Iceyfeet1234 Returns As Temporary Leader of the Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – On August 5th, the Ice Warriors legend and leader, Iceyfeet1234, has announced his awaited return to his creation once again and embrace the leader position in the IW leadership panel.

If it is unheard to some of the viewers, this is Iceyfeet’s second temporary return to the IW since May 26th 2013 when it was believed that Albert417, the now-absent IW leader, would retire this summer which is true. For some time, the army and various members of the Army Community have been questioning whether or not the army would return to its former glory anytime soon, and now seems to be it. Iceyfeet stated the following when mentioning his return:

Well, I did it once before….

Due to the current state of the army, as well as Alb’s absence, I will be temporarily leading the Ice Warriors until everything is calm once again. When Alb returns (whether it be on this same day or a week from now), I will most likely remain leader with him for about a week in order to prepare the army for the annual collapse when school starts.

Although my schedule is very tight right now, I will do my best to attend and plan out events. As of right now I need the full participation of the army in order to prevent a further downfall.

He then continues his story by mentioning the present ranks in the army from fourth-in-command to leader. It’s fortunate and lucky enough for the army since their creator has arrived amidst a tough time where the IW rank below the Top Five on alternate days (it was on July 27th 2013 when Albert announced his four to five-day absence when off for a vacation).

A recent photo displaying the current average sizes of the army under Albert’s absence

When looking at the picture, one will see that there are about thirteen penguins from the IW army chanting “Turn Blue”. The tactic’s display is reasonable, with about only a couple of penguins reluctant to participate.

Below is a photo taken from the very last event led by Iceyfeet1234 before retiring

When looking at the picture above, one will notice that there are over 20 penguins (which I assume are 25 in total) performing the E+H tactic in symphony and with only one outcast tactic.

For the future, the IW apparently have some training events scheduled for the rest of the week and of course, there will be lots of talk with Iceyfeet about the direction the army will take in order to increase in sizes and climb up the Top Ten once again.

What do YOU think? Do you believe with Iceyfeet returning the army will become stronger, take part in army-wide events (if any) and then perhaps declare war or take further action? Only time will tell.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

To Matt

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

11 Responses

  1. Once again, congratulations.


  2. no
    go back to retirement


  3. Once again, a theory of dual leaders comes into play. When 1 leader goes away for a while, the other steps in. In this case it’s Icey filling in for Albert.


  4. I think everyone should know that when alb is away, i go into full rage and in deep depression.


  5. Didn’t see that coming. ~No One Ever.


  6. I understood Stephanie/Pikachu using the picture of that woman, now, a man is just unreasonable.


  7. Is this supposed to be news? Because I’m just seeing this daily now.


  8. why is the file under Micheal Jackson? misleading post!


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