Legends Cup IV: Redemption Battle Playoffs & Finals Times

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Two armies have already guaranteed their spots in the Legends Cup Finals, and now the Road to Redemption Finalists will face off to see who will be granted the third spot in the finals. Times for the last two battles of the Legends Cup IV are below. 

The Road to Redemption put a major twist in the Legends Cup IV, as the four armies who were knocked out during the Quarter Finals were given a second chance in the tournament. From the Red Conference, the Nachos faced off against the Water Vikings in what was one of the most spectacular battles of the cup. From the Pink Conference, the Army Republic faced off against an underdog — the Chaos Army, who rarely makes Top Ten places and wasn’t even considered likely to make the Quarter Finals. Even though Chaos showed a large amount of determination and should be congratulated for their efforts, the Army Republic scored the second spot in the Redemption Battle Playoffs. Times are below.

Nachos (1) vs. Army Republic (3)

Wednesday, August 7th

Klondike, Forts

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm GMT

The Legends Cup Semi-Finals were exciting as well, with some armies who were seeded in the low top eight beating out those seeded higher. In the Red Conference, the Doritos — who won a completely unexpected victory against the number one seeded Nacho Army — faced off against the ACP, who won against the Water Vikings in a very close battle. The Doritos won the battle by 20-25 troops, with ACP pulling a meager size of around 12. On the other side of the bracket, the Rebel Penguin Federation battled the Dark Warriors for the second spot in the finals. The Dark Warriors pulled off sizes of 15-20, while the RPF dominated the battle with some 35-40 troops. The RPF, obviously, advanced to the finals for the second spot in the tourney. Now, the winner of the Nachos/Army Republic battle will secure the third spot in a forty minute final battle. CPAC will assign two judges to each army, and those judges will follow the army to whatever room they choose to enter. Each army must battle with another army for AT LEAST 20 minutes of the actual 40 minutes or risk disqualification. 

Rebel Penguin Federation (5) vs. Doritos (8) vs. Nachos (1) 

Saturday, August 10th

Klondike, Berg

12:30pm PST 1:30pm MST 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST 8:30pm GMT

CPAC’s judging panel is not yet final, so please do not ask to know who are judges are. The six judges on the Legends Cup Panel will be announced that day depending on who is online and who is not. There will also be one person on CPAC Main relaying certain battle and judging details to all those on the main chat, so make sure to be on the main pool of xat.com/thecpacentral during the finals.

Make sure to comment with YOUR predictions on who will be victorious in the Legends Cup IV! 


CPA Central CEO

22 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Suckers.


  3. 2nd suck my balls


  4. Fuck You Join The Doritos


  5. 5th suck my dick. oh wait I dont have 1 :O


  6. I know this is totally out of the blue, but there is a new army called think noodles army ( TNA ) there are really only 2 people in it at the minute but it will grow probably. Just to let you know.
    we are making a website so its not fully done yet and we are still recruiting and we have to ask thinknoodles for his permission xD.


  7. oh yeah and the uniform is either a knight’s costume or a tuba with glasses and a viking’s hat ( blue or red ) and any colour of cape.


  8. Did your mother tell u that?
    Sorry I just had to do that, the temptation was too great, dispite it being immature.


  9. By the pannals I say nachos win


  10. NACHOZ


  11. I think rpf will win this years tournament.


  12. first to like rpf have won no offence dcp


  13. i dont think nachos should still be in it,they lost 2 times already.they should be out by now


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