Club Penguin Recruiting: A Thing of the Past?

ALASKA, U.S.R.P.F. Territory – After making a glorious return from the dead, the RPF went from being a fragment of people’s imagination to being number 1 with incredible sizes. But why? Recruiting. Specifically CP recruiting. Today; could we finally see the beginning of the end for this historical army? Club Penguin staff says we might.

10:55 AM PST – RPF Leader Elmikey comes on ACP chat and claims that CP has blocked all recruiting phrases and that recruiting for any army will result in an automatic ban.

11:23 AM PST – This was found to be a bit of an exaggeration, the majority of recruiting phrases we’re banned from Club Penguin filters but there is no auto ban for recruiting for armies. (CP may have just banned their auto typers)


Club Penguin recruiting has been a major part of warfare. Just ask ACP about it, they’ve gotten the majority of their troops because of CP recruiting and because their site was first on google. Every single army at one point has recruited on cp, from the infamous “Recruiting Session” to just going on and getting new people to join, it’s been the basis of armies for years. But could that change? With club penguin making it even harder to recruit on CP, will we see more and more armies chat recruit than before? As if it’s not already widely used, but there’s a point where chat recruiting will become over-used.

And who’s to say chat recruiting won’t become a thing of the past if people abuse it like they did with CP recruiting? There is nothing wrong with chat recruiting, it is actually the most effective way to get troops, however if people begin to abuse it, who’s to say it won’t suffer the same fate as CP recruiting? Club Penguin cheats and tracker chats may become fed up with armies going on their chat 24/7 to recruit and ban anyone army affiliated on site. They may even take greater measures as to discourage people from joining armies in the first place.

But there’s an even greater threat if some armies continue down the same road. If we can’t recruit on CP or on tracker chats because we’re banned, there’s only one place left to recruit. Other army chats. (as if people don’t do it already), but I’m talking about on a mass scale. What if we now had recruiting sessions on other army chats instead of CP? There would be even more accusations, even more trash talk than there is now. People might now even ask to be paid to fight for an army. And you can certainly forget about troop loyalty, since there wouldn’t be any new troops coming into the system people would want to be in multiple armies hoping to make themselves legends. It would crumble the system as we know it. Of course its very unlikely but still a possibility.

I want this to serve as an eye opener, recruit efficiently, and if you abuse the system, we ALL have to pay the price.

Now Club Penguin staff apparently after three weeks of constant recruiting and advertising finally took action against the recruiting phrases. Some of which can be found here.


But lets be realistic, when armies recruit that much in the same spot it’s only a matter of time before club penguin staff does something about it, and as we all know Club Penguin Staff aren’t huge fans of Club Penguin Armies.

Is it a bad thing that RPF was recruiting? No, because in a way we all used these phrases to recruit for our own armies and it helped the army community grow. Was it excessive? Of course.

I caught up with Elmikey RPF Leader for a quick interview.

Luc: Good afternoon

Luc: Now, how did you find out the recruiting phrases were blocked?

Elmikey: RPF members were hanging out on Arctic and a recruiter that was nearby told me he was banned. I then started recruiting and got banned. Thinking it was just a mod watching the server I went to another server on a different penguin and recruited. I was banned in seconds.

Elmikey: Pain and I then started to figure out what was getting recruiters banned and we tried to figure out which word was triggering the censor  I realized the phrases were still showing for other penguins still yet we were getting banned. I went on through about 8 penguins and some of the times I myself typed up “computer” and got banned, it’s as if the system will lock on to you after certain key words then if you say it again you get banned by the server.

Luc: How often a day did you guys recruit?

Elmikey: Umm there was probably always someone recruiting throughout the day. I tried splitting the lines up and using different words still didn’t work.

Luc: What does the future of Club Penguin recruiting look like for armies, if there is any?

Elmikey: Very dim the only way cp recruiting would work is if armies were stationed on the servers like they used to be and didn’t try to guide penguins away from

Luc: Do you feel that the RPF is responsible for getting the recruiting phrases blocked for the whole community?

Elmikey: No. I make sure my lines were different from what other armies used.

Luc: Okay, any last remarks?

Elmikey: Fight The Good Fight

Luc: Thank you for your time.

There you have it, RPF Leader Elmikey.

To summarize the issue and to clarify a few things, you can still say Join “Insert Army Name Here” as seen below, and I’m pretty certain you can say your armies name if you already could, the only major word that was banned as a result of this was “Browse” and “Browser” which was a key word in leading people to army sites. But is this the end for Club Penguin recruiting, or will we eventually come up with a new phrase to use? Comment with YOUR opinion.


As Always -█Lucario564█[★CPAC Guidance Counselor/Associate Producer★]

16 Responses

  1. Credit to Jessie for that last pic


  2. Just say searxh on google or something similar


  3. Only time will tell.


  4. REVENEHWI got so scared when I saw the title, now it seems like nothing xD
    I use phrases like ‘SEARCH UP NACHOS OF CP’ and stuff like that when I recruit. It still shows 😛


  5. If you say the phrases in separate sentences like “Join” *sentence ends* “Kevin’s pony warriors” (KPW) it works.


  6. Someone get a doctor to Elmikeys house. I think he had a heart attack after CP blocked phrases.


  7. People are so dumb
    Words like “search” or “Find”, or “look” will never be blocked
    Those are keywords in hide and seek a game played on CP a lot

    Plus Shadow Jitsu is coming out, so Shadow Troops are safe

    Unless CP starts blocking words like Warriors, Troops everyone is fine


  8. We will be really worried when CP will decide to ban people listed on “Ranks” D:


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