Black Rebels Declare War on Special Weapons And Tactics

EDIT: After a long chat between the SWAT and BR representatives, both armies agreed to end the war and instead scheduled a practice battle; in retaliation, a quarrel between rehired Doms and Taco, resulted in Spi101, newly made FW leader, to have deleted the blog (suspected) – says Goodjoker5, SWAT leader.

BIG SNOW, Black Rebels’ Empire – The newly created army, the Black Rebels have decided to declare war on the rising army known as the Special Weapons And Tactics.

On July 24th 2013 (yesterday), the Black Rebels’ leader and Golden Troops’ legend, Jerry, officially announced BR’s declaration of war on SWAT with the following words:

Edit: Domsallion had went to BR chat, declaring war on BR. We only retaliated with our own.

The second army in a week to declare war on BR. Surely Taco played his hand in this. Of course, we’ll have our revenge against him soon enough. But first we have to deal with SWAT. I’m sorry Ganger, but you know how I am when it comes to war. And to Reece, you made a big mistake. Only time will tell how big that mistake is.

The Rebels Officially Declare War on S.W.A.T

You just lost an ally and most importantly, a friend.


In response to the BR’s declaration of war, SWAT’s Reeces2011 stated the following:

For those who don’t know the Black Rebels have declared war on us. We will be making the first move to end this war as quickly as possible.

Goodjoker5, SWAT leader, stated that the declaration of war was stated sometime after SWAT’s cleansing of the servers Yukon and Cozy. Nowadays, without their leader and legend, Ganger90, the SWAT army has been able to achieve good numbers; on the average, SWAT maintains numbers of around 10+, but have recently risen in sizes and max around 20+ at events (as Goodjoker5 states).

On the other hand, the BR fare as good as SWAT. They managed to defeat the Pretzels of Club Penguin in the Legends Cup IV qualifiers while maxing 16. They proceeded to improve the army’s numbers and maxed 25 and 20 at other events. In another turn of events, Taco, now Fire Warriors’ leader, was fired from the BR and in retaliation, threatened (as they say) to declare war on the BR, but it was decided a couple of days later that the war would be considered illegitimate since FW had no appropriate servers in possession.

I then caught up with Goodjoker5, a SWAT leader, and interviewed him.

Stefi (Me) = Blue

Goodjoker = Red

Can you think of any reason why the BR might have declared war on the SWAT army?

Well, it may be because they saw how we are slightly rising this week and want to fight for a good spot in the Top 10. Also as how I understood it and how I heard it, someone from BR threatened Doms about declaring war. He accepted and that’s how it all happened. 

As Jerry stated, “You just lost an ally and most importantly, a friend,” what do you think might have happened?

Well, Jerry is an ex-leader of SWAT and many of his friends are in SWAT. He even helped us yesterday by logging on and we even played sled racing afterwards; Funky and I also helped BR once. BR also has Crazy, a SWAT legend as leader who happened to PC me and tell me that BR and SWAT are enemies. It seems that they waited for this week, i.e. I mean that the BR wanted to declare war last week, but they waited for the Legends Cup to finish. As they were defeated by the AR and ended the war with the FW, they returned to the old target: SWAT. 

Why do you think the BR and SWAT are enemies?

Actually, I really don’t know the reason. I think it’s because they hate how we fell without Ganger, but we are showing the army world that we don’t need our creator to be in the Top 10. But BR doesn’t like that. Crazy is mad at SWAT because we can get 30+ on Fridays, like how we did back in March.

Besides this war, what can you make of SWAT’s sizes? Do you think BR might oppose as a possible threat if you believe that their sizes are better than SWAT’s?

Well, they are 7th in the newest Top 10, but SWAT never gives up. We had a war with our opponents being DCP and ACP together in the start of this July, but we didn’t give up and eventually ended it as a tie.

Anything else?

Join SWAT! We rise together!

I then finally interviewed Shad, BR leader and creator.

Stefi (Me) = Blue

Shad = Red

Do you know why you guys (the BR) declared war on the SWAT army?

Because they declared war on us first. Taco has been wanting revenge on us ever since I fired him from BR. So he convinced Domsamillion to declare war on us. I talked to Goodjoker and he doesn’t agree with his decision. 

As Jerry stated, “You just lost an ally and most importantly, a friend,” what do you think might have happened?

Jerry and Crazy both former leaders of SWAT and I personally a former 2nd in Command of SWAT; so them (SWAT) banning us on SWAT’s chat shows they don’t care about past SWAT members. They want war, we’ll give them war. Reeces stated last night, “Well, we’ve been wanting a PB anyways.”

If they wanted a PB they could have requested one instead of requesting a death wish for SWAT. 

How did the BR and SWAT become enemies?

When Taco convinced Domsamillion to declare war on us. We weren’t enemies until SWAT declared war on us. We have SWAT troops that even joined BR. 

What can you make of BR’s sizes?

Well, with us growing everyday you never know. The Legends Cup was an off day due to Internet problems for me, but tomorrow we expect sizes of 25+. 

Anything else?

Yes, anyone is welcome to join Black Rebels! (AWE) 

In summation, the BR are yet to publish their invasions and defenses on their blog whereas, the SWAT have published invasions on Ice Breaker and Big Snow. With the war between the Army of Club Penguin and Army Republic withheld (ceasefire) and the Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation war raging, can we all expect something noteworthy to happen this time around? Only time will tell. 

What do YOU think? Who do you think will be victorious in this war?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтєρнaηιє нєρвυяη«||●

CPA Central Reporter

Amor Vincit Omnia
Love conquers all

12 Responses

  1. Umm one mistake. I said “can’t get 30+ at fridays”. We maxed that when Crazy was leading so he hates how we don’t get it without him. *wary*


  2. Nice post.




  4. swat only gets great sizes with rogues
    i have never seen them hit 20+ without rogues (after Ganger left)


  5. Black versus Black dhat racist:D






  8. WTF. I said that Spi is the number 1 suspect.


  9. Acp already won so stfu swat


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