Top Ten Armies: 08/04/13

As we enter the month of August, some major events from this week include the ceasefire in the Nacho/RPF war and the Legends Cup IV drawing closer and closer to its end. Let’s see how armies stack up. 


1T. Nachos [+1] [94.00] 

1T. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [94.00] 

3. Doritos [-1] [91.88] 

4. Army Republic [+0] [84.16] 

5T. Dark Warriors [+0] [74.88] 

5T. Water Vikings [+2] [74.88]

7. Army of CP [-1] [59.16] 

8. Ice Warriors [-2] [57.88] 

9. Underground Mafias Army [+4] [54.75] 

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [51.16] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Chaos Army [+0] 

12. Shadow Troops [NEW!]

13. Watex Warriors [+1] 

14. Soda Pop Army [NEW!] 

15. Lime Green Army [NEW!] 

1. Nachos: The Nachos started their week with their on-going war with RPF. Their first battle with RPF was on Deep Snow, where they claimed victory and managed to max 43. Then the Nachos defended the server Breeze from RPF, an event in which they managed to max 55 and their next event, which they again claimed they won. The battle of Ice Box saw the Nachos maxing an astonishing size of 70 whilst being raided by PR. On Saturday 3rd, RPF and Nachos made an agreement to end the war, with both armies returning all servers to their original owner. Later that day Nachos went on to defeat the Water Vikings in the Legends Cup Redemption Rounds.


1T. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPFs week started off when they promoted Snaily5 to ‘Rebel Commander’ rank on Tuesday. Later that day they invaded Nachos capitol, Blizzard in which they claimed victory, at this battle they reached sizes of 50. The following day saw the Battle of Tundra, where RPF got sizes of 55+ and pulled a definite victory with Nachos admitting defeat. On Thursday the RPF leadership removed Pain from his spot and welcomed back Gar to the army. Then on Friday RPF defended Ice Box from the Nachos with sizes of 60 and then the next day RPF made an agreement with the Nachos to end the war. The RPF will later go on today to face DW in the Legends Cup Semi-Finals.


3. Doritos: Doritos started off their week with a supposed PB with IW (however IW didn’t show because they weren’t informed about it) at which they maxed sizes of 35. As a result of IW not showing to the PB, DCP decided to raid their capitol the next day when they managed to get sizes of up to 32. The next event they had was on Sunday in the Legends Cup Semi Finals at which they pulled a victory against ACP, at this battle DCP averaged 40 and maxed close to 50.

dcp vs acp iceberg suns

4. Army Republic: AR started off their week with a ‘mass’ recruiting event which was followed the next day by an unscheduled battle with RPF on Artic. On the 30th they had a training session where they averaged sizes of 25 and then they saw even better sizes the next day when they maxed 30 whilst training on Toboggan. On Thursday they battled ACP after finding out that ACP were trespassing on their server Berg, at this event AR managed to get sizes of 43. On Friday they held a ‘Red v. Blue’ event at which they maxed 23. AR are scheduled to face Chaos later today in the Legends Cup Semi Finals.


5T. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have had a decent week, remaining where they placed last Top Ten. DW’s week began as they were the victor of a three-way battle with Chaos and the Ice Warriors as the Legends Cup IV raged on. On the 28th, the army held an unscheduled training event with sizes of 25. Two days later, the army once again averaged 25 during an event on the server Frosty — along with another event with similar sizes on August 1st. The following day, a post on the Dark Warriors site cleared up recent power-stealing allegations, saying that recent people pretending to be SaW were not, in fact, him. The Dark Warriors finished off the week with a 25-troop strong training on the server of Big Surf. The army is scheduled to face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup IV.

5T. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings tie for fifth place this week. Their week began with a loss to the Army of CP in the Legends Cup Quarter Finals, and an event on Frostbite with sizes of 20. Aaronstone, who had been away on vacation, returned to the army the next day, along with Bepboy9, who had also been away. That same day, the army reached sizes of 20, and showed similar sizes the next day during their “Fun Event”. On the 30th, a training event brought WV an average size of 15. Another event with around 20 finished off July, and an unscheduled was held on August 1st. Yesterday, the army faced off against SWAT in a Practice Battle — they were also defeated by the Nachos in the first round of the Legends Cup Redemption Battles.

7. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin take a fall in the Top 10 after losing to the Doritos in the Legends Cup IV Semi-Finals. The ACP has recently brought back the Senate, and all the votes were in on the 3rd. The ACP’s first event of the week was an Ausian event with sizes of 15. On the 31st, a recruiting session showed impressive sizes of 30. The next day, ACP’s Training Session was raided by the Purple Republic, however they still managed to pull off sizes of 15-20.

8. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors have been on a rather large fall recently. As the week began, the army suffered a major defeat, placing third in a three-way Legends Cup battle, knocking the reigning champion out of the tournament. A few days later, on the 31st, the army held an event averaging sizes of 15. That same day, Ben/Surfersboysc retired the army after a long period of inactivity. On the first of this month, the IW held their best event of the week with sizes of 25. Yesterday, the army held a practice raid with sizes of 10.


9. Underground Mafias Army: The Underground Mafias Army shoot back into the Top 10 this week after dropping out last week due to their sizes. In the beginning of the week, the Underground Mafias Army reached a high 21 troops on Club Penguin for a recruiting session. Even though the Purple Republic raided this event, the UMA was still able to deliver descent tactics. Also, the Underground Mafias Army is currently trying out an “Archive Project” to restore the history of their army.

10. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT remain in the number ten spot this week. Their only notable event brought 25 troops on Club Penguin. The army plan to invade 4 free servers throughout next week. During the week, SWAT’s chat was hacked — Taco, leader of the army, was suspected as the culprit and was soon fired. Domsamillion retired from the army later in the week due to personal issues.

weekly pollThis week, we asked you about one of the most debated parts of armies. For years now, councils have come and gone in this community, the first being ANTA — and the most recent being the CP Army Council, founded during the Black Wars. Our question asked if, under the right circumstances, whether or not you would want some sort of council to make a return to armies.

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So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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96 Responses

  1. Too good, like me in bed

    Shiver edit: Not a chance


  2. Hello! I believe this here “Top 10” contains a considerable amount of “bias.”

    PR is not on this list. I demand it be removed. Thank you very much.

    Aaron Stone, esq.


  3. WV are back in the Top 5!


  4. BIAS


  5. Bias, ACP are the best…. at losing.


  6. cring


  7. Why are we tied? We had more events and our events had more people we also had so many more posts.We even had 7 invasions in one day and Nachos maxing 35 and didn’t even bother to login to try and defend 5/7 off them. I don’t understand your logic.


  8. Nachos sizes of 70 was because PR helped them (ono) they didn’t even have close to 70 on chat they had 60. And that includes spies and everyone else.


  9. Er ACP should be in SMAC now, didn’t they max like 12 :P. Also RPF should be in 1st only 😦


  10. lol elm get over it every post you complain


  11. YESS ACP IS SO GOOD! in just a few weeks i guarantee we’ll be #1! On SMAC…


  12. It’s the usual ;P


  13. Soda Pop Army and Lime Green Army are here.
    Where are Nochos?


  14. Viva Los Soda Pop Army


  15. Yeah, Nachos totally maxed 70. Until half of them turned purple.


  16. Wooooo!!!! UMA FOREVER


  17. Biased Lord Pain should be first.


  18. Good top ten.


  19. LS should be close to cpac just saying . No rants but I’m just saying


  20. Bias; Soda Pops should be 1st.


  21. Soda Pop army are going to be first next week.




  23. For about a week, my army, the Water Bandits have been on CP. We’ve had atleast 15-25 people average from all of our events. I was told if I want them to be known to post them here, so here we go. The site is
    Now I will give you the pics:


  24. Biased ACP should be first….. on SMAC.




  26. No complaints but blue you forgot the rage meter 😦


  27. Don’t see why RPF are complaining about being tied first. Isn’t first on Top Ten good enough? What other position do they want, 1.1 ?


  28. put UWF in the top ten next week?


  29. join the underwaterfightersofcp


  30. OMG BIAS ACP SHUD HAV BEN FURST!!!!!111111111!!!!!11!!!!1


  31. SPA should be taken down. Idk how tony managed to get to CPAC. Probably hiring OVER 9000 owners XD they got alot of owners. XD


  32. I thought ACP was 1st in SMAC…..


  33. Is it me or is Nachos every CPAC top 10 picture them doing E+9 in a circle around the forts?


  34. This CPAC top ten is complete bias. PR and Soda Pops should be tied first.


  35. Acp should be higher up! Its an awesome army and we smashed UMA in operation Barbarossa!


    • Are you stupid? UMA is TOTALLY crushing ACP. In fact, if ACP wasn’t so old and legendary, they’d be dead off the top 10 by now (not that CPAC doesn’t do PRETTY good jobs with Top 10s).

      Your logic is inferior as Tori now continues to act stupid even though we successfully took over many of your servers.

      This isn’t 2008. ACP’s old news.


  36. Hey Blue, check your email ( for my votes on the legends. Feel free to delete this once you see it.


  37. Wn got 10+


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