Legends Cup IV – Semi-Final and Redemption Semi-Final Review

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KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Two battles taken place were for a place in the final, meaning the stakes have never been as high so far for a win. The redemption rounds also took place, with three armies getting above 25 in these battles. According to the original seedings, there are two upsets in these battles, but no army beat an army above them on the top ten.  Judging was based on an overall opinion on: size, tactics and consistency and all the rules that were applied to previous tournaments were applied to this one.


Normal Semi-Finals:

  • Doritos (8) vs Army of CP (7)
  • R.P.F (6) vs Dark Warriors (2)

Redemption Semi-Finals:

  • Nachos (1) vs Water Vikings (4)
  • Army Republic (3) vs Chaos (11)


  • Doritos reached 40 and beat Army of CP who reached 15.
  • R.P.F reached 35 and beat Dark Warriors who reached 15.
  • Nachos reached 35 and beat Water Vikings who reached 30.
  • Army Republic reached 30 and beat Chaos who reached 15.

With the return of the Purple Republic, good organisation from the CPAC judges and armies taking part meant that only one battle was affected by their raids.  As said in the introduction, based on the latest top ten no army upset the odds to get into the next round, but upsets did take place when looking at the seedings for the battle. One battle in particular was close, with the raided battle hard to judge due to the raiding Purple Republic. Two places for the final would be taken today, as we saw 5 armies across 4 battles hit sizes of 30+.

Doritos (8) vs Army of CP (7)

To get to this round, the Doritos beat the Light Troops and Nachos, while the ACP beat SWAT and Water Vikings. This battle was very disappointing for the ACP, without leader Capncook, they managed sizes of only 15 and were struggling from the start. The DCP averaged about 35 and hit highs of 40. While the DCP mainly circled the berg for most of the battle, due to the large difference in size ACP’s bomb’s were often ineffective and their line across, while was good for their size, did not compare to DCP’s circle. The Judges decided, in an 6-0 vote that the Doritos were the winners. The Doritos are through to the final and will face the R.P.F and either Army Republic or Nachos.

dcp vs acp size berg

Picture from DCP site

R.P.F (6) vs Dark Warriors (2)

To get to this point, RPF beat Shadow Troops and Army Republic, while the Dark Warriors beat UMA and Chaos/IW in a three way battle. Due to a similar colour, the RPF wore Red for this battle and the DW wore Blue. The RPF had a size advantage throughout the battle, in both the Forts and Berg, and had a large tactics advantage with better formations and tactics. The DW had long periods of no tactics in a poorly done line, signalling them giving up against the significantly larger RPF.  In a 7-1 vote, the judges declared RPF the winners of this battle. The RPF are through to the final and will face the Doritos and either the Army Republic or Nachos.

Picture from RPF Video

Nachos (1) vs Water Vikings (4)

While the Nachos lost in a shock defeat to the 8th seed Doritos, the WV lost in a narrow battle to the Army of CP. Coming up to this battle, both armies had similar chat sizes and this set the battle up well. The Forts was very close, with both armies winning at times during this half of the battle. The WV arguably narrowly won this room, with both armies having 25-30 on CP. The Judges announced the room change to Berg, but the message was not seen on the WV chat and they moved to the Stadium in which the Nachos smashed the WV with a fantastic three line formation. The Judges voted 3-0 in favor of the Nachos. Nachos will face the Army Republic for a place in the Final

Picture from WV site

Army Republic (3) vs Chaos (11)

The Army Republic had lost to the RPF to be in the redemption rounds, while Chaos had come 2nd in a three-way battle with the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors. Chaos had lasted three weeks longer than any other army that had to go through the qualifiers, which in itself was a shock as they arguably beat the Ice Warriors twice. This battle was ruined by the Purple Republic and this in no doubt affected Chaos more. Chaos had around 15 at times, while the Army Republic (without the Purple Republic) had 25-30. The battle started early due to the Purple Republic and Chaos shrank significantly because of them. The Judges voted 4-0-3 in favor of the Army Republic, with 3 judges voting for a tied result. Army Republic will face the Nachos for a place in the Final.


Picture from AR Site

What do YOU think about the results for this weekend? Will the AR or Nachos get a place in the final and who will eventually win the tournament? How well did Chaos do to get this far and was the Nachos/Water Vikings battle “one of the most fascinating battles” as said by Bluesockwa? Comment YOUR opinion on the results and future battles that have been caused by this weekend.

-Kingfunks4 Former CPAC Head

10 Responses

  1. 1st off even WITHOUT PR we had about 40 with PR we had 50 not 25 PLEASE REPORTERS STOP RIPPING OFF AR


  2. If DCP wins the legend cup I will record myself naked running in the street.


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