The Black Rebels Shut Down

BIG SNOW – Just as soon as it started, the rising Black Rebels have temporarily shut down.

It started when the Black Rebels started falling out of our Top 10, and losing to the Army Republic in the Legends Cup IV. They were able to max 19 troops, but they wanted more. The Legends Cup IV battle was right after the war with the Fire Warriors ended. Many people say that the Fire Warriors helped the Army Republic, but this may not be true. Not long after, the Black Rebels declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. That also ended very soon as they made a peace treaty together.

Because of the loss against the Army Republic, the Black Rebels published an ‘Active Count’. There were only 3 comments. This forced the newly rising Black Rebels to shut down. They published 1 post, which can be found below:

“R.I.P. Rebels….”

Attention All

Everyone that is currently viewing this, as you read the title you are wondering “R.I.P. Rebels? What?”. Well guys we are shutting down Black Rebels before it is too late. We want to be shut down while we are in the Top Ten. This is not forever, but this is for now. There will, hopefully be, another generation much better than this. As a whole we reached 7th in the top ten within 2 WEEKS! Not many armies do that as soon as they are created. We were created July 10th, 2013 and we were in that weeks top ten as 8th! That is a glorious feat to be proud of as a new army. Sadly we lost ONE battle and that one battle is tearing us apart. Hopefully someone will remake BR and take it further then 7th and show the CP World what we fight for…. for redemption, revenge, honor, commitment.

Remember this is not forever, this is just a resting period for us to build back up and regroup.

“Remember, Remember, the Rebels in Red and Black”

Now on a side note: I, Shad, will now be retiring forever. I never meant to actually return to ANY armies after RPF, but Crazy wanted me back and I felt like I should come back for you guys, the Rebels. I have high intentions for you guys.

Now here are the requirements for BR to come back:

Black Rebels shall not be returned any day before September 1st. For you to bring this glorious army back you need permission from either Jerry, Crazy, or myself. If neither of you can find them get permission from Skrillex3000 or Domz.

The re-creator of BR shalt be in NO other army and shalt put forward 110% effort in BR and no other army.

I will be creating a Legends Page soon.

R.I.P. Black Rebels as the right leader will takeover and bring you guys up from the ashes

[Taken from Black Rebels website.]

As seen above Shad, the Black Rebels Creator/Legend, has retired because of the Black Rebels’ fall. I had a chance to interview Shad for more on his retirement, and on the Black Rebels being shut down.

Me = Black || Shad = Red

Is this retirement really going to be for good?

No, I thought I was going to be retiring, but everyone will know my actual retirement. Remember, remember, the 15th of September.

Why did the Black Rebels shut down when they were still on the rise?

Because everybody started quitting on BR, the troops gave up. Everyone started leaving, and Crazy left for DW again. Jerry and I decided we should shut down before it was too late.

Do you, as their Creator, have any plans for the Black Rebels in the future?

Well not me personally, but I expect BR to come back sometime. Someone dedicated. I will be on the lookout for anyone who wants to bring BR back.

What do you think about the Black Rebels shutting down? May they return soon? Do you think Shad will bring them back as he already did before? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

9 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. Well ain’t the just a shame.


  3. Maybe if people wouldn’t do shit like this where they shut down their army because they had one or two bad events people wouldn’t have spent so long complaining about how armies are “dying”.


  4. As I stated previously, these newer armies don’t last very long in CPAC. Only the originals.


  5. I was in BR,so I saw it happen


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