Army Naming For Dummies


Throughout the years, armies have gotten more and more idiotic names. After more original names like the Underground Mafias Army, Nachos, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Watex Warriors were founded, there is also the noob appeal names such as Army of Club Penguin, SWAT, and Ninjas. Some claim the ideas for new army names are all taken. Considering the lame names coming from unsuccessful armies and unoriginality in the newer type of armies made by people in the community we’ve never heard of, could they be correct? Here is a list of fail names made in the CP Army History:

  • Cheetos: The Cheetos are just some Doritos knock offs that never ever did anything, noobs have been known to try to make it but its just a fail.
  • P.E.N.I.S(Penguin Elite National Island Security): Do I even have to mention where this fails?
  • Red Troops, Blue Troops, Black Troops, Green Troops, etc.: There is no originality to these kind of armies, you have no imagination if you made any of these, I’ve never seen one in a top 10 ever either in all my years, so why try?
  • Samra Warriors: Anyone in this army most likely has an STD, the army is a name fail cuz Samra, it just tells itself

Overall: Even though a lot of names have been taken there are a lot of creative names that can still be found in armies, not all good ideas have been discovered. A lot of bad ideas keep coming, but if you wanna make an army with a good name that can possibly become a CPAC top 10 weekly selection and such, here are some tips that may help!

  1. Do not take other armies iconic word such as Rebel, Mafia, Ranger, Watex and such things. Make your own, but at the same time, don’t be dull and use a color to idolize in the army, no creativity at all.
  2. Avoid Troops or Warriors. It’s okay if you do use those words but try not to, only if it works for sure in your army.
  3. Don’t over complicate it. Dark Ghost Surgeon Tiger Warriors is a no no, please just stop.
  4. Don’t do an animal. It’s called Club PENGUIN.
  5. Finally, don’t force it, let the idea come to you. Forcing it will cause lame names.

Remember, this is strictly one mans opinion on how to create a non-fail name to you newer kids in armies.. and maybe some of you army leaders can consider some of this to change your armies name and avoid being copy cats.

Well thats all for this weeks “For Dummies” series! Comment any ideas for next weeks For Dummies, which one should I do?

– Dictatorship for Dummies

– Top 10’s for Dummies

– Rankings for Dummies


๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ


31 Responses

  1. LOL


  2. Lord Pain for Dummies?


  3. DICKtatorships.


  4. paco u forgotz about nochos


  5. Nice post xD
    Do “Dictatorship For Dummies” ;D


  6. LOL!!!


  7. Best Satire… Or is it?


  8. Dictatorship for dummies for sure. And it really does piss me off when an army puts “Rebel” or “Mafia” in their name (army last summer called Rebel Mafias), lrn2creativity


  9. Real way to name armies: Food


  10. So Cheetos is bad but the Nachos isn’t?


  11. How to make Cp army leaders get a job for dummies


  12. Samras such a whore


  13. I’ve got some good ones: Shadow Strikers, Tree Vikings, R.A.P.E(Rebel Association of Penguin Enterprise), Dirt Warriors, Lightsaber Legion, and the Breezy Brigade. They probably suck but I’m just throwing some out there.


    • R.A.P.E. doesn’t sound like a good idea, and I was going to take Shadow Strikers, until you leaked it to the public


  14. This is why you’re my main e-Mexican. I loved the Samra part xD


  15. You should do Dictatorship for dummies.


  16. I created an army called The CP Fireball Army


  17. A girl leader should lead P.E.N.I.S


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