Nachos and RPF War: Snow Fort

SNOW FORT – In another battle in this war of the Nachos and the Rebel Penguin Federation, which army will be victorious?

This battle started with the Nachos in the Snow Forts and the Rebel Penguin Federation at the Iceberg. The Nachos were able to scatter across the room with about 45 troops. The Rebel Penguin Federation on the other hand were able to circle around the Iceberg with an astonishing 40+ troops.

Nachos Circling Forts
E+9 Tactic

The Rebel Penguin Federation at the Iceberg
Jokes Tactic

After being without their rival for 5 minutes into the battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation charged the Snow Forts. Because of locked out troops, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the Stadium. They were able to circle it with 40 troops. The Nachos tried moving into the Stadium, but they were to late. The Rebel Penguin Federation were already there and filled up the room. The Nachos decided to stay in the Snow Forts. Both armies had amazing tactics, which were very close to being perfect.

The Rebel Penguin Federation Circling Stadium
E+6 Tactic

15 minutes into the battle, both armies decided to move to the Mine. The Rebel Penguin Federation formed a big “L” and quickly filled up that room. Some Nachos were still locked out, being the same problem for the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Rebel Penguin Federation had an advantage in this room with 20 more troops then the Nachos.

The Rebel Penguin Federation in the Mine
E+G Tactic

The Nachos in the Mine
Joke Bombing the Rebel Penguin Federation

Being in the disadvantage, the Nachos decided to retreat to the Pool. Because of this, the Rebel Penguin Federation also decided to change rooms, and went to the Snow Forts. Back in the Pool, the Nachos completely circled the room. In the Snow Forts, the Rebel Penguin Federation took the backwards “L” from the clock tower which read 25 minutes into the battle. Then, the Rebel Penguin Federation circled the Snow Forts having no room for the backwards “L”. Later, the Nachos scattered across the Pool. Both armies, yet again, still had almost perfect tactics.

The Nachos Circling the Pool

The Rebel Penguin Federation Circling the Snow Forts

After some time battling in separate rooms, both armies bashed all forces at each other in the Plaza. The Rebel Penguin Federation took the ‘chat bar’. The Nachos decided to take over the Rebel Penguin Federation’s line. Some of the Rebel Penguin Federation troops stepped out of line and opened fire on the Nachos. This room had continuous bombs given by both armies.

The Rebel Penguin Federation in the Plaza
E+K Tactic

The Nachos in the Plaza
E+L Tactic

After being in the Plaza, another change happened, and both armies moved to the Forest. The Rebel Penguin Federation took the circle while the Nachos E+6 bombed them. After bombing various times, the Nachos got a circle going. The Nachos still had locked out troops, a problem for them throughout this whole battle.

The Rebel Penguin Federation Circling the Forest
Jokes Tactic

The Nachos Circling the Forest
E+P Tactic

In the last room of this battle, both armies charged the Cove. The Rebel Penguin Federation lined up around the water while the Nachos stood in front of them. While tactics flew by, the Nachos changed their line formation to an upside down “T”. On the other hand, the Rebel Penguin Federation stayed the same. After time battling, the Nachos tricked the Rebel Penguin Federation by pressing “B” and moving to the Forest. After an hour and 20 minutes of battling, the Nachos finally logged off for good. It was not over for the Rebel Penguin Federation as the J-Bombed the Forest. After that, they finally logged off. Lord Pain claims the Rebel Penguin Federation won, as the same with Nachos leader Puckley.

The Nachos in the Cove
E+9 Bomb

What do you think about this battle on Snow Fort? Who do you really think won? Do you think this war will ever come to an end? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPAC Reporter

53 Responses

  1. I think RPF won as we had superior sizes and tactics for the majority of the battle, with an average chat size of 58



    Use this picture for the Stadium pic, it shows the accurate count.


  3. In my opinion, it was a tie. Also, go onto RPF Chat during a battle. Pain is damn brutal.


  4. i think the rpf won,whenever the nachos loose they they always say they won,atleast when we loose we admit it. True Suffering we fight,no end in sight! 😀


    • First battle? (I was in you back then) Tuxedo was a noob win.
      Other battles you said you did won and still i was with you and even then i thought nachos won :I


  5. DOWN WITH THE NACHOS! :p (also spelled *true* wrong on my last comment it should be *thrue*


  6. elmikey posted a video on rpf home page, you can tell RPF won,so if any cpac repoters see this comment plz look at video 😀


  7. Regardless of who wins, this has been one of the best wars since ACP vs The Nachos in 2012.


  8. Video




  10. I fell bad for all the RPF Troops staying on for like 9 hours on CP.If they log on Pain will like fire them. RIP RPF Elm you screwed up once again


  11. Why are there crumbs all over the floor? Oh yeah, RPF CRUSHED THOSE NACHOS. RPF won, fair and square. Why are nachos round? BECAUSE THEIR HEADS ARE SWOLLEN. Lol *horrible jokes*

    In the first picture of the nachos in the forts, there are only 39 nachos. I took the time to count :p & in the second picture, there are 47 RPF’s. Recount if you’d like, RPF outnumbered the nachos. The nachos were outnumbered by the RPF throughout the battle, locked out troops and all. The nachos lost that one.

    What can’t admit defeat, starts with a P, and ends with ugly? Pugly! (Puckley) Last one I swear!

    The Nachos are afraid. They’re going down & RPF has made a major improvement. RPF is turning around from the dreadful previous week, coming back and hitting harder with higher numbers. Warning Nachos, RPF eats nachos.

    Lalala if you took the time to read my comment.. Whoa. Haha anyways, I vote:

    RPF Victory ✌


  12. Just wait till next week


  13. I feel bad for all the RPF troops that get recruited and then waste their summers on cp recruiting 9+ hours a day. Where are the parents of these 9-10 year olds?


  14. Is it me, or do all RPF soldiers talk like fucking retards?


  15. Loggin of first dosen’t determine the winner. Live in teh new warfare!


  16. This is funny, because if you have half a brain to look at the pictures, you can clearly see Nachos had the advantage in size and tactics.


  17. These battles are getting boring.
    Btw, obvious Nacho win 😉


  18. Lol if you think the picture is fake just watch the video you morons…. And none of our troops waste time recruiting, infact when recruiting you can go outside, sleep, whatever so you’re just flat out wrong and lying. We barely even have 5 recruiters and our army actually wants to play Club Penguin they think it’s weird to just sit in a chat room.


  19. These kids always have a bs excuse when they lose lmfao.


  20. in my opinion you should only count the pictures of when Nachos and RPF were oh I don’t know? Actually fighting! Cause yes there tactics were good but unless there used against someone it’s like there parading around. -.-

    P.S. And isn’t the way to decide who won is to keep fighting until one side finally gives up? I mean come on to both leaders you shouldn’t assume you won you should keep fighting until the other leader admits he lost then of course take a pic as proof.


  21. I think it was a tie.


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