Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Nachos War Ends

FJORD, Nacho Empire — On June 28, the Rebel Penguin Federation, having only recently skyrocketed into the Top Ten, declared war on the Nacho Army. Now, after a war filled with accusations, bickering, and some of the largest battles we have seen in years, this war has reached a ceasefire. 

As you recall, not too long ago Elmikey of the RPF issued a call for a ceasefire, however both sides had demands that, in the end, left the war unresolved. Many believed this war would continue for months to come — some even predict it would become one of the longest-fought wars between two armies.

Now, however, the two sides have finally reached a ceasefire, though hostilities between the two are likely just beginning. Much like the current AR/ACP war, once the Legends Cup IV and other events of the summer come to an end, the war will likely start up soon after. This comes following major arguments regarding the upcoming “Operation: Rolling Thunder”, a bombardment of invasions on the Nacho Empire coming from the RPF — this can be read up on here.

This war is unique to what we have seen recently in many ways, with accusations of multi-logging, DDOSing, and bot usage running high — we don’t seem to have gone a day or two without an accusation of that sort coming to light. This was also one of the largest propaganda wars in the recent while, with RPF using their own site to boost morale, and the Nachos using their branch The Stale Nacho News for some of the most hilarious post we’ve seen. Also, who can forget the package of diapers 50 cent mailed to Elmikey’s house? This can be read up on here. 

Justinbronze, recently appointed Vice President of the RPF, had this to say regarding the ceasefire,

 As of now, the Nacho-RPF war is officially OVER. The invasion of Fjord is cancelled. Peace is once again the law of the land. And it could not be this way if it were not for the spirit and tenacity with which you RPF soldiers fought. Nor could it be this way without the perseverance and tact with which the Nacho soldiers fought. Yes, the RPF leadership led with both skill and elegance; And the Nacho leadership led with a mix of force and finesse, but is was truly you, the soldiers, the cogs and gears of this army that made this possible. And your leaders thank you for your service.

The terms, agreed on in a recent meeting between the members of the respective leaderships, are as follows:

  • The USRPF gives control of all Nacho Territory back to the Nacho Empire
  • The Nacho Empire gives control of all RPF Territory back to the USRPF
  • The USRPF gives control of the server Alpine to the Nacho Empire
  • The Nacho Empire gives control of the server Arctic to the USRPF
  • The USRPF gives control of the server Alaska to the Nacho Empire
  • The Nacho Empire gives control of the server Abominable to the USRPF
  • The USRPF gives control of the server Aurora to the Nacho Empire
  • Both the USRPF and the Nacho Empire will stay of each other’s respective lands
  • A Cease Fire (No War For Any Reason Can Occur) goes into effect for a One Month period of time

Puckley, kingpin of the Nacho Empire, had this to say in the Nacho Army’s post announcing the ceasefire:

As for the victors of the war, the war has simply been resolved in peace and a treaty that ends all current hostilities.  Certainly, we may still believe that we have won the war with our great and dominating efforts, and they and everyone else in the community are entitled to their own opinion as well.  Regardless, celebrate on amazing job well  done throughout this war! :D

It was on June 28, 2013 that the RPF declared war on the Nacho Empire with the goal of conquering three servers: Alaska, Alpine, and Aurora, from our empire.  I’m proud to announce that we have successfully prevented the Rebel Penguin Federation from capturing any of those servers as well as defending our entire empire from our enemy during this long war, so a huge congratulations to all the Nacho troops on completing our main of objective of this war!

Without a doubt, this was  a very long and demanding war, but the outcome and all of the successes certainly would not have been possible without all of you guys.  We were able to achieve so much together throughout the course of this war from great triumphs and victories to extraordinary sizes and dominance!  We definitely proved the power, strength, and endurance of this glorious army, and together, this generation, has rightfully earned a spot as one of the best army generations in the history of Club Penguin Armies.

The respective announcement posts can be read in full here and here, and CPAC will be releasing a full timeline of the Nacho/RPF war in the coming days. I’d like to send out my thanks to Dpd2000 and Superoo13 — who have been pivotal in CPAC’s coverage of this long-fought war.

And so another war comes to an end in our community. This may very well have been the war of the summer, but whatever happens, both armies in this war have achieved record sizes that we haven’t seen in years — proof that we are not, in fact, in a dark age. I don’t believe we have been for a long time. We are in a renaissance, with bigger sizes, a better media, and the number one spot up for grabs at any time. Each and every one of you should be proud to be a part of this era of armies.

A full timeline of the war will be released soon. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa1. 


CPA Central CEO

27 Responses

  1. Thank you Lord


  2. The diapers were a nice touch.


  3. As you said, the war might continue after the cease-fire. However, both armies are bored of war now, and there is a chance that it won’t continue. But who knows? Only time will tell


  4. pussy war.




  6. If someone breaks the agreement it’ll result in more talks nobody wants to fight anymore we could be doing better things.


  7. It is about time.


  8. I thought I would never see the day…


  9. now with no war to waste time on lets go fron recruiting 8 hours a day to 16


  10. More than a months war, and the only thing resulting in the war was that Nachos got one extra server.


  11. Well finally…


  12. Now it’s time to kill some dcp!


  13. To be honest, I believe this is the end of this conflict. Puck and Beeky seemed like they didn’t want this war to continue any longer. We both know it’s just a waste of time, considering we can barely fight each other because of our size.


  14. Lol why is everyone like YES ITS FINALLY DONE cause it only lasted like 1 month.


  15. Sonic, that’s just bullshit because u don’t know what knid of bullcrap u are.


  16. My god, finally this war ends.


  17. Thank God for that :0


  18. I agree with Dj. I think this marks the end of the conflict. This war wore both armies out. This ending was probably the best case scenario given the circumstances for both armies.

    The war proved fun, exciting and very challenging for both armies. It provided many memorable moments. Also, very VERY hilarious ones. Frankly, In my opinion, this war was the highlight of the Summer so far for me. But in the end, it was really rather pointless. As, neither army had the capability if admitting defeat. 90% of the battles were heavily disputed. This was a great resolution.

    Now that the war is over, the Nachos should focus on the Legends Cup. As well as finding successors to replace some of the leaders. Rumor has it, certain someone(s) has intent to retire after this war.

    RPF should consider heavy duty training for their army. Considering the majority of the army joined during the duration of the war they’re not exactly what one might call experienced. RPF should also be on the hunt for some successors. It’s not really a secret that some of the higher ranking RPF members may not fit the normal demographic for CP armies anymore.


  19. Ain’t a real nigga since I retired


  20. Reminds me of the War of 1812, Nachos = USA and RPF = British, Though It ended in a ceasefire, the Nachos (USA) sucessfully defended there nation from the RPF (Britain.

    P.S. Way to rip off Gears of War you dick. @Justin


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