Four Years of CPA Central

Wow. It’s been four years. 

Only two weeks after I was promoted to Head last year, CPAC reached its three year anniversary. Now, I’m sitting here writing the four years post, and how time has flied. It’s been four years here, and CPAC has lived up to the same promise on which it was founded — to provide our readers with up-to-the-minute, objective news. CPAC has remained the number one source for army news for four years now, along with Tournaments that have changed history.

The current total stands at four hacks, seven CEOs, and 3,592 posts.

Frankly, in the past years, CPAC has changed in ways that I could not have even imagined, looking back. Last summer, in retrospect, was a rather dark time for CPAC. I’m not saying it was nearly as bad as some other times we’ve had, but it wasn’t exactly one of our shining moments. At some point early in 2013, the right group of people came to this site, and we just decided to. We decided to do the news right, we decided to stop being whores to fairness, we started to let informed opinions to be expressed on our site, and we remained a forum where the entire army world can come to discuss their views. We’ve also began to not only report the news, but make the news, with posts such as the Nachos Secret Service leaks, the ACP Leadership Scandal posts, and our sources in countless meetings. I’m not sure if anyone else happens to think CPAC is on the way to another Golden Age, but in any case, I’d like to congratulate the staff on the fantastic work they’ve been doing in past year. Below are the top ten authors of the past year.

Also, below are my picks for the top posts of the past 12 months. These could be anything, from the most game-changing, to the best piece of writing, whatever we feel influenced the community most that month.

            AUGUST 2012: ACP’s Scandal Unmasked: My Exclusive Interview with Capncook 

SEPTEMBER 2012: Dr. Woton, or How I Learned to Stop Wasting My Life and Let People Live Theirs

OCTOBER 2012: Blown Out of the Water

NOVEMBER 2012: Of All The Things I Have Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most

DECEMBER 2012: CPA Central Person of the Year 2012

JANUARY 2013: The Future of Armies in a Post-ACP World

FEBRUARY 2013: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

MARCH 2013: The Overdramatized Farce: Why the World of Spying is On Life Support

APRIL 2013: Kingfunks4 Removed From Leadership in Forceful Coup d’Etat || ACP-Nacho War Ends with Treaty

MAY 2013: CPAC Special Report: Djgtjvgyhxgy — A Farce All Along? 

JUNE 2013: Updates on the Second WA/BA War

JULY 2013: ACP Leadership Tensions || Analysis of the RPF-Called Meeting


In conjunction with CPAC’s four year anniversary, will we also be opening as a new hangout chat for armies. We in no way mean for this to infringe upon the chats of your respective armies, but to serve as a central chat for all of the members of the army community. Top five army leaders will be ownered —  top ten army leaders, top five army owners, and legends will all be modded. Rules will be relaxed at all times. More information on this will likely be in a following post.


And so, here we are again. Four years in, and still going strong. I’d like to thank all of the staff at CPA Central who have helped this site to grow and keep growing, and all of the viewers who have provided us the fanbase we need to provide the best news possible. In the coming months, CPAC will, of course, continue to serve you in all the ways we can.

Cheers, all. Here’s to another four years. 


♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEOs

кєη.sρℓαѕнєя99, Bepboy9

Vice President

Shiver, Tomato8883


Super Paco 24, Lucario564

Associate Producer

Woton, Commando717, Kenneth1000, 122344a, Puckley, Zakster, Kingfunks4

CPAC Board

…and everyone here at CPAC.

17 Responses

  1. grabbing pills


  2. WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT! I’LL TRADE YOUR COFFEE! how bout my fresh and tasty coffee for your dirty and gritty coffee? i’ll find a use for the gritty coffee, my plants love sand, they grow in it well!


  3. Well To CPAC blowing up my Bullshit Meter *cheers*


  4. You’re welcome.

    – CPAC Board Member


  5. You got that wrong it’s 9 CEO’s. You forgot Lord Pain replaced B2 last night.


  6. Four long years……my god.


  7. This has all been such a blast ;D
    The new chat is amazing, the site views have sky-rocketed, and our CPAC Headquarters still have the same lovely, gritty coffee maker we’ve had for the past 4 years – It’s all truly awesome! :mrgreen:


  8. Hey blue can you put the ground warriors of cp in the top ten next week? It’s my army.


  9. 10th most popular author in the past year!




  11. I’m a mod on the chat (wary)


  12. Ima Four Years Doritos Veteran Does That Mean Shit Here?


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