chat and not go on cp, my troops are eager to get into battle and if they hear an ally needs help you best damn believe some are gonna hop servers and go help. If an ally asks for a hand we’ll be right there for them.


  7. An unbiased post by Dpd? Could it be true?


  8. DW beware SWAT will destroy ur shit


  9. swat will beat DW


  10. DW can take Down any army that comes in there way, so watch out RPF you might not make it into the Top 10 anymore…


  11. “This will be an easy win for us as we are much larger than the Dark Warriors” “We will kill the Dark Warriors” “The Dark Warriors declared war on a smaller army and are scared”… didn’t the RPF just declare war on an army half their size?


  12. CONFUSSINNGGGGG, RPF your logic is broken as you attacked UMA, which is better but smaller than you. Hm.


  13. Dark warriors are mad cause they know they lost


  14. It’s ridiculous really. Every war includes declaring war on a smaller army. Going by this silly logic, the only way it’s ‘fair’ is if you declare war on an army you’re tied for position with.

    Ludicrous Logic, brought to you by CPA.


  15. Actually, this is Diplomacy at its finest, in CP warfare.


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