Dark Warriors Declare War on SWAT

EDIT 2: RPF are helping SWAT against Dark Warriors.

EDIT: An interview with SWAT leader DPD has been added, I apologise for posting this before I had interviewed a SWAT leader.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors– The Dark Warriors of Club Penguin have declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. Dark Warriors, who rank 5th on the top 10, are invading SWAT, who rank 10th.

On August 5th, Dark Warriors chat was full of troops asking their leaders for war. According to sources, the troops asked to go to war with The Army of Club Penguin, however the leaders made no official announcement. However, later that day, DW Leader Crazy, officially declared war on SWAT. They claim that their reasoning behind this is that SWAT often steal their troops, and Doms, a Swat Leader, comes on their chat often and is cocky. Finally, they claim they needed a war, as just having training sessions was causing them to fall.

As soon as SWAT discovered Dark Warrior’s declaration of war, DPD2000, the newest addition to the SWAT leadership, announced the war on the SWAT site. He said that the Dark Warriors think they are cool declaring war on an army lower than them. And is clearly confident that SWAT can win this.

So the Dark Warriors think they are all cool declaring war on an army lower then them. Okay, but they are going to have their asses handed to them. :D More information to come soon!

Reeces, another SWAT leader, then went on to post the defences and some invasions.

This war comes in the midst of the Underground Mafias Army declaring war on ACP, the army who at first were thought to be declared war on by Dark Warriors. Also, Rebel Penguin Federation Vice President, Justinbronze, hinting that RPF will help ACP and/or SWAT, as both armies are their allies. Could the RPF change the course of DW’s war with SWAT if they got involved? Currently no invasions have been posted on the RPF site, so the RPF might not get involved after all, but there is certainly a chance that they might.

SWAT have recently been getting 25 at events, and have great tactics. Whereas Dark Warriors have been achieving larger sizes and have fantastic tactics.

Dark Warriors do a fantastic tactic at the forts

SWAT do a joke tactic at the town

I managed to get an interview with Dark Warriors leader, Crazy, which I have added below.

Me = Red

Crazy = Blue

Do you think this war will be an easy win for you, if so, why?

I won’t say it will be easy. You can’t take your opponents lightly, but I do say that I back DW to come through with the win.

There were rumours that you were going to declare war on ACP, why did you choose SWAT instead?

Well, I can’t declare war on an army without having input from my other leader (Puf) when we talked we decided to go after S.W.A.T because of what they’ve been doing not just over this little while but after the war we previously had.

And what do you think about the possible involvement of RPF to help SWAT, as their Vice President has hinted at itx?

About RPF helping SWAT, I’m not sure what has sparked them to go against DW. If they want to fight us they should really go 1 on 1 rather than 2 on 1 but thats up to them really

Some people have criticised you declaring war on a smaller army, what would you say to them?

Ok, I don’t care what army you are. Whether you max 2 or if you max 100. DW is going to protect their owners, but Dom, a  SWAT leader, told us that one of our leader’s was a noob and that DW owners are in-active. The main reason for the war is because they are saying stuff about our owners.

Any last comments?

How is it declaring war on a small army when they claim they get 25 at events?

Thanks for the interview

NP 😉

I also managed to get an interview with DPD2000, the latest SWAT leader.

Me = Red

DPD = Blue

Why did Dark Warriors declare war on you? Do you think it is a good reason?

Well, the DW state that we have stolen some of their troops. I guess 1 troop joining SWAT is considered stealing. And I think it’s crazy since they stole 4 troops from SWAT within 1 week.

How easy or difficult do you think this war will be?

I feel that it will be a challenge for SWAT now that we are just making our return to CPAC.

What do you think about the possible involvement of RPF helping you, as their Vice President has hinted at it?

I think the Dark Warriors will think twice in the future about who they declare war on.

And do you feel that this war is going to help you grow and rise in the top 10?

Of course.

Some people are saying that it was wrong for Dark Warriors to declare war on a smaller army, what would you say to them?

I would say pick on someone your own size 😀

Any last comments?


Thanks for the interview


So, with both SWAT and DW determined to win this war, and the possible involvement on the Rebel Penguin Federation, this war is set to be very interesting. In my opinion, Dark Warriors are the favourites to win this war. However, SWAT are just as determined and could possibly use this war to their advantage and rise. This war could go either way.

But what do YOU think about this war? Will RPF get involved?Comment with your opinion below!

13 Responses

  1. Not even I know if we’re gonna help SWAT for sure. As far as I know we still haven’t had an official meeting


  2. If RPF are going to act like the “World Police” and think they have say in every war which happens in this community, then we’re destined for another fall. Maybe Nachos actually did have a point when declaring war.

    DW and SWAT are both hitting 25 consistently, both are without their best leaders (DW – SaW/Unk) (SWAT – Ganger90)

    Let it be a 1v1.


  3. Black versus black dhats racist


  4. Bias you only interview DW. *wary*


  5. You should have interviewed a SWAT leader as well, why don’t you edit it in?


  6. SWAT Sexual Weapons And Tactics Heh Whut Shid


  7. Dark Warriors fors the winnn


  8. There has been an official meeting and we will be coordinating further with ACP and SWAT to plan invasions and defenses.




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      Have a good day.


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