What Makes a “Good” Leader?

Hello CPAC viewers, my name is Shad and I am a new Philosopher here at CPAC. Many of you may know me from leading a few top ten armies. Anyways lets move onto the purpose of this post. What is a leader? A leader is the sole head of an army and without them the army would fall drastically, but to become a leader it takes time, effort, and dedication. Which raises the question, what makes a leader a “good” leader? Perhaps we should take a look  at what leadership it takes to become a leader or improve one’s leadership skills.

Before I can answer your question of what makes you a good leader, you need to ask yourself, what is my definition of leadership and what it means to me? Well if you look it up it would say something like “to motivate others into completing a task while providing purpose, motivation, & direction”. So lets start off with the word motivation. Why would a leader need to provide motivation? Well first you need to provide your troops with a reason to complete a task which is where you would provide the motivation. Because without motivation, they would not do the task that needs to be done. So basically use promotions, demotions, parties, etc for motivation. Now we shall move onto the next word, purpose.

Before you can use motivation you need to give them a purpose for doing the task. Without a purpose people will think you are doing it for busy work which will lower the troops motivation which could ultimately result in them leaving the army. So give them a reason for doing the task, because with purpose it will give them some motivation for doing it. Lets move onto direction shall we? Now that you have a Purpose and Motivation you need to give them Direction which would be the server and room. You need to tell them where to go from place to place. If you add all these together you have the definition of Leadership, but just because you do all that doesn’t make you a good leader yet. So what does make you a good leader?


The main thing a leader should care about are the troops. Without troops, there is no army. So the first thing is, you need to get to know your troops, have conversations with them, and basically you need to make them feel welcome. Don’t call them noobs, idiots, so on so forth. Give them motivation and basically, make your army a family. If you make them feel like a family they will be loyal and active. Which brings us to the next point, active.

A leader needs to be active and on as much as possible. If you are active and troops see you on everyday they will know who the leader is and they will be active everyday also. I mean, what’s good of being a leader if the your own troops don’t even know who you are? Along with being active you need to be more than just the rank, you need to care for the army and not hop to other armies and you also need to be dedicated to that army. If you are in 50 armies while you are a leader in 1, you won’t have time for your own army. So stay in 1 army or 2 at the most. Another trait is don’t be lazy. If you are just sitting on chat and getting nothing done in the army, the army will go down. The main thing in armies now these days is laziness. You need to recruit or make a post or keep the chat active or the army will die. The first thing a troop normally does is go on chat. If they see nobody is talking, they will get bored and go to a different chat. As the leader, it is your duty to keep the chat active and keeping the army fun. Which brings me to the next thing, fun.

Keep the army fun by have certain days to do things. Reward your army on Friday’s with movie night/game night. If you are fun, you will be a fun leader, troops will love you and see you as a fun leader. If your troops are having fun, you will have fun too. Now here is the serious part, there is no such thing as a “bad” leader. Every leader has their own style of leading. Just get your leader in you out and brace it. There are only 2 types of leaders, a Good Leader and a Natural Leader. To be a good leader, you need to be a good troop. If you are ranking up in armies fast since you joined cp warfare, you are more than likely a natural leader. Just find a leadership style that fits you, I mean look at Pain for example. Yes, everyone hates him, but his style of leading works on him. The reason he has been leading all these armies, is because you LET him which proves that he is a natural leader. Just remember, “Leadership is not given, it is earned with hard work and dedication”.


What do you think makes a great leader? Comment with your opinions!

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  1. Nice post ;D


  2. 1st.


  3. 3rd


  4. 3rd


  5. ^Comment Fail


  6. Great post.


  7. The post felt rushed. No real transition. Very short, no real backbone on the post. The concept is very general. There are literally an infinite amount of places you could have taken it. I was disappointed at the end after not really seeing the post evolve.

    But ily Shad<3


  8. 8th ;3



  9. I hate bigass nameplates. No need for them on CPAC.


  10. Nice post! Just take into mind what Gobby said, a few comments above ^
    I like the concept of the post, but you could have had more stronger content, but you did great for a philosophy post c;


  11. I’m not sure I agree with the idea that there is no bad leader, but all in all not too shabby.
    I think to become successful as a leader one needs to inspire confidence. The leader needs to show that he is competent, give direction, and keep the show moving.


  12. Rocky Makes Good Doritos Leader


  13. In my opinion, the most important thing a leader needs is the ability to fight a war with a cool head. If the leader snaps, or the stress gets to him, then the entire army is doomed.


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