The ACP Declare War on the UMA

EDIT 4:52 PM EST: Added UMA picture and interview with Wgfv. 

BREEZE, Army of Club Penguin Capital – The Army of Club Penguin who have taken a slight fall in the Top 10 declare war on the Underground Mafias Army, an army who have just received a spot in the Top 10 this week.

As the Army of Club Penguin lost to the Doritos in the Legends Cup IV Semi-Finals and dropped slightly in this week’s Top 10, they have decided to declare war on the Underground Mafias Army. For the Army of Club Penguin, ‘Operation Barbarossa’ is undergo. Their plan is to invade the Underground Mafias Army during AUS, UK, and of course US times.

This is a direct response to the aggression of the Underground Mafias Army, the Army of Club Penguin has received intelligence that UMA are planning an immediate strike on ACP once the CPAC Top 10 list has come out on 04/08/2013

This directive is to be released in the event of these reports being true.

Operation Barbarossa

An ambitious plan that if executed properly, will wipe out the capability of the UMA War Effort to conduct long range operations in the theater of war in approximately 24 hours.  This plan is named in honor of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa I of the Holy Roman Empire, to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Monte Porzio.

The Army of Club Penguin plan to invade the Underground Mafias Army with 6 invasions in 1 day, similar to the Rebel Penguin Federation’s ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’ when they were in the war zone with the Nachos.

After around 30 minutes of declaring war on the Underground Mafias Army, the UMA have posted their response to the Army of Club Penguin.

Hello Comrades,

As of August 4, 2013 the great People’s Soviet Underground Republic is at war with the Stratocratic Oligarchy of the Army of Club Penguin. The UMA high command has been planning this war for the last week and we purposely slipped the information to let the ACP know that UMA would declare war the second we were announced in the TOP 10.

We decided that the best course of action is to let ACP invade first. Sure enough they fell for it and have posted a list of invasions that is posted below this. ACP decided to invade several times in one day. So that’s smashing.

The Army of Club Penguin’s AUS Division is top notch. They are starting to get a consistent 10+ at events. Being lead by Flipmoo, their AUS Division may be the best in Club Penguin warfare at the moment.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.26.21 PM

Army of Club Penguin’s AUS Division
E+C Tactic

Currently, UMA max sizes as seen below, however they have no AUS Division to speak of, so whether or not they can maintain such sizes during battles outside their normal timezone remains to be seen.

UMA Performing an E+9 Tactic

The Army of Club Penguin is also in a current ‘ceasefire’ with the Army Republic, who seemed to have grown from the war. I had a chance to interview Tori, Army of Club Penguin leader for more on this declaration of war.

Interview with Tori, ACP Leader

CPAC (Dpd2000): Since the Army of Club Penguin slightly dropped in the Top 10, what sizes do you want to see at these invasions?

Tori: I’d like to see at least 30+.

CPAC: Do you think that the Underground Mafias Army will pay attention to the AUS invasions considering that they don’t really have an AUS Division of their own?

Tori: Probably not.

CPAC: Why did the Army of Club Penguin decide to only invade the Underground Mafias Army in one day?

Tori: We just thought that it would be an effective way to take some of their servers in one day. It would just be like our ‘Tuesday Destruction’ we did with Funks a long time ago. I just hope that this will be successful.


Bluesockwa2 also caught up with Wgfv to get his opinions on the war.

Interview with Wgfv, UMA Dictator

CPAC (Bluesockwa2): What sizes are you expecting from UMA at the invasions/defenses against ACP?

Wgfv: I think UMA should be able to muster up 25+.

CPAC: What about the possible size discrepancy, given that ACP will be invading at some AUS times, and UMA does not have an AUS division to speak of?

Wgfv: UMA will almost certainly be forced to go on the offensive.

CPAC: Finally, was UMA actually planning to invade ACP, as stated in their post?

Wgfv: Yes, yes we were. 


What do you think about this war? Could it have been the wrong decision for the Army of Club Penguin? Let us know what YOU think! Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣


69 Responses

  1. I’m waiting for AR and UMA to gangbang ACP.


  2. fuck anyone who dislikes my comment that’s bullshit


  3. uhhh first ACP UR GOING TO DIE


  4. if somebody is gonna start doing what they did to sonic, fuck it.


  5. – Seems like a very reliable and unbiased source.

    “Bring it on”, ACP.


  6. *wary*


  7. CPAC should’ve interviewed UMA too. And why didn’t you show any pictures of UMA? I guess because you think ACP is the only army in the war….

    *hint hint* THIS IS WHY WE CALL CPAC BIAS *hint hint*


  8. Since my previous comment was purposely left unapproved, I’ll just keep commenting until it is. – Seems like a very reliable soure, aka Dpd.


  9. We’ll fight for the future, destroy the invader, and bring to our homeland the laurels of fame! Our glory will live in the memory of nations, and all generations will honor our name!


  10. yay viva la oohmah


  11. Can we ban Elm and RPF from CPAC? They can make their own division of armies that like the good old days and we can continue evolving without hearing RPF bitch 24/7. 😀


  12. ACP is making a coward move there against UMA. Also, ACP is dying, and they will die soon.


  13. FOR OOHMA!


  14. As a UMA 2iC, and ACP since 08 veteran, ACP’s been going down hill for 2 years or so.


  15. AR own the server Breeze, please stop saying it’s still ACP territory.


  16. I hate to say it, but RIP ACP


  17. 2007 all over *facepalm*


    • except for how there was no ACP/AR war in 2007 and AR is by far the biggest army of the three


  18. Acp gonna win UMA boobs


  19. 10 bucks says ACP’s Operation Barbarossa on UMA is going to fail harder than Adolf Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa on the Soviet Union.


  20. Funny thing is Ar could just not have war with ACP and watch Uma and ACP kill each other


    • Funny thing is, that won’t happen. AR think they own the place, so they’ll still fight ACP, whom will almost imminently fall, to say that they fully dominated another army.

      Whoopee for them.


  21. UMA Fors The Winnn Here


  22. Acp’s ausia division. only thing still good about us *WARY*


  23. ACP aren’t gonna win this, let’s face it. UMA and AR are both against them now (they broke the treaty by banning members of AR for no reason, apparently) and they’re both surviving and thriving. Combined, they also have more land. ACP on the other hand are getting 20 at most even on weekends due to no motivation, and the leadership is in shambles.


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