Another Addition to the Rebel Penguin Federation Leadership

TUXEDO, RPF HEADQUARTERS – Only a day after Flappy had been appointed as RPF Leader, Snaily5 is announced as a new leader within the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Only a day after Flappy had been promoted to Rebel Commander; Leader within the RPF, Elmikey has made the decision to promote Snaily5 to RPF Leader as well. Snaily, who recently left the Rebel Penguin Federation due to the appointment of Lord Pain as Leader, had been serving within the Rebel Penguin Federation as an Advisor. She left the RPF along with many others who were opposed to the placement of Lord Pain as Leader.

The news came about with Elmikey making a short post and announcing it on the RPF chat. Below is an excerpt from the post:

Quick Message: I have made Snaily5 Rebel Commander for the time being.

After this new addition to the RPF Leadership, there are now more owners than there were before Red Gush24 left. Here is the current ownership:

 ★Rebel Commander★ 

Elmikey, Flappy, Snaily, Lord Pain

Rebel Executive Commander 

 Gar101, Caliwar

With now six owners , it stands as one of the smallest ownerships within an army. Elmikey, as stated in an interview yesterday with CPAC, said that Flappy and him “both have the same vision for Club Penguin Armies.” The same would probably be said, as being on the same track with the other leaders is one of the key points in leading a successful army.

Do you think it was right to make Snaily RPF Leader? Will this just lead to disagreements? We want YOUR opinion!


86 Responses

  1. RPF is screwed




  3. CP ILLUMINATI !!11!1!1!!!111!!

    Oh, did you catch it? Right over there, flying out the window? Yeah, that was your credibility.


    • Are you still butthurt on Snaily owning you the other day? (;


      • No, since I can’t recall when she ever did. But I am still laughing about how your siblings actually thought I and other influential persons was a part of a secret brotherhood to control the wills and events of all armies, information that they ACTUALLY PAID SOMEONE TO OBTAIN. I’m flattered, really I am, but how stupid can one get?


        • You mean to tell me you don’t remember Snaily owning you the past week in RPF chat?  I had the opportunity to preview Snaily post addressing CPAC being biased in the top 10.  She owned you and you know it as well as I do.

          How stupid can one be? Obviously you have a lot of experience with stupid, considering you live with yourself. You tell me.

          And you’re gonna delete this comment again, right? Because you don’t the truth to be told.


          • Perhaps have your computer checked, because I’ve deleted nothing today.

            And if that is what you call owning, I’d be curious to see what happens when someone ACTUALLY owns one of you lot. That post was full of lies and nonsense (literally, I have no idea whose ass she pulled all that stuff out of, but none was true) and was taken down for a reason: the ‘bias’ was an invisible issue that was later addressed when several errors were corrected. Funny how an army only thinks the Top Ten is biased when they are the ones places lower than they feel they should be, isn’t it?

            And are you 6 years old with that comeback?


            Seriously? Come on now, I’m not the one who decided to expose the CP ILLUMINATI !!!!1111!1!!!1111!!11SHIFT!11!! GUISE THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY US ALL, Y R U LAUGHING AT ME? GUISE?


            • Ok, maybe it was a WordPress glitch because I did not see my comment there.

              And if that post was full of ‘lies’ why did you have a total fit when it was posted? You knew she was going to expose CPAC for what it really is.
              You tell me where I told you to loom in the mirror at yourself. I never said that anywhere.


              • We didn’t want the post up because the large amount of incompetent minds in the CP Army World will believe whatever they want to believe; it’s not a matter of whether or not it’s true. It’s a matter of who believes the lies.

                The mirror comment Blue2 just said referred to you telling him that “he lives with himself every day” regarding the stupidity comment, which is basically another way of saying;

                IM STUPID???? OHOHOH WELL YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!11!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!”


                • ^ Summed it up well.


                • Defensive much?  Defensive shows defeat. 

                  Funny how you claim she didn’t own you yet at the end of your comment, you changed your story and clearly admitted to her owning you. Owned again.


                  • “Defensive shows defeat.”

                    What the fuck? Defending yourself shows that you don’t want to admit defeat, because you’re right.

                    The owning comment you just referred to really isn’t a legitimate statement. Blue2 is correct, Snaily never owned him because he wasn’t on RPF chat long enough for Snaily to “own” him. The person who that was directed to, admittedly, was me — except, of course, the owning had no basis in facts or reality. We’re not contradicting ourselves, we simply had different experiences that day.

                    And the linking of memes that are even less funny than RPF’s cancer jokes simply makes you look even more immature than your comebacks, which I haven’t used since third grade.


                    • Defending is fine, but being over defensive shows defeat.

                      And he admitted at the end of him comment that Snaily did indeed own him.

                      As for the meme, heaven forbid anyone have a laugh right? That meme is so true.

                      Perhaps you should get some diapers yourself, because you’re pooping your pants right now.


                    • And who are you to decide what over-defensive is? I’ve showed the facts, and since you can’t argue the facts you’re simply bitching about my refusal to lose this argument.

                      I’d love for people to laugh, but at the moment they’re laughing at the fact that Snaily was appointed RPF Leader, not at your entirely not funny meme. If you want to call it true, then you’re redefining what “raging” is. If this is what you think raging is, then you’re raging as well.

                      The diapers comment… I have no idea what to say about that. The level of immaturity just continues to skyrocket. It’s frankly mind-blowing.


          • Actually, Bluesockwa2 was rarely even on RPF chat during the events of the past few days. I was the one majorly on there, so you should make sure to check your facts.

            Secondly, Snaily’s “ownings” — while they sound good to the average person — held no basis in facts. In Snaily’s original post (which I have saved for anyone who wants to laugh at it) she talks about the fact that CPAC “said they refuse to look at any of RPF’s videos unless the Nachos produce one” and that this “clearly shows that CPAC is anti-RPF.”

            First of all, CPAC never said anything about the videos. The only thing that even remotely relates to that was when I told Elmikey that no offense, but I have much to do in a day, and I probably won’t get to watching the video of the battle. I didn’t say I’ll refuse to use them — in fact, I encouraged Dpd and Superoo, who are the major reporters covering the RPF/Nachos war, to use the videos in the reviews of the post. While Snaily’s rage sounds all well and good, it holds no basis on facts.

            Secondly, to address the whole “CPAC is anti-RPF” thing, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I am a former RPF Leader, loved my time in the army, and as soon as Fiasco brought the necessary evidence to my attention, I was glad to edit the Elmikey post. The whole idea that I’m out to get RPF is only further exaggerated and elongating this issue, which frankly, I don’t understand why you give an actual shit about, as you’re in AR. If Snaily had truly grown and matured in the army world, and was as capable of “owning” as you say she is, she would be able to defend herself.

            Frankly, I only fight the necessary battles. While Snaily was bitching me out on RPF chat, I was having a discussion with Commando on how to actually fix the problem, not add fuel to the fire, which was all your sister was doing. Snaily “owned” me because I was too busy solving the RPF issue to stoop to her already extremely low level.


              • Excuse me ma’am but I need you to come with me. As a member of IATW I need to apprehend you and execute you publicly for being a total idiot. Have a nice last couple days before execution. Say good-bye to your loved ones and tell work that the government is executing you. 🙂


              • Frankly, i think the argument above just maybe about the stupidest thing I have ever seen in all my years of life.

                Personally, I think all of Snaily’s credibility was lost by even thinking there was EVER a CP illuminati. The sheer stupidity makes me wonder wether to weep with mirth, or weep with pity. Either way, the stupidity has reduced me to tears. I don’t even need to state all the things wrong with that.

                Blue, can you HONESTLY say that this is the same RPF you used to lead? The only resemblance is the name. The fact that you used to lead an RPF that maxed 5 does not absolve you of being anti RPF. I am not saying you are, just that this does not refute the claims.

                CPAC is not anti- RPF. The thought is absurd. If you don’t like your armies Top Ten standings, strive to better next week, not bitch and carp about it.

                I was not there for the “owning” on chat, but chances are, Snaily carped on about how bias CPAC is, while Blue didn’t feel the need to give the situation his full attention thus, not fully defending the credibility of CPAC. Not out of lack of ability to do so, but it simply wasn’t relevant enough. Imagine how many disputes with various armies who dont like their standings The Blues must sit through ON A DAILY BASIS?

                Yoangelyo, reposting a disturbingly unfunny meme twice, doesn’t make it any more funny than the first time.

                Gobby out.


            • Blues let’s be realistic here, neither Yoan or Snaily can touch or pull anything over you. I’m also fairly sure that most people will back you and if they do try anything it will be like cp illuminati all over again.
              Let the games begin!


          • “Obviously you have a lot of experience with stupid, considering you live with yourself. You tell me.”



  4. Snaily and Flappy, Save the image of RPF. Get rid of the Fuhrer and Elm. Teach Elm that modern war has dirty tricks in and out of the army.




  6. #yoany2012


  7. Oh shit


  8. My Top Ten
    10. Nachos

    Didn’t make the top 1000



  9. #snaily2013


    • Whoa, I’m flattered on the nachos obsession on me! If you guys like me so much, don’t pull a DjDan and just come out and say it.


      • “#snaily2013” is referring to Snaily. So, considering you replied to this comment by using first person, this surely shows that you are Snaily. Now, amirite or amirite?


        • No your not.
          By him using the same content as they previously did with me, he’s still trying to get to me. And using Snaily for that fact, is even more. Because it’s a known fact, when they cannot get to me, they start attacking either her or my friends to try. I mean seriously, its been a year, get over me. xD


  10. I lol’ed that snaily didn’t defend yoan in her “argument” with Blue2.


  11. i like trains


  12. You’re all pathetic


  13. Well, we might as well promote Chris1 to IW leader if we want to keep up with RPF.


  14. Its actually a good match. Snaily appeals to recruits, which is around 75% of RPF. All of those who think its bad are probably wrong.


  15. Why y’all think when Snaily’s leader RPF’s gonna die? its just a new leader! RPF will maintain their size with an addition to the leadership


  16. “smallest ownerships within an army” excuse me?


  17. LOL YOAN you don’t know anything you left me for no reason over that dirt bag waffle you made a fool over your self along with snaily you all got to be ashamed for the cp illinunati crap


  18. That’s the smallest leadership i’ve ever seen. *In an army of 2013


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